350 Baby Boy Names That Mean Knowledge

BrahmagyaKnowledge of BrahmaBoy
BrahmgyanKnowledge of BrahmaBoy
BuddhanandiOne who loves knowledgeBoy
BuddhinathGod of Wisdom and KnowledgeBoy
BuddhipriyaOne who loves seeking knowledge and WisdomBoy
BuddhisagarSea of Wisdom and KnowledgeBoy
BuddhividhataGod of Knowledge; Talent and WisdomBoy
BudhaThe Intelligent Person; Wise and Knowledgeable; One who has attained enlightmentBoy
BukthiOne with good knowledgeBoy
ChetandeepLamp of Consciousness; Radiance and Luminance of KnowledgeBoy
ChidarupaKnowledge; One who is knowledgeableBoy
ChidroopKnowledge; One who is knowledgeableBoy
ChinmayaEmbodied with knowledgeBoy
ChinmayanandaFilled with knowledgeBoy
ChoyenIntelligent; Brilliant; Clever; KnowledgeableBoy
CidghanaOne who is full of knowledge on every subjectBoy
CidrupaOne who is a knowledge incarnateBoy
CidvilasaOne who has immense knowledge in illusionBoy
CikitaOne who is experienced; has vast knowledge about various things due to personal experiencesBoy
CinmayaOne who is filled with knowledge;a knowledgeable personBoy
ClearyHighly educated; scholar; learned; knowledgeable; culturedBoy
ConaryA wise person; a man who is filled with knowledgeUnisex
CondedeTo acknowledge something to be truthBoy
ConroyPersistent knowledge in all aspects; a wise person who has knowledge in every fieldBoy
DaanaA knowledgeable personUnisex
DaanishFull of knowledgeBoy
DaksayanOne who is brilliant and blessed with great knowledge;Boy
DakshakAble, Brilliant and Knowledgeable personBoy
DanishWisdom and knowledgeBoy
DansithFull of knowledge and wisdomBoy
DarshanikA Philospher; Knowledgeable; LearnedBoy
DattadriA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; WiseBoy
DebangshuOne who is philosophical; Wise and KnowledgeableBoy
DeenanOne who knows; Wise; Knowledgeable;Boy
DeenbandhuPoor's Friend; One who knows; Wise; Knowledgeable;Boy
DejanOne who imparts knowledge; GodBoy
DevabodhWith Divine Knowledge; Religious WisdomBoy
DevagyanA Divine Song; Spiritual knowledge; Religious WisdomBoy
DevamaruOne of many names of Lord Ganesha, One Who Acknowledges All Pertances;Boy
DevavidhKnowing of the Gods; One who is religious and spiritual; Acquired Divine KnowledgeBoy
DevvratBhishma; Wise and Knowledgeable PersonBoy
DevyaDivine Power; Spiritual Wisdom; Pious and Religious KnowledgeBoy
DhadheechiA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; Wise; Saint LikeBoy
DhayalIntellectual; Wise; Knowledgeable; Intelligent;Boy
DheemanthWise; Thoughtful; Sage Like; KnowledgeableBoy
DhikshitInitiated; Provider of knowledgeBoy
DhillipIntelligent; Smart; Brilliant; Bright; KnowledgeableBoy
DhimatPossessed with Wisdom; One who is Intelligent; Brilliant; Bright; KnowledgeableBoy
DikshitDedicated; Provider of Knowledge; Initiated into a Religious OrderBoy
DikshithDedicated; Provider of KnowledgeBoy
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