76 Baby Names That Mean Learned

Naming your little one is a big deal. After all, it’s the name that will take them from preschool to graduation to the first job and beyond. While some parents follow naming trends, others avoid it. They want something simple and meaningful for their child, which will survive the test of time. Some parents even pick names according to the traits they want their child to develop. So if you’re one of those parents who wants their child to grow up into a knowledgeable and wise human, a baby name, meaning learned would be perfect for you.

In today’s generation, the ability to expand the mind and strive for lifelong learning is critical to success. It’s only by dedicating yourself to learning, you get ahead in every aspect of life. And that’s why learned people are most respected in the world.

For the learned people, the quest for knowledge does not end with a classroom, or after they’ve donned the gown or tassel hat. They make education a permanent part of their lives and continually reap professional and personal benefits from it.

So parents, if you’re searching for unique and beautiful baby names, meaning learned, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. MomJunction baby name tool has hundreds of such names for you to consider.

Aacharyameans Learned Teacher; a variant of Sanskrit name Acharya; Another Name of DronaBoy
AalekhLearned; One of many names of Lord Shiva; to become informed; gain knowledgeBoy
AcaryaGuru; Teacher; Another Name for Drona; Learned and skilled to trainBoy
AcaryanandanaSon of the Teacher; Son of Learned person; Derivative of AcaryaBoy
AcaryasutaSon of the Teacher; Son of Learned person; Derivative of AcaryaBoy
AcaryatanayaSon of the Teacher; Son of Learned person; Derivative of AcaryaBoy
AdeebIntellectual; Erudite; Scholar; Literature; Arabic (Learned One)Boy
AkhundzadaSon of someone who is learned in religious mattersBoy
AksapadaLearned, wise EnlightenedBoy
AlimaArabic - Learned; Wise; Cultured; Intelligent; Educated and IntellectualGirl
AlmaraA Learned, nourishing, and supportive young womanGirl
AlphaeusA River God having power of a thousand learned chief with dynamism.Boy
AmbalanA learned manBoy
AnganemiThey are born with the golden crown and very learned individualsBoy
AnuvaKnowledge; Brilliance; Intelligence; Well LearnedBoy
ArifaKnowledgeable; Learned; Well Educated; Arafa and Areefa are variant form of ArifaGirl
AteekshWise; Knowledgeable; Learned; NobleBoy
AtikshWise; Knowledgeable; Learned; NobleBoy
AubeidullaA noble son; learned person; a guideBoy
BahushrutaExtremely Learned; Much Heard; Knowledgeable; BrilliantBoy
BahusrutaExtremely Learned; Much Heard; Knowledgeable; BrilliantBoy
BaleeghIt means eloquent, vivid and learned.Boy
BaqirDeeply Learned; Genius; Scholar; Opulent; FierceBoy
BashishtaA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; WiseBoy
BasisthaA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; WiseBoy
BaskalaPreceptor; Teacher; Well Read; Wise; LearnedBoy
BhadyogaA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; WiseBoy
BhagavatamrtThe Nectar of Srimad Bhagavatam; One who has learned the Divine tales of the Lord in Srimad BhagavatamBoy
BhaidyanathSage; Well learned; Knowledgeable; Wise and NobleBoy
BhamhaghoshChanting Or Recitation Of Vedas; Well Learned and KnowledgeableBoy
BhodayanSage; Well learned; Knowledgeable; Wise and NobleBoy
BidushiAlearned womanGirl
BodhpreetTo have love for the one who is learned and enlightedBoy
BouidLearned, virtuous, vivid, knowledgeableBoy
BudhilAn academic, a learned personBoy
BudrikaA learned and enlightened manBoy
CharbakOne who Speaks Well; Clear spoken and learned PersonBoy
ClearyHighly educated; scholar; learned; knowledgeable; culturedBoy
DarshanikA Philospher; Knowledgeable; LearnedBoy
DattadriA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; WiseBoy
DhadheechiA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; Wise; Saint LikeBoy
DwijeshThe mighty and learned King of the BrahmansBoy
FadeelahOne who is learned and distinguished.Girl
FahimScholar; Intelligent; Wise; Learned; Prudent; SagaciousBoy
FarnazaOne who is learned and intelligent.Girl
FilberteA brilliant, well-learned individualBoy
FudaylA learned or scholarly woman.Girl
GargiName of a learned woman, goddess durgaGirl
GnanachelvanThe meaning of this Indian name is LearnedBoy
GobhilA Sanskrit Scholar; Well Learned; A philosopher in SanskritBoy
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