81 Baby Girl Names That Mean Lion

ArelyThe light or vision of God; Lion of God; HeroGirl
AriaThe one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or MelodyGirl
AriahThe mighty LionGirl
ArialStrength; Courage; Sprite; Lion of God;A variant form of name is ArialeGirl
ArieeA philosopher; strength of a LionGirl
ArielaA Spanish name derived for the lion of GodGirl
ArieleStrength; Courage; Sprite; Lion of God;A variant form of name is ArialeGirl
AriellaA hebrew word which means the lion of GodGirl
ArielleLioness of GodGirl
ArijaStrength; Courage; Sprite; Lion of God;A variant form of name is ArialeGirl
AriyahVariation of Aria which means lion; Noble and praised person; a musical note;Girl
ArriaGod's lion; one with a slim amd trim figureGirl
ArrieLion; one who can rule with mercyGirl
DiataOne who is as brave as a LionGirl
DilreetA Lion; they are hearty traditionsUnisex
Eriellion of god.Girl
Eriellaa Spanish word for lioness of god.Girl
FaraalName of the lionGirl
FirasA lion; Highly insightful and astuteUnisex
HafsTo Collect; To Rest; Lion; Young one of LionGirl
Hafsababyish lioness, lioness Cub,Girl
HarirajKing of lionsGirl
KesaraKesar means LionGirl
KeshariKeshar means Saffron or LionGirl
KeshiniKeshin means LionGirl
KessieThe name means LionGirl
LeaundraLionlike womanGirl
LeeonnaA lioness, one who is like a lionessGirl
LeninaLion-like womanGirl
LennaGermanic - Lion; Brave; Hardy; Hebwew - Of Magdala; A variant transcription os LenaGirl
LeolineLittle lion womanGirl
LeonaBrave LionessGirl
LeonardaWoman brave like a lionGirl
LeondraFeminine name Leon, LionessGirl
LeonelaYoung lioness, French nameGirl
LeoniaLatin name for lionessGirl
LeonidemThe one who has the qualities of a LionUnisex
LeonieShe who is like a LionessGirl
LeonilaA woman who is as brave as a LionGirl
LeonineA woman that is Lion-like, also a Shakespearean nameGirl
LeontinaA woman who is brave and strong as a LionessGirl
LeontineOne who is as strong as a LionessGirl
LeontiosA fearless, powerfull individual who is like a LionGirl
LeontyneWoman who respemles a LionessGirl
LeorisWhoman whose bravery mathes a Lion'sGirl
LeueA Bohemian surname that means LionUnisex
LeuedFrom a Bohemian surname, means like a lionGirl
LevkaRussian name for LionessGirl
LieveA Woman with a heart as brave as a Lion'sGirl
LionaItalian name meaning lionessGirl
LionellaLioness; Little lionessGirl
LionesA Lioness of God; powerfulGirl
LioneseLittle young lionessGirl
LiviyaA woman who is considered a Lioness of the LordGirl
LlanquipanSolitary lionessGirl
LlewellaOne whose lion-like bravery shines brightGirl
LuriaA brave lionessGirl
LynessA lionessGirl
LynnetteLittle lion womanGirl
LyonelleShe is strong and powerfull as a lionessGirl
NaajidahAs brave as a lionessGirl
NalaLioness or Lots of WaterGirl
NalahA lioness, furious as lionessGirl
NtozakeOne who has her own things; Lion's prideGirl
OdetteA lion in a form of human. A person who possess the furious powers of a lionGirl
PumaSpanish - Mountain Lion; A variant of Pomo and PoumaGirl
RuslanaA woman as powerful as a lioness, lionessGirl
ShalonnaOne fierce and strong as a LionessGirl
SihaA valiant, lion-hearted manUnisex
SimhanadaThe sound of the lion's roarGirl
TiaretShe who is like a lionessGirl
ZarielLion princessGirl
ZmarakLike a little lionGirl
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