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Teaching children to be forgiving, compassionate and merciful is imperative in a world where people are busy seeking revenge and suing each other at the drop of a hat. By imbibing values such as mercy and compassion, parents can thwart the development of feelings of hatred and animosity in the hearts of their children. But before that, you need to understand the meaning of mercy completely.

Mercy has a way deeper meaning than most of us think. It’s not just limited to forgiving and pardoning people for the wrongs they have done to you. It also includes the ability to overlook an act of offense and giving someone a second chance. Merciful people are patient, show compassion and sympathy, and are patient and tender hearted. They are kind and warm towards everyone, not just friends, but also enemies and strangers.

So what do you think is the best way of teaching mercy to your baby children from the very beginning? By giving him a name meaning mercy! The moniker will always remind them to be kind and merciful towards everyone. To help you narrow down your search, MomJunction has compiled a list of beautiful baby boy and girl names meaning mercy. Take a look.

AaricRule with Mercy; Graceful RulerBoy
Aashishblessing; bestowment of God; Mercy of GodBoy
AashkaMercy of God; Blessings; bestowment of GodBoy
AmarachukwuAfrican Igbo - God's Grace; Mercy of God; God's Favor; Divine GraceGirl
AnacletoForm of Anacletus; they are complicated and invoke God's mercyBoy
AnacletusThey are complicated and invoke God's mercyBoy
AncaGrace; Favor; Mercy; God has Favored Me; A diminutive of AnaGirl
AnnikinA form of Anne, meaning grace or mercy.Girl
AnugtahaGrace; Favor; Mercy; Compassionate; KindBoy
AnukampaGod's Mercy; God's Blessing; God's GraceBoy
AnumA blessing who is a holy stone; mercy of AllahGirl
AraruThe one shows no mercyBoy
ArohaLove,mercy; one who is compassionate individualGirl
ArrieLion; one who can rule with mercyGirl
ArulGods Grace; Gods Blessing; Showers of MercyBoy
AseesBenediction; Blessing;God's Grace; Shower's of mercyBoy
AsheeshBenediction; Blessing;God's Grace; Shower's of mercyBoy
AsheshBenediction; Blessing;God's Grace; Shower's of mercyBoy
AshirvadBenediction; Blessing;God's Grace; Shower's of mercyBoy
AshisBenediction; Blessing;God's Grace; Shower's of mercyBoy
AshishBenediction; Blessing;God's Grace; Shower's of mercyBoy
BethesdaHouse Of MercyGirl
CharandayalFeet of mercyBoy
ClemanceMercy; showing forgiveness; pity; graceGirl
DashasavaFull of mercyBoy
DatrimGod filled with love and mercyBoy
DayaamayFull of Mercy; Kind; Big Hearted; Generous; Very CharitableBoy
DayaanidhiA compassionate person who is a treasure house of mercyBoy
DayabaranOne who is filled with Kindness; Full of Mercy; One who takes joy in showing kindness and being mercifulBoy
DayaljotOne who emits light of mercyBoy
DayalpreetA lover of mercy and charityBoy
DayamayaFull of Mercy; Kind; Big Hearted; Generous; Very CharitableBoy
DayamayeeFull of Mercy; Kind; Big Hearted; Generous; Very CharitableBoy
DayanidhiA treasure house of grace and mercyBoy
DayanisheeA Saint; full of mercyBoy
DayarajanOne who is full of mercy; Kind hearted ruler; An emperor in being generous and KindBoy
DayaramaCompassionate as Rama; Pervades Mercy; One who is kind and generous like Lord RamaBoy
DayasagarThe one who is filled with an ocean of mercyBoy
DayasagaraOne who has compassion and is sea of mercyBoy
DayashankarName of lord Shiva; one who is sea of mercyBoy
DayavantaOne who is full of Kindness; Full of Mercy; Compassionate and generous personBoy
DayawantA hero; God of mercyBoy
DayawantiA Goddess of mercyGirl
DaynidhiTreasure House of Mercy; One who is full of kindness; A compassionate and generous personBoy
DilynnA loyal individual; embodiment of mercyBoy
DindayalOne who provides mercy for the poorBoy
DindayalaOne who shows mercy for poorBoy
DionteDionysius; a King of mercyBoy
DyanshTo Give Mercy; To show kindness; Generous Person who is mercifulBoy
EbeleIt means mercy or kindness.Unisex
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