68 Baby Names That Mean Modest

“The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.” But why does society celebrate people who are entitled, overconfident, and focus perpetually only on themselves? That’s because, in our generation, people are becoming increasingly attention-seeking, competitive, and narcissistic, unaware of the fact that humility and modesty improve the quality of life.

Modesty is not thinking less of yourself; it’s actually thinking of yourself a bit less. Modest people have moderate views on their abilities. They do not undervalue themselves, and neither do they overvalue it. It’s often said that leaders must have a robust and dynamic personality, which can compel people to follow them. To an extent, even we agree with it, as having a captivating personality is essential. But what put off and distances people from their leader is arrogance and intimidation. So if you truly want people to believe in you and follow you, be modest and humble in your outlook.

Modesty is one of the most important virtues you must teach your children. And one of the easiest ways to do it is by giving him or her a name meaning modest. To make your job a tad easier, MomJunction has compiled a list of baby boy and girl names meaning modest. Take a look.

AethelmodThe modesty of a noble snakeBoy
AfanaA modest or virtuous person, chasteGirl
AfifChaste in Arabic; ModestBoy
AfifaArabic - Chaste; Modest; Righteous; A variant spelling is Afeefa; Virtuous; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to GodGirl
AfifiA chaste or modest personGirl
AfizahOne who guards the knowledge and modestyGirl
AlicenDecent; modestGirl
AliszNoble; sensible, modestGirl
AmmecatiThey are strong mentally and physically who are creative and modestBoy
AngenmaerThey are generous, noble and modest peopleBoy
AsanisRebel; a clear and modest personBoy
AseeyA brave and bold being; modest oneGirl
AsghiaPious, modestGirl
AvantiAn ancient Malwa; they are modest individualsGirl
Belia"God's promise" a variant of Isabel (Hebrew) -form of Belle -Belia is unusual as a baby Female name. Its usage peaked modestly in 1931 with .5% of baby Females being named Belia. It was #962 in rank theGirl
BiiniA man of modest natureBoy
BinpaulForester Of ModestyBoy
BinwantFull of ModestyBoy
DakshitaThe modest oneGirl
EanmaerAn experienced, modest and accomodating beingBoy
GhawaniA person known for his modestyBoy
GursheelGursheel collaborated with two words guru and sheel. Guru means master or lord and sheel means modesty. So gursheel means the modesty given by lord.Girl
HaideeOld Greek - To caress; modest; reverent; Germanic - Of a noble Kind; A variant of HaidyGirl
HaidyOld Greek - To caress; modest; reverent; Germanic - Of a noble Kind; A variant of HaideeGirl
HaidynOld Greek - To caress; modest; reverent; Germanic - Of a noble Kind; A variant of HaidyGirl
HamestArmenian name meaning "modest"; A locational name meaning from the village of HamerGirl
HamoeletFrom the modest HouseBoy
HashmatModesty, Decency, BashfulnessBoy
HaydeeOld Greek - To caress; modest; reverent; Germanic - Of noble Kind; A variant form is HaideeGirl
HeidieKind, humble, modestGirl
HushaimaA modest womanGirl
IffahA pure and modest girl.Girl
IqalaA woman who is humble and modest.Girl
KarianaKariana means Modest, PureGirl
LajitaLajita means ModestyGirl
LajjaLajja means ModestGirl
LajyabatiMeans modestGirl
MaskeenA humble and modest individualBoy
MastoorahA woman who is hidden, covered and modestGirl
MasturaA modest, hidden personGirl
NamritaThe most humble or a modest personGirl
NamritabirA modest brave personBoy
NamritajotThe lamp of the modestyUnisex
NamritameetThe humble or modest friendUnisex
NamritapreetThe modest infatuationGirl
NitinModest person, moral personBoy
NyalaSpanish version of Modest that means not boasting about one self.Girl
NyaraiFrench version of the word modest means not praising self.Girl
NyashaItalian and Portuguese version of modest that means not bragging one's achievement.Girl
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