218 Baby Names That Mean Mother

AaditeySon of Aditi ; refers to being son of the Earth or son of Mother of GodBoy
AaditeyaSon of Aditi ; refers to being son of the Earth or son of Mother of GodBoy
Aadya (आध्या)the word signifies the first; Mother Earth, it is also the name of Goddess DurgaGirl
AaminaThis was the name of mother of prophet MuhammadGirl
Abarranebeing Mother of multitudeGirl
AbriannaMother of many nationsGirl
AccaThe mother of all GodsGirl
AccaliaOne who is the mother of GodsGirl
AccolonOne who is from the mother of GodBoy
AdanneAfrican - Being the mother's daughter; A child who resembles her mother; A variant of name AdaneGirl
AdicaThe mother's choiceGirl
AditiGuest; Mother of God; The Earth; representing the hospitable natureGirl
AenheriThe mother of EleanorBoy
AenorMother of Alienor of AquitaineGirl
Ahlaibeautiful adornmen, She was the mother of Zabad, one of David's mighty menGirl
AltaA exalted and elevated majestic grace of Mary, the mother of JesusUnisex
AltagraciaA person having supreme grace like that of Jesus's Mother MaryGirl
AlyssaMother goddess who is rational, trustworthy, noble and provides great happiness full of sanityGirl
AmbaA mother filled with compassionGirl
AmbaalikaThe youngest daughter of king of Kashi who is sensitive and a motherGirl
AmbalikaThey are the three princesses of kashi; compassionate mothersGirl
AmbiGoddess Name; Mother; One of many names of Goddess Parvathi;Boy
AmbikaThey are the three princesses of kashi; compassionate mothersGirl
AmindahIt was name of Prophet's mother who are peaceful and trustworthyGirl
AmmaMother; God-likeBoy
AmmuMother; Happiness; God-LikeBoy
AmpheliceMother; born with a likable and charming personalityGirl
AngiraMother of Lord BrihaspatiGirl
AnglidesMother of Alexandre; they are competent and practicalGirl
AnjanaThe dusky one; Also the name of Lord Hanuman's motherUnisex
AnjaniA Title of the Mother of Hanuman; Name of Lord Hanuman's motherGirl
AnjiniThe dusky one; Also the name of Lord Hanuman's motherGirl
AnnalysaThey are mother-like figure who are equal to GodGirl
AnnumThey are mother-like figure who are equal to GodGirl
AredetfredhiThe one having a righteous father or the mother of a future savior.Girl
AsenethWife of Egypt's Joseph, the mother of Manasseh and EphraimGirl
AsherahLady of the sea; a name for the mother GoddessGirl
AtiqtalikPolar bear motherGirl
AtlatoninName of Aztec mother-goddess.Girl
AvaniMother Earth who provides nourishmentGirl
AveniOne which comes out of mother EarthGirl
AvishiThe mother Earth; riverGirl
AvnitaThe mother Earth providing nourishmentGirl
AzubahA deserted place; Mother of King of JudahGirl
BayarmaaMother of joyGirl
BestlaMother of Odin.Girl
BolormaaCrystal motherGirl
BryngerdThe mother of Tonguestein.Girl
CandyceA Queen MotherGirl
ClymeneIn Greek, it means Mother of Atlanta, and the Latin meaning is AmazonGirl
ConcettaA reference to Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary in her mother's wombGirl
ConcettoMother Mary's Immaculate Conception in Her mother's wombBoy
CustanceMother of Arthur; togetherGirl
CybilleA great motherGirl
CyrenaAristaeus's MotherGirl
DagmarA motherGirl
DanaeMother of PerseusGirl
DanayA mythological motherGirl
DanayeMythological motherGirl
DaneaA mythical motherGirl
DaneeMother of Perseus; lovely ladyGirl
DemaRain bearing Earth motherGirl
DemeterMother Earth; Goddess of agricultureGirl
DenaeMother of Perseus; mythologicalGirl
DenayLoving mother of PerseusGirl
DimitarA female variant of Demetrius, which means Mother or Earth motherBoy
DimitrijSlovene form of Demetrius. It means mother earth.Boy
DionaOne who is a Mother of AphroditeGirl
DmitreiEarth motherBoy
DoriMother of sea nymphs; daughter of OceanGirl
DorrieThey are the beautiful mother of Sea nymphsGirl
DuggaBengali Dialect for Mother Goddess Durga; Variant of name DurgaBoy
DvaimaturaOne who has two mothersBoy
EarthaThe mother EarthGirl
EcgiA stable, warm and motherly beingBoy
ElaThey are the representative of mother EarthGirl
EleineForm of Helen; a mother; bright oneGirl
Elysabeththis means the god of plenty or mother goddess of oath.Girl
Emagineit means image of her mother or innocent or blameless.Girl
Emesethis name means mother.Girl
EmmitaSweet motherGirl
Enfledathe mother of a great saint.Girl
Ermenburga mother in an Northumbrian epic saga who trains her son for studying and fighting.Girl
Ermenburgaa mother figure in ancient epic who trains her son.Girl
Estrangiamother of a famous bishop.Girl
EuropaMother of Minos.Girl
EvienneThe mother of everything that livesGirl
EvitaDeminutive of Eva, means a mother of all that livesGirl
EvkaThe mother of lifeGirl
EzinneThe good mother.Girl
FatimA mother who brest feedsGirl
FerangizOne with a dazzling glory. And the name of King Kai-Khusrow's mother.Girl
FjorgynMother of ThorGirl
FloramariaLiterally means flower of Mary, the mother of JesusBoy
GayatriMother of the vedas also a goddessGirl
GrimhildaMother of Gudrun.Girl
GrimhildeA variant of the name Grimhilda. It means mother of Gudrun.Girl
GunelMother of kingsGirl
GunnellThe Mother of the King or The Mother of the Ruler.Girl
GunnlodMother of Bragi.Girl
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