309 Baby Names That Mean New

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths” – Walt Disney

We see newness is every aspect of life, be it lingo, location, materials, clothing, and even relationships. But newness can be daunting for some. And even frustrating and annoying. Almost everyone feels that familiar is safe and comfortable. But it’s newness that keeps us alive and gives a sense of awakening. It pushes us out of the mundane and familiar and brings us into something better. Change may be slow and tough initially. You may need to rub yourself against something harsh to pull yourself through it. But in the end, you’ll realize that it was worth it.

Since newness is such an inspiring value, we feel you can take some idea from it for naming your child as well. A name meaning new will inspire your child to take every new challenge or change that comes towards him with grace and strength. To help you narrow down the search, MomJunction has shortlisted hundreds of baby names meaning new for you. All of these names signify newness in some way or another. So take a look!

Aadhunik (आधुनिक)Modern; New; Latest; a name variant of AdhunikBoy
Aamaya (आमाया)the pleasant Night Rain that brings new hopeGirl
Aarashithe name has a meaning of First ray of sun or something newGirl
AbheenavNew; Fresh; strange or unaccustomedBoy
AbhinavBrand newBoy
AbhinavaNew; Young; Fresh; Modern; A Sakta Notable for his great learningBoy
AbhipalaThe fresh moment or the new timeBoy
AbinavA new and fresh person, one who is youngBoy
AbubashirA father of one who brings good newsBoy
AchirNew; Fresh; strange or unaccustomedBoy
AdhunikLatest; Modern; New; FreshBoy
AhdasNew; Novel; Fresh; someone who is uniqueBoy
AleanaImmigrant to a New HomeGirl
AlexavierProtector of Mankind in bright new houseBoy
AlucardIt's Dracula spelled backwards and is powerful guardian of mankind in search of new opportunities.Boy
AnabulActive and the one who loves to travel looking for new opportunitiesGirl
AnastashaResurrection; a new lifeGirl
AnkurFlower; Blossom; Sprout; New Life; SpringBoy
AnkuraFlower; Blossom; Sprout; New Life; SpringBoy
ApoorvaQuite New; Unique; Rare; Exclusive; Matchless;Boy
ApoorveQuite New; Unique; Rare; Exclusive; Matchless;Boy
Arata (あらた)A fresh and new individualBoy
AstoriaName of a place in Queens, New YorkGirl
AudneyNew found wealth.Girl
AudnyNew prosperityGirl
AundyNew founded prosperity.Girl
AvangelineOne who shares the good newsGirl
AvedisArmenian - Brings Good NewsBoy
AvgiA new beginning; time of dawnGirl
AviaGermanic - Bird; Strength; Desired; Hebrew - Yahweh is my father; Bearer of Good News; Modern Blend of Ava and AnaGirl
AvianaGermanic - Bird; Strength; Desired; Hebrew - Yahweh is my father; Bearer of Good News; Modern Blend of Ava and AnaGirl
AvianceGermanic - Bird; Strength; Desired; Hebrew - Yahweh is my father; Bearer of Good News; Modern Blend of Ava and AnaGirl
AviannaGermanic - Bird; Strength; Desired; Hebrew - Yahweh is my father; Bearer of Good News; Modern Blend of Ava and AnaGirl
AvinavNew AireBoy
AvishekInaugration of a new startBoy
BachirOne who announces the good newsBoy
BadawiBringer of good news or good tidingsBoy
BashaaratGood News, Glad TidingsBoy
BasheerOne Who Carries Good NewsBoy
BashirHarbinger Of Good Things, A Messenger Of Good NewsBoy
BashiraJoyful; Predictor of Good NewsGirl
BashirahBringer of Good Tidings; Glad Tiding; Happy News; JoyGirl
BashiyrOne who brings good newsBoy
BashiyraJoyful newsGirl
BashsharBringer Of Good NewsBoy
BecharaGood NewsGirl
BelleroseBellerose is a neighborhood in Queens, New York.Girl
BeothukAn ethnic group that is based on the island of NewhoundlandUnisex
BethsyBethsaida is a place mentioned in the New Testament of Greek and,or Hebrew origins meaning "house of fishing." Jesus was said to have performed miracles here.Girl
BisharatGood NewsBoy
BukratA dawn, a new dayBoy
BusharatThe bearer of the good newsBoy
BushraOne who bring the happy newsGirl
BushurThe news that bring happinessBoy
CasanovaA surname, meaning a new house, a new homeBoy
CastaneaA woman with a newfound purityGirl
ChaitaleeNew year celebrationUnisex
ClaudiaAs mentioned in the New Testament, it is the feminine form of 'Claudius', a 7th century saintGirl
CleophasUsed in the New Testament, he is the husband of a woman who saw Jesus being crucifiedBoy
CorbyA young, new born crow, that is a few weeks oldBoy
DagnyA speacial new dayGirl
DanrelleNew and freshBoy
DarsaThe New Moon and Purna; Serene and Calm like New moonBoy
DavuStarting of a new ageBoy
DeboronOne who is in search of something newGirl
DimbhaA new born young boyBoy
DoccA person who is quick and capable of assimlating new ideas easilyBoy
EirnyOne who is born of new healing and is freshGirl
ElizabezOne who has new desires and expectationsGirl
EpiktetosNewly acquiredBoy
Erjota new beginning.Unisex
Evangeliabringer of good news.Girl
Evangelicagospel or good news or tidings.Girl
Evangelinea good news or a good gospel.Girl
Evangeliquea Latin word for good news or gospel.Girl
Evangelosa Greek word for a messenger who brings good news.Girl
FaChinesee name meaning a new beginningBoy
FathiyahA joy of the new beginingGirl
GehennaNew Testament version of hellGirl
GenesiaNew born or newcomer to the family or society.Girl
GermaineRefers to a young branch new growth.Girl
GimleNew heaven.Girl
GodmannGood Man, It is the new version of Guðmund. The one with good qualities and abilities.Boy
GravadainGravadain means a creative person who loves to explore the world and do new thing.Boy
GredlanThey are very challenging and mentaly very strong.they have new ideas all the time.Boy
HadusNew; Fresh; YoungBoy
HannaleaA graceful bringer of good newsGirl
HarlemA variant of name Harlim; Name of a vibrant neighborhood in the New York cityBoy
HerviseRick Ross give Harvey a new name HerviseBoy
HiloFirst night after the new moonBoy
JadidaOne who is not used, a fresh, new oneGirl
JanmayBorn; New Born Child; A variant spelling is JanmeyaBoy
JanmeyaBorn; New Born Child; A variant spelling is JanmayBoy
JaviarVariation of Javier or Xavier which means New house or brightBoy
JavieraOwner of the new houseGirl
JavonteA variant of name Javawnte which is newly invented nameBoy
JeaselleNewcomer or fresher.Girl
JelenaNew branch or new shoot.Girl
JemuelThe new day which belong to the most high God.Boy
JervaineA newage English American name whose meaning is unknownBoy
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