201 Baby Names That Mean Night

Aamaya (आमाया)the pleasant Night Rain that brings new hopeGirl
AbitalMy father is the dew of nightGirl
AharnishDay and NightBoy
AjradahAl-Ameeh, a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night sometimes right up to dawnGirl
Also leilahThe one who is born in night and a dark-haired beauty providing satisfactionGirl
AmaiahNight rain; cheerful, responsible, satisfied and affectionateGirl
AmayaThe beautiful night rainGirl
AmiyahBeautiful night rainGirl
AmyaHebrew - People of God; Japanese - Night RainGirl
AnadilA sweet bird called NightingaleGirl
AnamaA sweet singing bird called NightingaleBoy
AndalahNightingale's songGirl
AndaleeA sweet singing bird; NightingaleGirl
AndalibA sweet singing bird called NightingaleGirl
AndroweA strong and masculine man of Twelfth nightBoy
AnjamiThe glorious one who is bright and nightlessBoy
AnkThe one who is an Eagle man, nightless and are strong, brave individualsBoy
AnnagretThe glorious one who is bright and nightlessGirl
AnneisThe glorious one who is bright and nightlessGirl
AnnekatrinThe glorious one who is bright and nightlessGirl
AnuranjitaStarry night; delighted and happyUnisex
AnwarulkarimThe glorious one who is bright and nightlessBoy
AnyThe radiant one who is bright and nightlessGirl
AnyaNightless; the one who is bright and shiningGirl
AtienaGuardian of the night.Girl
AtienoOne who was born at night.Girl
AtiratraSomething which has been made over nightBoy
AwaNight time; a beautiful angelGirl
AyanehLike a long night.Girl
AyazCool night breeze; a royal breezeBoy
AzlinA night vision or a dreamGirl
BadruddujaFull moon on a dark nightBoy
BalbalaPashto term for bulbul or nightingaleGirl
BulbulA woman who is like a nightingaleGirl
ChaitriFull moon night according to Hindu calenderGirl
ChandradityaMoonlit NightBoy
ChanyanaMoonlit night; starryBoy
ChausikuOne who was born at night.Girl
CicadaA type of insect that makes loud noise at nightGirl
ClaecDark; not light; the shade of sky at nightBoy
CricketResembling a chirping insect of the night;Unisex
CuiA Prince; advent of nightGirl
DaegalNight dwellerBoy
DrewvThe mighty night starBoy
DyrkOne who admires night timeBoy
EkajyotisThe one and only nightBoy
FhazaarOne who is like a nightingaleGirl
GhufayrahA very pious woman who kept vigil in the nightGirl
HanishaSweet as Honey, Beautiful night, SweetGirl
HiloFirst night after the new moonBoy
IndeelaLike a nightingale.Girl
JaminiThe nightGirl
JemishaMonarch of the night or queen of the darkness.Girl
JuhainahJuhainah means Darkness at the end of the NightGirl
JusamahThe name Jusamah means NightmareBoy
KalakantA Song Bird; Nightingale; Name of CuckooBoy
KalapeeName of a Poet; Peacock; NightingaleBoy
KalapiName of a Poet; Peacock; NightingaleBoy
KalapiniKalapini means Peacock, NightGirl
KanjikaThe meaninig of the name is Sour Rice Water that Stands over NightGirl
Kishilthe name means Nightunisex
KitkunKitkun Bird of the NightUnisex
KokilNightingale; Cuckoo; One who can sing sweetlyBoy
KokilaKokila means NightingaleGirl
KokoKoko means Night, Black FootGirl
KshapeshThe Moon; Lord of the Night; Bright, Radiant and Luminant MoonBoy
KshipaKshipa means Darkness, NightGirl
KuchasthalaThe name means A city where Krishna stayed the night on his way to the court of Dhritarashtra.girl
KunishaKunisha means means the bird NightingaleGirl
KunjalKunjal means NightingaleUnisex
LailLail means Nighttimeunisex
LailaLaila means NightGirl
LailaaLailaa means Night TimeGirl
LailahLailah means Dark, NightGirl
LailiLaili means NightfallGirl
LailieThe name means in the NightfallGirl
LailyThe meaning of the name is NightGirl
LajlaBeauty of the night or dark haired beauty.Girl
LayalDark hours of the day, NightGirl
LayaliAfter the Sun sets down, night timeGirl
LaylahA person who is born in a nighttimeGirl
LaylyThe meaning of the name is NightGirl
LeallaAn eternal beauty of the nightGirl
LeelahArabic name for Night beautyGirl
LeighlaThe dark-haired beauty of the nightGirl
LeilDusk; Night; A variant of name LailBoy
LeilaNighttime, time of a day after the sundownGirl
LeiliaShe who is born in the nightGirl
LeilynA dark beauty that is born in the nighttimeGirl
LejlaA dark-haired beautiful woman who is born in nightGirl
LelahA beauty that comes alive at the nightGirl
LelianaCreated name from Leila-beauty of the night and Liliana - like a lilly flowerGirl
LeliusThe one who is born in the nightBoy
LeylaThe one who is born at nightGirl
LeylahArabic for night, darkGirl
LilahNight beauty, seductive oneGirl
LilisOf the nightGirl
LilitSpirit of the night, GhostGirl
LilithPerson of the night, in Assyrian myth this was the name of a demonGirl
LilliShort for Lilith, meaning of the nightGirl
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