201 Baby Names That Mean Night

LillithShe who belongs to the nightGirl
LinotaShe who shines in the nightGirl
LoeliaArabic variation of the name Leila meaning night, darkGirl
MadhujaminiNight under the light on the moonGirl
MadhunishaA pleasant, lovely nightGirl
MetztliGoddess of nightGirl
MoonOne who enlightens the dark nightsGirl
NakryNight-blooming flowerGirl
NaktiThe night or the time of duskGirl
NeeshaDark night or dusky period.Girl
NeyshaThe night or a time of nightGirl
NiranjanaFull moon night or spiritual Lord Dhurga or one of the river's name.Unisex
NiratapaThe dark time or period or place or nightfall.Girl
NisangDark period or gloomy and dusky night.Unisex
NishakarOne who lives in NightBoy
NishamFresh or cool air of nightBoy
NishanathThe lord of nightBoy
NishantThe end of night or darkBoy
NishantaThe dawn time, end of nightBoy
NishanthOne who ends the dark nightBoy
NishanthaA variant of Nishant, meaning night's end or dawn.Boy
NishayThe night, dark timeGirl
Nisheshthe Lord of dark or nightBoy
NishikantLord of NightBoy
NishikantaLord or Night, Lord MoonBoy
NishikarMoon, who came to existence in nightBoy
NishilA night-time, duskBoy
NishinathThe Companion of nightBoy
NishipalThe protector of nightBoy
NishipatiThe husband or possessor of nightBoy
NishkaOut of night, honestGirl
NocturneMusic evoking night.Unisex
NoxDark period or gloomy and dusky night.Unisex
OthenioGive birth by night.Boy
OtienoA person who is born at nightGirl
ParkhaDew or tiny droplets of water falling at nightGirl
PrahorAn eight part of the night or a dayBoy
PunamjeetVictory in night of Full-moon; Triumph in the brilliance of full moonBoy
PurnimaThe night when the Moon is fullGirl
RaainaA beautiful princess of the nightGirl
RaakaaThe Full Moon Night; Serene, Luminant and Beautiful night of full moon; A variant of Raka which means Full Moon day in SanskritBoy
RaakeshLord of the night; Lord of the full moon night; A variant of Rakesh which means Lord of Full Moon Day in SanskritBoy
RaiquenAnother name for night bird.Boy
RajaneeshGod Of Night (Moon); Lord of night; Brilliant and Radiant MoonBoy
RajaniNight; Dark and Beautiful NightGirl
RajanigandhaNight blossoming flower; Fragrance of Flowers blooming in the NightGirl
RajanikantMoon; One who likes night; Combination of Rajani meaning night and Kant means liked or desiredBoy
RajiniNight; Dark and Beautiful NightGirl
RajniNight; A variant of name Rajani which means queen in Sanskrit; Royal;Unisex
RajnishGod Of Night (Moon); Lord of night; Brilliant and Radiant MoonBoy
RakeshLord of the night; Lord of the full moon night; Name means Lord of Full Moon Day in SanskritBoy
RateeshLord Of Rati, Husband Of Rati; Kamdev; Cupid; God of Nights;Boy
RatriOne dark as the nightGirl
RatrinightA person who is born in the nightGirl
RohinishMoon; Lord of the night; Lord of Rohini; One of the many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
RossignolOne who is like a nightingaleBoy
SaariyahShe who is like the clouds at the night skyGirl
SahirOne who stays up late at nightBoy
Sahiraperson who spends the night without sleep, especially when taking care of a sick person or in worshipGirl
SamairaA compagnion in the converations led at nightGirl
SamarTo have conversations at nightGirl
SameerahCompanion in nightly entertainment, conversation partnerGirl
SandhyaEvening, night personGirl
SarbariBengali name meaning nightGirl
SariyaClouds that bring rain at nightGirl
SatvariThe nightGirl
ShabaanaA young woman who belongs to the nightGirl
ShabahangThe morning-star, or nightingaleGirl
ShabanaBelonging to nightGirl
ShabannaBelonging to night.Girl
ShabeenahA nocturnal person, who loves the nightGirl
ShabinThe music of the nightGirl
ShahlylaPrincess or queen of the night.Girl
ShahrazadTeller of tales of 1001 nightsGirl
SharvariNight, ladyGirl
ShirinaA woman dark as a nightGirl
ShrinaA woman who is like a nightGirl
SolanineThe poisonous substance in nightshade.Boy
SuhairaOne who is awake at night like the MoonGirl
SuraA woman who travels by nightGirl
TaalikaCalm or nightingale.Girl
TamasviniA girl of the nightGirl
TarakiniStarry nightGirl
TareakHe who knocks on a door at nightBoy
TifaniA Girl born on 12th nightGirl
TiffanOne who is born on 12th nightGirl
TifneeBorn or 12th night of the monthGirl
TinuvielA nightingale or an enchantressGirl
TiphinaOne who born on the night of twelfthGirl
TrijamaThe river Jamuna, river of nightGirl
TwyllaDusk or nightfall.Girl
YaditaLord of the night.Girl
ZuhrThe first three nights of the lunar month, light or brilliance.Girl
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