49 Baby Girl Names That Mean Paradise

AmsaleThe one who came from paradise; they are forgiving and sensibleGirl
ArjanaHeaven or paradise; one with magical and manlike featuresUnisex
AvalonName of a paradise island; an appleGirl
AvarlonA fruit which is found in paradiseGirl
EdeniaA secure place in paradiseGirl
EladariOne who is luxury in paradiseGirl
EladariaThe luxurious paradise; they are powerfulGirl
FardowsaA garden that is highest in paradiseGirl
FirdawsThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdoosThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdousThe Realm of ParadiseUnisex
GulbaghGulbagh means the garden of roses or a paradise.Girl
HeavenA paradise, a promised landUnisex
HoorA Celestical; Virgin of Paradise; Nymph; A Virgin Maiden of Paradise for Its DwellersGirl
HuriyahShe who is the virgin of the paradiseGirl
JanbiyyahGarden of ParadiseGirl
JannahA garden in paradiseGirl
JannathA garden in paradiseGirl
JannatulfirdausGarden of ParadiseGirl
JaridaA garden of ParadiseGirl
JemillaThe garden which is in the paradise.Girl
JinaniHeavenly, or from Paradise.Girl
JunnutThe meaning of the name Junnut is ParadiseGirl
KalpalataThe meaning of the name is a Creeper of ParadiseGirl
KausarKausar name means The Lake in ParadiseGirl
KauserA River in Paradise; A Fountain in HeavenGirl
KhuldKhuld means Eternal ParadiseGirl
KoutherThe name means River that flows in ParadiseGirl
MandaraHeaven; Paradise; Abode of Lord'sGirl
MenaalExtraordinary blossom from paradise, superios florat from dreamland.Girl
MinooA paradise, a heavenGirl
MinuA heavenly place, not less that paradiseGirl
NaraExtraordinary blossom from paradise, superior floret from dreamland.Girl
NipoThe Lord Indira, who is the monarch of paradise.Girl
NoelaniFog from paradise.Girl
NohealaniPrettiest woman from paradise.Girl
NurjennaThe bright light of the heavenly paradise.Girl
ParadisA variant form of Paradise which means heavenlyGirl
RainaPeaceful, Queen; Strong; A derivative name from the word Rai which means ParadiseGirl
RawanA name of the river in the Paradise, also means the sound of the waterfallsGirl
RayyanThe Paradise's gate for those who fasted often in their livesUnisex
RehanahOne who is like the sweet flower of paradiseGirl
RizwanaOne who is a beautiful guardian of ParadiseGirl
SalsabeelA spring in Jannah, or the fountain in ParadiseGirl
ShanzaiTree of the paradiseGirl
TasneemFountain of Paradise.Girl
TasneemaA fountain of paradiseGirl
TasnimFrom the fountain of paradiseUnisex
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