40 Baby Names That Mean Patience


“Patience is a virtue” – I think we all are familiar with this phrase. But when choosing a name for their baby, not many parents would have considered baby names meaning patience or denoting its connotations. Patience, often defined as waiting without complaining, may seem like a relatively insignificant trait. “What could be so virtuous about not complaining?” is the view of most people, but many don’t realize that patience also denotes strength. When things go awry in life, patience is the virtue that can help you deal with discomforts and problems in the best way possible.

It’s an exercise of self-control, which shows how capable you’re of handling life when things get tough. It gives us the ability to look at ourselves and withstand judgment when required. In short, exhibiting patience shows that you have high moral standards in life. But in a world where you can gather information within a few seconds, patience can be a hard lesson to be taught. So the best possible thing to do is to give the baby a name that means patience. It will remind your child to be patient and persevere whenever the need arises.

Naming your child with a title connoting patience might fill their life with hope and positivity. However, you may also choose a name for different reasons, such as pleasant sounds, specific origins, or other special connections. Some of these names may also symbolize your wish for your child to face life's challenges with calmness and persistence, without any hassle or distress. So go through our list of baby names meaning patience, and pick the one that will suit your child best. Most of the names in this list revolve around the themes of patience and perseverance and are mentioned with their gender and meaning associations to further help select a perfect name for your little one.

heart image Agambir Baby Boy Sign Boy A brave warrior who crosses every hurdle with great strength, compassion, patience, and hard work
heart image Amadour Baby Boy Sign Boy A beloved who is born to love, filled with peace and patience
heart image Anah Baby Girl Sign Girl Answer; A master of patience and perseverance
heart image Anantamati Baby Boy Sign Boy A follower of Buddha; Having patience
heart image Anuman Baby Boy Sign Boy Small patience
heart image Atheleisia Baby Girl Sign Girl Infinite; They lack patience; Serious and idealistic
heart image Ayyubia Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is like prophet Ayyub in patience
heart image Dainin Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has great patience
heart image Deeraj Baby Boy Sign Boy Idealistic one; one who has lot of patience
heart image Dhaerye Baby Boy Sign Boy Patience; Calm and Composed; Radiant and Luminant
heart image Dhairyash Baby Boy Sign Boy Patience; Calm and Composed; Radiant and Luminant
heart image Dhairyesh Baby Boy Sign Boy Patience; Calm and Composed; Radiant and Luminant
heart image Dhamaidhi Baby Boy Sign Boy Patience; Calm and Composed; Radiant and Luminant
heart image Dheeraj Baby Boy Sign Boy Patience, perseverance, calmness
heart image Dheerash Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord of Tolerance; One with patience; Calm and Composed Person
heart image Dhiraj Baby Boy Sign Boy Patience or perseverance
heart image Dhriti Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has courage and patience
heart image Dhritil Baby Boy Sign Boy Man with Patience; Calm and Composed person
heart image Dhritman Baby Boy Sign Boy Patient; Endowed with fortitude; One who has patience and is not restless
heart image Dhriya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Destroyer of poverty; Patience
heart image Dzintra Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has a lot of patience
heart image Grizelda Baby Girl Sign Girl Endless patience
heart image Hilm Baby Boy Sign Boy Calmness; Patience; Intelligence
heart image Mirren Baby Boy Sign Boy A person with patience; A calm person
heart image Ozigbodi Baby Girl Sign Girl Patience
heart image Paramdheer Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has the highest patience
heart image Pazienza Baby Girl Sign Girl One who endures with courage; Patient; A variant of Patience
heart image Qanaat Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has patience
heart image Ranadhira Baby Boy Sign Boy He who has patience in battle
heart image Sabali Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Patience, endurance, resilience
heart image Sabena Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The beautiful one with patience and resilience
heart image Sabirah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has great patience
heart image Sabri Baby Boy Sign Boy On who has great patience
heart image Sahaan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Patience and perseverance
heart image Saiyam Baby Boy Sign Boy Patience and self-control
heart image Shekib Baby Boy Sign Boy A patient person; One who has a great patience
heart image Shinobu Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Endurance; Patience
heart image Subira Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has a lot of patience
heart image Suboor Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of great patience who takes pity on others
heart image Tikshya Baby Girl Sign Girl Patience; A patient person

We hope our curated list of unique and interesting baby names meaning patience, helps you arrive at the right name for your baby. These names are a perfect option to express your desire for your child to grow into a patient individual who can face challenges with calmness and without complaints. From simple yet unique names, such as Anah, Dhriti, and Jolinn, to complex names, such as Amadour, Pazienza, and Ozigbodi, our list includes a wider name range to help you provide varied options for selection.

Infographic: Pleasant Baby Names That Signify Patience

Patience is one of the great characteristics a person should have. However, in today’s fast world, this virtue is getting lost. Giving your baby a name that means patience may inspire your child as they grow to become a composed and patient individual. Look through the infographic below for some unique naming suggestions with the meaning ‘patience.’

pleasing baby names that mean patience (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means 'patience' in Italian?

Patientia comes from the Latin term patientia, meaning 'patience,' 'endurance,' and 'forbearance.' Pazienza is another graceful name that means 'patience.' These names exude optimism and are associated with positive traits like persistence and perseverance.

2. What African name means 'patience'?

Ime is a unisex name that means 'patience' in Ibibio. Other African names with similar meanings include Ndidi and Suira.

3. Which Spanish name means 'patience'?

Paciencia is a Spanish form of Patientia, which means 'patience.' The name evokes a sense of positivity and conveys qualities of endurance and tolerance.

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