18 Baby Names That Mean Pink


Pink is a delightful hue that connotes several positive feelings and attributes. Since the color is commonly associated with femininity, several parents look for baby names meaning ‘pink’ for their little princess. But did you know that pink as a baby name was not always associated with girls or femininity? In the 19th century, blue was frequently linked with girls, while pink was considered a more fitting color for boys. However, this gendered perception changed over time (1). Since then, the significance of pink-themed names has gradually evolved, encompassing historical, cultural, and traditional aspects. Pink symbolizes love, compassion, and nurturing abilities in many cultural connotations and associations. In addition, it is traditionally linked to feminine attributes like delicateness, beauty, charm, and grace. In the Hindu festival of Holi, pink represents happiness, love, and the arrival of spring (2). Similarly, the cherry blossom (sakura) season, distinguished by delicate pink blooms, holds great cultural significance in traditional Japanese culture and symbolizes the fleeting aspect of life and beauty (3).In fashion and design, pink signifies playfulness, youthfulness, and innocence. It's a go-to color for festivities, weddings, and other celebratory events. In addition, strategic branding and marketing campaigns worldwide often use pink and its hues to convey sentiments of femininity, sweetness, and charm. Pink has also been used as a sign of advocacy and self-determination. The pink ribbon has become a universal representation of breast cancer awareness (4). In this context, pink stands for optimism, solidarity, and support for individuals impacted by this grave condition. If you're drawn to the versatile spirit of pink and want a baby name that exudes similar vibes, look no further! Explore our comprehensive list of pink baby names below to find the perfect fit for your sweetheart! You may zero in on names that catch your fancy and go for the best and most versatile.

heart image Charaya Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is blue and pink in color
heart image Claramay Baby Girl Sign Girl A combination of blue and pink colours
heart image Donda Baby Girl Sign Girl Pinkish and small stones
heart image Gulizar Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with cheeks which are soft and pink like a rose
heart image Koral Baby Girl Sign Girl Koral means Coral, Deep Pink
heart image Magenta Baby Girl Sign Girl A deep pink color
heart image Manikya Baby Boy Sign Boy A gem stone whose color varies from light pink to blood red
heart image Nieraj Baby Boy Sign Boy Large pink or white lotus floras
heart image Pembe Baby Girl Sign Girl A pinkish person; beautiful one
heart image Pingalaksha Baby Boy Sign Boy A Boy with pink eyes
heart image Pink Baby Girl Sign Girl A color name; The color pink or rose
heart image Pinkay Baby Girl Sign Girl Something that is pink or pinkish in color
heart image Pinki Baby Boy Sign Boy To be like a rose, or to be pink in color
heart image Pinkie Baby Girl Sign Girl Pink
heart image Pinky Baby Girl Sign Girl To be of pinkish color
heart image Saindhava Baby Girl Sign Girl Himalayan Pink rock salt
heart image Uuliinyagaantsetseg Baby Girl Sign Girl A pink flower of the mountain
heart image Varda Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rose; Pink; Goddess of speech

We hope this comprehensive list of baby names that mean pink has delighted you and provided you with plenty of options to pick from. You may feel inspired to choose either a name from this list or look for terms based on specific colors and shades. These enchanting names exude the softness associated with this beautiful shade. So no matter your preference; be it light pink, a deep, bold pink, or related shades like coral and pinkish red, you will find an ideal pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some gender-neutral names that mean "pink"?

Gender-neutral names like Yagaan, meaning ‘pink,’ Wardi meaning ‘pink,’ and Rosado meaning ‘pink,’ are some unique options that you can consider for your little sunshine.

2. What are some famous people or characters with names that mean "pink"?

The beloved animated character adored by children, the Pink Panther, named after its rosy hue, delighted audiences through the ages in the timeless Pink Panther movies. Alecia Beth Moore, the American singer renowned by her stage name Pink, captivates listeners with chart-topping hits such as 'Raise Your Glass (5).'

Infographic: Adorable Baby Girl Names That Mean Pink

Pink is a vivid color that instantly uplifts our moods. Be it pink roses, dresses, or decor, the color has a universal appeal. Pink depicts love, affection, and inner peace. So, girl names denoting this beautiful color are immensely popular. View this infographic for names that signify the color pink.

wonderful names that represent pink (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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