14 Baby Girl Names That Mean Pink


Baby girl names meaning pink are an unusual, unique, and unconventional category of names to consider when naming a girl. Names like these may not be used universally because of their strong association with a particular gender. However, in today's day and age, the youth strongly advocate for equality, which could lead to eliminating specific gender stereotypes, and people have adopted a more inclusive and open mindset, which could impact their naming practices too.
Parents often choose names related to specific colors, such as pink, if those colors hold personal significance, such as being a favorite color or having cultural or religious importance. Another significant reason for choosing such a name could be the attributes linked to the color pink. Pink is associated with the idea of universal love, including self-love. The color also represents sweetness, affection, harmony, and inner peace. Therefore, parents may assign such names to their children with the hope that they will harbor such qualities and that the name given to them will positively impact their lives and personalities. However, parents must remember that the name they bestow upon their children may or may not influence their personality, but the environment they are raised in certainly will. Therefore, parents must raise their children in a positive and nurturing environment conducive to learning and growth.
Some of the potential names that mean pink to consider for your little princess include Gulizar meaning 'the girl with cheeks which are soft and pink like roses,' Koral meaning 'coral' or 'deep pink,' Pinkay meaning 'something that is pink or pinkish in color' and Saindhava, a unique name meaning 'Himalayan pink rock salt.' These names carry a distinctive sound, besides being meaningful and embodying the gentle and charming essence of the color pink. Skim through our thoughtfully compiled list of names to gain a better understanding of each name and its meaning, and pick the perfect one for your angel.

heart image Charaya Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is blue and pink in color
heart image Claramay Baby Girl Sign Girl A combination of blue and pink colours
heart image Donda Baby Girl Sign Girl Pinkish and small stones
heart image Gulizar Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with cheeks which are soft and pink like a rose
heart image Koral Baby Girl Sign Girl Koral means Coral, Deep Pink
heart image Magenta Baby Girl Sign Girl A deep pink color
heart image Pembe Baby Girl Sign Girl A pinkish person; beautiful one
heart image Pink Baby Girl Sign Girl A color name; The color pink or rose
heart image Pinkay Baby Girl Sign Girl Something that is pink or pinkish in color
heart image Pinkie Baby Girl Sign Girl Pink
heart image Pinky Baby Girl Sign Girl To be of pinkish color
heart image Saindhava Baby Girl Sign Girl Himalayan Pink rock salt
heart image Uuliinyagaantsetseg Baby Girl Sign Girl A pink flower of the mountain
heart image Varda Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rose; Pink; Goddess of speech

Baby girl names meaning pink are a unique and fun category of names to explore. This genre could offer some trendy and unconventional choices immersed in the pink hue's sweet essence and vibrant charm. The color is associated with a strong sense of femininity and emanates feelings of affection, harmony, and inner peace. So, review our collection of names to choose one that inspires your little girl to imbibe optimistic qualities associated with the gorgeous and charming color.

Infographic: Blooming Baby Girl Names That Mean Pink

The color pink is believed to signify a sense of universal love of oneself and others. It is also a color associated with tenderness and benevolence. Many parents would like their daughters to embody these sentiments, making them consider names that mean 'pink.' Scroll through our informative infographic below to better understand such names and their meanings.

Trendy Baby Girl Names That Mean Pink (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some names inspired by the color pink or related attributes?

Names like Pembe, meaning ‘pink’ in Turkish, Hung, meaning ‘pink rose’ in Vietnamese; and Zahri, meaning ‘pink’ in Arabic, are some names inspired by the color pink.

2. What are some twin name sets centered around a ‘pink’ theme for two girls?

Charaya-Claramay, Rhodine-Rosado, and Gulilai-Gulizar could be twin name sets for two girls. They are derived from different languages.

3. Are there any famous individuals with names related to pink or floral imagery?

Rose Bryne is the name of an Australian actress. She is known for her roles in the Insidious franchise, Peter Rabbit movies, and X-Men. Additionally, Azealia Banks is the name of an American rapper known for several hit songs, including Anna Wintour and Luxury. Interestingly, Pink is the stage name of American singer Alecia Beth Moore Hart. She is known for several blockbuster songs and for winning several accolades throughout her career. Additionally, Rosamund Pike is an award-winning British actress, and Rosamunde Pilcher is a British author and an OBE.

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