124 Baby Girl Names That Mean Pleasant

AamaniSpring season; Vasanth Ritu; Season of Flowers; Pleasant Early morning surroundingsGirl
Aamaya (आमाया)the pleasant Night Rain that brings new hopeGirl
AbiramiA pleasant and beautiful girlGirl
AddevaA pleasant girl from the noble familyGirl
AddienA pleasant or a beautiful girlGirl
AddileighA Beautiful or pleasant woodGirl
AddilieghThe wood which is pleasantGirl
AddilynThe pleasant noble ladyGirl
AdelienA pleasant person of the nobilityGirl
AdeluinThe pleasantness of a noble personGirl
AdelyneThe pleasant and noble ladyGirl
AdivaPleasant, gentleGirl
AelliPleasant or devoted to GodGirl
AerilynThe beautiful or pleasant airGirl
AfricIrish - Pleasant; Agreeable; Pleasing; Woman from AfricaGirl
Ahinoamliterally meaning brother of pleasantness, thus meaning pleasantGirl
AilneGerman - Sweet; Pleasant; Of the Nobility; Noble; Kind; Diminutive of AlineGirl
AmlahThey are beautiful, pleasant and kind by natureUnisex
AnnamaeA combination of Anna and Mae; they are gracious and happy being; A respectable, important and pleasant beingGirl
AoibhinnThe pleasant one who is a little EveGirl
AvinoamA pleasant natured fatherUnisex
AyiqueoOne who is soft spoken and has a pleasant personality.Girl
AzaharaA pleasant and beautiful flowerGirl
BachraAn elegant woman; pleasant oneGirl
BlagunaFeminine form of Blagun, meaning sweet, pleasant of blessed.Girl
CharitaA master of pleasant characterGirl
ChitrangiOne who has a charming, delightful, pleasant bodyGirl
ClementinaFeminine derivative of 'Clement', meaning gentle, soft and pleasantGirl
ClemmyGentle; mild; soft; tender; merciful; pleasantUnisex
CreasyGraceful; Pleasant; KindUnisex
DejahA fun loving person; pleasant oneUnisex
EdolinaHelping and pleasant natureGirl
EfyOne who is pleasant; good reputationGirl
FaraLevel Measure; Beautiful; Lovely; Pleasant; Good Looking; Joyful; Reason for rejoicingGirl
FarraA pleasant and lovely girlGirl
FirakiFragrance; Sweet and Pleasant smelling person; Sweet ScentGirl
ForamA fragrance or a pleasant aromaGirl
FuratRefers to pleasant water or good water.Girl
GandhaliSweet Scent; Fragrance; Sweet and Pleasant smelling;Girl
GazbiyyaThe one who is beautiful and pleasant.Girl
GenovefaThe one who is mild, gentle and pleasant.Girl
GhislaineGerman name meaning pleasant oathGirl
GuiliaineThis name means a pleasant. The person with this name will devote his life for a pleasant thing.Girl
HaniyahPleasant, LovelyGirl
Hannanwarm feelings, pleasant sensations, Feeling happyUnisex
HannyCharming, Pleasant, kindGirl
HashiniPleasant, Wonderful, Happy or full of laughter,Girl
HawadahPleasant, enjoyableGirl
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