116 Baby Girl Names That Mean Pleasant

AamaniSpring season; Vasanth Ritu; Season of Flowers; Pleasant Early morning surroundingsGirl
Aamaya (आमाया)the pleasant Night Rain that brings new hopeGirl
AbiramiA pleasant and beautiful girlGirl
AddevaA pleasant girl from the noble familyGirl
AddienA pleasant or a beautiful girlGirl
AddileighA Beautiful or pleasant woodGirl
AddilieghThe wood which is pleasantGirl
AddilynThe pleasant noble ladyGirl
AdelienA pleasant person of the nobilityGirl
AdeluinThe pleasantness of a noble personGirl
AdelyneThe pleasant and noble ladyGirl
AdivaPleasant, gentleGirl
AelliPleasant or devoted to GodGirl
AerilynThe beautiful or pleasant airGirl
AfricIrish - Pleasant; Agreeable; Pleasing; Woman from AfricaGirl
Ahinoamliterally meaning brother of pleasantness, thus meaning pleasantGirl
AilneGerman - Sweet; Pleasant; Of the Nobility; Noble; Kind; Diminutive of AlineGirl
AmlahThey are beautiful, pleasant and kind by natureUnisex
AnnamaeA combination of Anna and Mae; they are gracious and happy being; A respectable, important and pleasant beingGirl
AoibhinnThe pleasant one who is a little EveGirl
AvinoamA pleasant natured fatherUnisex
AyiqueoOne who is soft spoken and has a pleasant personality.Girl
AzaharaA pleasant and beautiful flowerGirl
BachraAn elegant woman; pleasant oneGirl
BlagunaFeminine form of Blagun, meaning sweet, pleasant of blessed.Girl
CharitaA master of pleasant characterGirl
ChitrangiOne who has a charming, delightful, pleasant bodyGirl
ClementinaFeminine derivative of 'Clement', meaning gentle, soft and pleasantGirl
ClemmyGentle; mild; soft; tender; merciful; pleasantUnisex
CreasyGraceful; Pleasant; KindUnisex
DejahA fun loving person; pleasant oneUnisex
EdolinaHelping and pleasant natureGirl
EfyOne who is pleasant; good reputationGirl
FaraLevel Measure; Beautiful; Lovely; Pleasant; Good Looking; Joyful; Reason for rejoicingGirl
FarraA pleasant and lovely girlGirl
FirakiFragrance; Sweet and Pleasant smelling person; Sweet ScentGirl
ForamA fragrance or a pleasant aromaGirl
FuratRefers to pleasant water or good water.Girl
GandhaliSweet Scent; Fragrance; Sweet and Pleasant smelling;Girl
GazbiyyaThe one who is beautiful and pleasant.Girl
GenovefaThe one who is mild, gentle and pleasant.Girl
GhislaineGerman name meaning pleasant oathGirl
GuiliaineThis name means a pleasant. The person with this name will devote his life for a pleasant thing.Girl
HaniyahPleasant, LovelyGirl
Hannanwarm feelings, pleasant sensations, Feeling happyUnisex
HannyCharming, Pleasant, kindGirl
HashiniPleasant, Wonderful, Happy or full of laughter,Girl
HawadahPleasant, enjoyableGirl
HedyPleasant, EnjoyableGirl
JennaleeThe person who is nice, pleasant and gorgeous.Girl
Jonbenetsuch people love to spend time with their friends and have the jolly side. The name is very pleasant which means blossom and exotic personality.Unisex
KokahaA diplomatic and pleasant individualGirl
KotihomaOne with easy going and pleasant personalityGirl
LateefahPleasant and kind person of tender characterGirl
LatifaPleasant, frendly personGirl
LatiphaFriendly, pleasant personGirl
LyazzatSweet, pleasant, beautifulGirl
MadhunishaA pleasant, lovely nightGirl
ManojnaOne who is pleasant, beautifulGirl
MarleeA pleasant meadow by the seaGirl
MavaA girl who is pleasant to look at or spend time withGirl
MehekA sweet, pleasant smellGirl
MehveshA pleasant light of the moon.Girl
MelynaA sweet heart, dear, the onw who is pleasant and appealing.Girl
MeriwetherA happy or pleasant weather, a cheerful personGirl
MilenaA pleasant person, a dear oneGirl
MimsyA pleasant or a beautiful one, one who is above allGirl
MitulaA moderate person, an average one, pleasantGirl
MizukiThe beautiful and pleasant moon, an auspicious hopeGirl
ModestusA pleasant light of the moon.Girl
NaiomiA pleasant person, pleasantnessGirl
NaoimhThe enjoyable pleasantnessGirl
NaomhThe pleasantness of a personGirl
NataviaA pleasant gift from GodGirl
NaveenjotThe pleasant light of a lampUnisex
NavillaA beautiful and pleasant peahenGirl
NiauppamaA beautiful of pleasant personGirl
NilambariThe pleasant blue skyGirl
NupoorAn anklet that gives a pleasant sound while walkingGirl
OkelaniA Hindi word to a pleasant blue sky.Girl
OlaA pleasant bright shining light.Girl
PhairohPleasant soundingGirl
PlacenciaA woman who is very pleasantGirl
PlesantiaA pleasant, delightful womanGirl
PlesenciaA charming, pleasant, friendly womanGirl
PrakhyaOne of very pleasant appearance and looksGirl
PrapullaOne whose pleasant and happy smile is shiningUnisex
RaghadaA pleasant, comfortable womanGirl
RaghdA pleasant womanGirl
RaghdaShe who is sweet and pleasantGirl
RaghidahA pleasant girlGirl
RakhimaMelodious and pleasant oneGirl
SaeedahA sweet, pleasant personGirl
SaeedehA pleasant girlGirl
SamriaOne who is pleasant to be aroundGirl
SanohSomething that's pleasant sounding.Girl
SavsuhzaniaOne who is talented, charming and pleasant individualGirl
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