66 Baby Names That Mean Pride

So you’ve swept through your options, but still, couldn’t find the perfect name for your son or daughter? Well, this happens to the best of us, even with mothers who’ve been thinking about a perfect name ever since their pregnancy result was positive. We suggest that giving your child a name with a deep meaning that he or she can wear with pride. And what better than going for a name meaning pride itself?

Pride is often perceived as a vice because it’s confused with arrogance. In both cases, people seem to evaluate themselves highly. But there’s a fundamental difference between both, which many are not aware of. Indeed, pride also involves thinking high, but by respecting oneself. Without pride, a person would have no trust in himself and no reason to accept that his life is worthy enough of living. In pride, people think highly of their abilities and accomplishments, but only if they’re worthy of praise.

To sum it up, pride isn’t a vice, but a virtue, which can make your child confident, courageous and strong. Below you’ll find MomJunction's list of baby boy and girl names, meaning pride.

AbhimaanPride; majestic; magnificentBoy
AbhimanPride; majestic; magnificentBoy
AbhimaneeFull of pride, A variant of AbhimaanBoy
AbhimaniFull of Pride; Another Name for Agni who is the eldest son of Lord BrahmaGirl
Abhimanini (अभिमानिनी)One who has a self-respect or prideGirl
AbhimanuyaThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat; PrideBoy
AbhimanyaThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat; PrideBoy
AbhimanyuArjuna's Son; PrideBoy
AbhimanyusutaSon of Abhimanyu; PrideBoy
AgarvaOne who is free from pride, who is humble, generous, down to earth, sensible, realistic, pragmatic, commonsensible and logical.Boy
AnukaThey are wishful and maintain family's prideUnisex
AshmitPride; SuperiorBoy
AsmitPride; SuperiorBoy
BaviyanOne who is kind and generous and without any prideBoy
Baysanto walk with prideGirl
BharamEsteem, pride, reputationBoy
BuhaisahOne who walks around with prideGirl
DarpakaOne who has prideBoy
DarroldName depicting pride and honourBoy
DiederikOne who a born ruler; full of pride and powerBoy
DurmadThe False Pride; Illusion; Unclear conceptionBoy
DurmadaOne who has a false prideBoy
FahrudinPride of faithBoy
FakaruddinOne who takes pride in his religionBoy
FakhriddinPride of the faithBoy
FakhruddinOne who takes pride in his religionBoy
FikharPride, prestige and gloryBoy
GarvProud; Symbol of Pride; Superior;Boy
GarveetProud; Garv; Symbol of Pride; SuperiorBoy
GarvishGarv; Pride; Superior; Haughtiness; VanityBoy
GarvitFeels Proud; Filled with Pride; Feeling superior; Haughtiness; VanityBoy
GarvpreetHonour; Pride; Respect; One who likes to feel superiorBoy
GaurabGlory; One who brings happiness and PrideBoy
GauravHonour; Pride; RespectBoy
GauravaPride; Respect; HonourBoy
GaureekantPride; Respect; HonourBoy
GhamandjeetThe victory of prideBoy
GhamandjotThe light of the prideBoy
GhamandpalOne who protects his prideBoy
GhamandpreetOne who loves his prideBoy
GhamandpremThe love of prideBoy
GourabHappy; Pride; Respect; One who brings glory; A variant of GauravBoy
GouravHappy; Pride; Respect; One who brings glory; A variant of GauravBoy
HabenPride, pleasure, satisfactionBoy
JashwiTo Be Proud of Self; Filled with pride;Girl
JeshPride of moneyBoy
KinaazPride of the king, or a princess who makes her father proud.Girl
KulbhooshanBrings honour to the Family; Brings pride to the clan or KulBoy
MilesantaA proud warrior, who takes pride in warBoy
MoreyA noble person who is a reason for prideBoy
NazThe pride or the delicacyGirl
NazratOne who is of great prideBoy
NazzThe delicacy, charm or the prideGirl
NirahankaraThe person who does not have the inflated feeling of pride in their superiority.Unisex
NitimanOne who is a pride of MoralityBoy
NtozakeOne who has her own things; Lion's prideGirl
ShahnazPride and bride of the kingGirl
SharnazA name that means "a pride of the King"Unisex
ShernazThe pride of a lionBoy
TajudinnPride and honor of the religionBoy
Tamil selviA tamilian prideGirl
UdumelueCrowned with honor and prideGirl
UgouloPride of a home.Girl
VanityInflated in prideGirl
Zain ul AbideenAdornment of the worshipers or one who is a source of pride for the Muslims.Boy
ZikshitaOne who is full of prideGirl
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