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When it comes to post-pregnancy tasks, selecting a baby name is right up on the list. It sounds fun at first but becomes overwhelming as you keep proceeding with it. But we’re here to help. Parents always pick a name that echoes not just the meaning of the word but also holds a deeper significance. Baby names meaning pure symbolizes the purest relationship such as a mother’s relationship with her children.

Nothing can come close to the love a mom has for her children. It’s incomparable, inseparable, unconditional, and purest. Mothers nourish their children in their womb for nine months, bearing extreme fear, anxiety, and pain to give birth to the baby. They bring the best out of her kids and light up the path whenever children go into the darkness. They are the only people who’ll never want anything in return for whatever they do for their children. They spend sleepless nights with their children whenever they fall sick or have a bad day. All they want is happiness for their children.

Take a look at our extensive collection of baby names meaning pure below. Our tool gives you the option to sort the names according to the gender and religion for better navigation.

AbdulquddusQuddus stands for the perfect one, the holy one and the pure oneBoy
AbdussubboohOne who serves the extremely uncontaminated and pureBoy
AbezagThe one is clean, pure and blessedBoy
AbrizThe purest form of gold, or the raw goldBoy
AbyazThe white color or the bright or pureBoy
AchutaPure, not touched, firmGirl
AdagPure; UnBlemished; SacredGirl
AdemVirtuous, fair, pure, moral.Boy
AdusitaOne who is not impure, without any impurityGirl
AeniOriginal, pure, and trueGirl
AfaafA decent, chaste or a pure girlGirl
AfafChaste, virtuous, decent, pureGirl
AgataOne who is good at heart and mind, pure, kind, gentle and a nature lover.Girl
AgathiOne who is good, kind, pure, sensitive, noble, generous and honourable.Girl
AggieOne who is simple, pure, maidenly, ladylike, friendly nature and innocent.Girl
AgnesinaA pure and virginal womanGirl
AgnessaChaste; pureGirl
AgnetaPoor, chaste, pureGirl
AgneteOld Greek - Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A varaition of AgnesGirl
AgnethaOld Greek - Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A varaition of AgnesGirl
AgnieszkaOld Greek - Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A varaition of AgnesGirl
AgnisPure, holyGirl
AgnysA variation of Agnes, meaning the pure oneGirl
AikaterineAncient Greek form of Katerine. It means pure.Girl
AjitatmanOne whose Soul Never be Conquered; Pious; PureBoy
AkalankWithout Any Flaws; one who is flawless and pure; Unblemished personBoy
AkalmasaSinless or pureBoy
AkalmeshEternally Pure, Sinless, Unblemished, Flawless;Boy
AkalushEternal Purity, PureBoy
AkenehiChaste and pureGirl
AkiaAfrican - First Born; Also a variant form of name Kia which means difficult and in Greek it means pureGirl
AklamashSpotless; Pure; Unblemished; Clean; FlawlessBoy
AkrisnaPure, unadulterated, unpolluted.Boy
AmadahyWater of the forest; pure, expressive and positive natureGirl
AmahlA pure, laborious, hard worker who are industriousBoy
AmalBright; Clean; Pure; Unblemished; Hope; Aspiration; GuiltlessBoy
AmalanandPure Joy; unadulterated happiness; Blissful life;Boy
AmalatmanAn immortal man who is pure minded and virtuous in deedsBoy
AmalbirA person pure and toughBoy
AmalenduThe Unblemished Moon ; one who is pure like the moonBoy
AmaleshThe Pure One; Unblemished soul; One who is guilt free and pureBoy
AmalgeetA melodious pure song soothing everyone aroundBoy
AmalinderA challenging name to have which means a person with a pure heart and god like figureUnisex
AmaljeetName signifying pure victory over the negativesUnisex
AmaljotA name of success which means pure flame with eternal fireBoy
AmalmaniA born leader and a pure jewel who is determinedBoy
AmalpreetName signifying pure and eternal loveBoy
AmalroopIt is embodiment of pure and true beautyBoy
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