513 Baby Girl Names That Mean Pure

EkaterinaOne who is innocent and pureGirl
EkaterineGeorgian form of Katherine, meaning pureGirl
FarvardinOne who protects the good and the pureUnisex
GaenorThe one who is pure, honest and easy going person.Girl
GalatiaPure white as milk.Girl
GennyThe one who is pure, unpolluted, polite and fair.Girl
GennyeThe virgin girl, pureGirl
GhasnaPure and gentile as a flower blossomGirl
GlannaCornish vocabulary name meaning pure.Girl
HaloPurest light; Divine Light; Shinning LightGirl
HanifaTrue Believer; PureGirl
HeerPower, riches, pureGirl
IffahA pure and modest girl.Girl
InesOne who is gentle and pureGirl
InezSpanish variation of Agnes which means Pure or VirginalGirl
JadeeA woman who is pure goodnessGirl
JaedaShe is pure goodnessGirl
JenyferReefers to spiritual, pure, mild and gentle person.Girl
JunkoJapanese - Sincere Child; Obedient, Genuine, PureGirl
KaKa means Pure and TortureGirl
KaarinaKaarina means Pure, ChasteGirl
KaatKaat name means The PureGirl
KaatjeThe name Kaatje means The One who is PureGirl
KadeeRhyming; Rhythmic flow of sounds; Celtic - First; Old Greek - Pure; A variant spelling is KadyGirl
KadianKadian means Pure,RhytmicGirl
KadieRhyming; Rhythmic flow of sounds; Celtic - First; Old Greek - Pure; A variant spelling is KadyGirl
KadieannKadieann means Rhyming, PureGirl
KadriKadri means PureGirl
KadyRhyming; Rhythmic flow of sounds; Celtic - First; Old Greek - Pure; A variant spelling is KadieGirl
KaedinThe name means Pure SoundGirl
KaedyKaedy means Pure, UnsulliedGirl
KaeleneKaelene means Keeper of the Keys, PureGirl
KaeliKaeli means Pure, KeyholderGirl
KaelieKaelie means Pure, Keeper of the KeysGirl
KaelynnKaelynn means PureGirl
KaetheKaethe means PureGirl
KaiahThe name Kaiah in Native American means Little but Wise and in Greek means PureGirl
KaialaKaiala name means Pure and TortureGirl
KaideeKaidee name means Pure, VirginGirl
KaijaKaija name means Pure, UnsulliedGirl
KailanKailan means Keeper of Keys, PureGirl
KaileeKailee means Keeper of the Keys, The Pure OneGirl
KaileenaThe name means Torture or PureGirl
KailynThe name means The Pure Keeper of the KeysGirl
KaisaKaisa name means She that is PureGirl
KaitThe name Kait means PureGirl
KaitiKaiti means she who is PureGirl
KaitlenKaitlen means A Woman that is PureGirl
KaitlinKaitlin name means a Pure WomanGirl
KaitlineThe name Kaitline means Fair, PureGirl
KaitlynThe meaning of the name is Unadulterater, PureGirl
KaitlynnKaitlynn name means The Fair and Pure OneGirl
KaitlynneThe name means the One that is Fair and PureGirl
KaitrinKaitrin name means Unsullied, Pure OneGirl
KajsaThe name Kajsa means PureGirl
KakalinaKakalina name means Unsullied, The Pure OneGirl
KaleeKalee name means Fair, Pure, Keeper of the KeysGirl
KalisaPurely concentrated to the Almighty, the one who has given herself to God.Girl
KandaceFrom Greek origins Kandace means White Fire, Latin meaning is PureGirl
KandisLatin - Pure; English - Candy; Modern variant of CandaceGirl
KandyLatin - Pure; English - Candy; Modern variant of CandaceGirl
KaralanaA girl with a pure and peaceful personality.Girl
KaraleeKaralee name means Pure, FairGirl
KaraleighThe name means Pure and Fair WaomanGirl
KaralynKaralyn name means Pure, True or BrightGirl
KaranaKarana name means Pure in GreekGirl
KaranneThe name means Pure TortureGirl
KarenPure; Derived from the elements 'carus' which means dear ; 'katharos' pureGirl
KarenaKarena means The Pure oneGirl
KarennaKarenna means the Chaste, pure OneGirl
KaressaKaressa means She who is Pure and KindGirl
KariaPure; Carol; Germanic - Freeman; A form of KariGirl
KarianaKariana means Modest, PureGirl
KariannaKarianna means Viginal, Chaste, PureGirl
KarideeKaridee means The one who is Virginal and PureGirl
KarieKarie name means PureGirl
KarinKarin means PureGirl
KaronPure; Abbreviation of Katherine; A variant spelling is CaronGirl
KarrenPure; Abbreviation of Katherine; A variant spelling is CarrenGirl
KarrianaKarriana means Of Pure HeartGirl
KarrieKarrie means The Pure OneGirl
KarriganKarrigan means She who is PureGirl
KarrinPure; Abbreviation of Katherine; A variant spelling is CarrinGirl
KarynA pure individualGirl
KasiaKasia means Bright, PureGirl
KassiaKassia name means Pure and ShiningGirl
KatKat name means Pure and Chaste WomanGirl
KataKata in Japanese means Worthy One. In Greek, the name means The Woman that is Pure and ChasteGirl
KatalinKatalin means PureGirl
KatalinaKatalina means Pure HeartedGirl
KatalynThe name means The Pure OneGirl
KatariinaThe name means Pure or Each of the TwoGirl
KatarinaKatarina means Pure, CleanGirl
KatarineKatarine means The one who is PureGirl
KatarzynaKatarzyna means Pure, UnsulliedGirl
KatchenKatchen means Clean, PureGirl
KatelinThe name Katelin means Pure, ClearGirl
KatelineOld Greek - Pure; Torture; Form of CatherineGirl
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