95 Baby Girl Names That Mean Pure And Starts With Letter C

CadeyA pure hearted womanGirl
CadiA woman who is pureGirl
CadieShe who is pureGirl
CaetlinShe is pureGirl
CaetlynA woman who is pureGirl
CaettiShort for caitlyn, means a pure oneGirl
CailynnShe is very pureGirl
CaitA pure womanGirl
CaitirShe is of pure natureGirl
CaitlanA girl who is pureGirl
CaitlandA pure ladyGirl
CaitlenWoman who is of pure nationGirl
CaitleyOne who is pureGirl
CaitlinA fair and pure womanGirl
CaitlindPure natured womanGirl
CaitlyShort for Caitlyn, meaning a pure womanGirl
CaitlyndShe who is pure in heartGirl
CaitlynnA fair and pure girlGirl
CaitrianA fair and pure ladyGirl
CaitrynA genuine, pure ladyGirl
CamilleShe is a virgin of pure characterGirl
CamilliaA pure virginGirl
CamylleA virgin with a pure characterGirl
CandaceA pure and sincere womanGirl
CandisWoman who is pure and honestGirl
CandyA white. pure and honest womanGirl
CanzadaA settlement; pure, nonchalant and generousGirl
CarenA genuine and pure womanGirl
CareneA little beloved, pure and darling oneGirl
CarianneA mericul and pure womanGirl
CarineA pure and beloved womanGirl
CarriA pure man who is freeGirl
CarrynAn unsillied and pure free womanGirl
CaryneAn unsullied, pure womanGirl
CarynnShe of pure natureGirl
CassiA pure woman who shines upon peopleGirl
CastaA woman who is pius and pureGirl
CatVariation of Catherine which means PureGirl
CatalenaAn unsillied woman of pure natureGirl
CataleyaA pure phrophetessGirl
CatalinShe is a very pure ladyGirl
CatalineA genuine and pure womanGirl
CatalynShe is pure and genuineGirl
CateAn innocent and pure girlGirl
CaterinA pure womanGirl
CaterinaA woman who is pure and genuineGirl
CathA nickname, means a pure womanGirl
CatharinA pure and genuine, innocente womanGirl
CatharinaShe is pure and innocenteGirl
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