105 Baby Girl Names That Mean Red

AdelredusA red-haired noble personUnisex
AfferaOne who is prompt, who finish work quickly, red-coloured skinGirl
AhmarRed ColorUnisex
Akane (あかね)Madder; red dyeGirl
AlalKurdish word for red roseGirl
ArghavanThe one having Reddish color and is of valueGirl
ArunimaRed glowGirl
ArushiDawn or red skyGirl
AuburnA reddish brown or golden colourGirl
BindiyaDrop, Point; A forehead decoration - often a red dot; Small dotGirl
CeriseCherry red colorGirl
CerissaCharity; Cherry red colorGirl
CinA reddish brown coloured spiceGirl
CrimsonA strong, scintillating, deep red colour; Synonyms in Thesaurus include bloody, blush, roseGirl
DelademRedeemed by savior.Unisex
DzsesszikaA redional name for the fair ladyGirl
EevonneYew; a coniferous tree which has red berry-like fruitsGirl
Eulagood speaking or wealthy or gem of the sea or sacred redGirl
FadiaA woman who is a redeemerGirl
FadiyaAfrican Swahili - Redeemer; One who redeemsGirl
FenisiaA color, a purplish redGirl
FidaSacrifice; Redemption; Offering to protect othersGirl
FlanLiterally means descending from the Flannghal, a surname meaning red-hairedGirl
FlannRepresents the color ruddy, a healthy shade of redGirl
FlannacanRefers to a ruddy or red-headed person; derived from Irish word FlannGirl
FlanneryRefers to a person with red-colored locksGirl
FlynIt refers to someone with red hairUnisex
FlynnIt essentially means descendant of the red-haired onesUnisex
GalyaGod is redeemed gana-gardenGirl
GarnetteA girl who wears red color ornaments.Girl
GoughA girl with red hair. red hair is a symbol of beauty. A beauty which is out of the world.Girl
GougheA girl with red hair. red hair is a symbol of beauty. A beauty which is out of the world.Girl
GulGul means the fresh flower of red RoseGirl
GullGul means the fresh flower of red RoseGirl
HaujamatRed RoseGirl
HellawesBlush, go red, reddenGirl
HollyPlant With Red BerriesUnisex
Humaidabright red colourgirl
Humairahdark red colourgirl
Humayrahred colourgirl
Humeiracolour of redgirl
HurairaA reddish womanGirl
HureairaOne who is like a red starGirl
IkiaqRed spruce in Inuit language.Unisex
JesusaIn God has my redemptionGirl
KahikatoaManuka or red pine treeGirl
KapilaTawny; Reddish Brown; Derived from the Sanskrit word Kapi which means monkeyGirl
KashmiraBeauty of Kashmir; From Kashmir; Grape; Red KummumGirl
LaalamaniRuby; Red Pearl; Precious stoneGirl
LaleLove as perfect as a Red Tupil flowerGirl
LalehThe ever-lasting love which the red tupil flowers symbolisesGirl
LalimaA beautiful glow of the reddish, morning skyGirl
LohiniA person with a red skinGirl
LohitaRed ruby, Goddes Lakshni in the form of ironGirl
LohitakaRed gem, rubyGirl
MaanikaA red coloured jew, the RubyGirl
MahoganyDark Red WoodGirl
MaralA deer. Name reffers to a Caspian Red DeerGirl
Mekaistothe Red Cow, This is the Cow which is praised to be as Holy Cow for sacrificeUnisex
MeropiA myrrh, a red-brown resin material, Greek women from Asia minorGirl
MohammadiThe Red Cow, which is praised to be as Holy Cow for sacrificeUnisex
MomijiRed leaves, also referred to the maple treeGirl
NuritThe plant with full of yellow and red color flowers.Girl
PhoeniciaRed; Purple; Crimson; A variant of PhionixGirl
RaktajabaRed china roseGirl
RaktakarabiA red oleanderGirl
RaktapadmaThe red lotus flowerGirl
ReadaOne who is a redhead, mostly used as a surnameGirl
RedOne of red skin or red hairUnisex
RedeemA woman who has redeemed herslefGirl
RedellA woman who comes from the red meadowGirl
ResA red-headed womanGirl
RoanaReddish-brown skin; One who has a beautiful reddish brown skinGirl
RoanneA little red-haired and ruddy girlGirl
RojaRose Flower; RedGirl
RoselinA woman whose hair is as red as a roseGirl
RouxA colour red, a colour of bloodGirl
RowannaA baby girl of red-hairGirl
RowenA red berried treeUnisex
RuariAn Irish red-haired rulerUnisex
RubalineA gemstone of deep red colourGirl
RubeeA woman who is like a red gemstoneGirl
RubiOne who is like a red gemstone, like a rubyGirl
RubinaA woman who is like a ruby red gemstoneGirl
RubyA precious red jewelGirl
RufinaA woman who is of red hairGirl
RumenaFeminine form of Rumen, meaning ruddy or red cheeked.Girl
RushAn american name meaning red womanGirl
RustiA variation of Rusty, means a person witha red headUnisex
SalviaA person who redeems, who saves othersGirl
SardonyxThe gemstone onyx, a red version.Girl
ScarleteThe red oneGirl
ScarlettBright redGirl
ScarlettaOne with the red hairGirl
ScarletteVariation of Scarlett which means Scarlet(a last name) or RedUnisex
ScarlletA shade of redGirl
ScarlyttShe who is wearing redGirl
ScarrletOne with a red scarGirl
SequoiaOf the giant red wood treeUnisex
SiennaReddish brownUnisex
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