320 Baby Names That Mean Rich


Along with good wishes and blessings that come with a newborn, you’ll also be showered with a slew of responsibilities, the first one being selecting a beautiful name.

A name isn’t just an identity. It contains the hopes and aspirations of parents from their children. It reflects what the parents want their child to accomplish. It also holds the power of shaping a child’s personality. But with thousands of baby names on the Internet, selecting a perfect one can get a bit baffling. Not anymore, especially if you’re looking for a baby name meaning rich.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with parents wanting their children to be successful and rich. And the best way to lead your little one on the path to success from the very beginning is by bestowing him a name that means rich. Even studies have revealed a relationship between names, the types of career paths chosen, and the resume success.

Below is MomJunction's list of baby names meaning rich from a wide variety of cultures, regions, and religions. Who knows, your wee one could be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg? So keep scrolling.

Abdul mughniIn English, this name means servant of the enrichedBoy
AbdulghaniUnique personality who helps rich, dignified and most highBoy
AbdulmughniServant of those who are rich and prosperousBoy
AbimolaOne who is born to be richBoy
AbizerFather of Wealth; richnessBoy
AdalricA wealthy or rich noble personBoy
AedithA riches and blessed warBoy
AedithaThe war or riches and blessedGirl
AedivaA strife of wealth, rich of warsGirl
AeduinA rich or blessed friendBoy
AeduuardA rich guard of wealth and fortuneBoy
AeduuinA blessed friend, a rich oneBoy
AesicaOne who is rich and a beholderGirl
AfolabiChild of high status; Born rich and with luxuryBoy
AhmeeraPrincess. Rich woman, LeaderGirl
AishwariyaProsperity, Richness. A famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai BachchanGirl
AishwaryaRichness. An Indian actress Aishwarya Rai BachchanGirl
AlbericGerman - Elf Ruler, Supernaturally Powerful; A variant of name AlberichBoy
AldeaWealthy and prosperous being; welloff, richBoy
AldricGerman - Old and Powerful ruler ; A variant of name AldrichBoy
AldrikGerman - Old and Powerful ruler ; A variant of name AldrichBoy
AldrinGerman - Old and Powerful ruler ; A variant of name AldrichBoy
AlghaniOne who is richBoy
AltynbayOne who is rich and wealthyBoy
AmericoRuler; Powerful; Rich; A variation of name AmerigoBoy
AmerigoGerman - Work; Ruler; Powerful; Rich; A variation of name EmmerichBoy
ArgentoThe one filled with treasures and richesBoy
ArthaWealth, richesGirl
AsulWealth; Rich; Abundance; AmpleBoy
AudhildaRich warrior woman.Girl
AudieEnglish - Guardian of Riches; Noble Strength; Variant of name AudeyBoy
AudrianaGermanic - Noble Strength; Strong; Rich; Nobility; A combination of name Audrey and AnnaGirl
AudricGermanic - Old and Powerful Ruler; A variant name from AldrichBoy
AvalineOne who is sensitive, rich and humbleGirl
AvenIniquity; Force; Riches; Sorrow; Gaelic - Powerful RiverBoy
BaasuRich; Wealthy; Well-off; ProsperousBoy
BahuraiWith Great Riches, Possessions, Assets, TreasuresBoy
BaibhavProsperity; Richness; WealthyBoy
BaizhanA rich soulBoy
BanhimanHas Plenty; Blessed with richness and wealthBoy
Bertienobly famous; famous Northman; bright raven, wise person; bright famous one; famously famous; angle; hook; army-bright, bright army; famous landowner; rich, powerful, ruler; bright shield; will.Boy
BhagadityaSun which grants riches, wealth and ProsperityBoy
BhageshLord of richnessBoy
BhagsinghOne who is blessed with richness and prosperity; FortunateBoy
BurkittOne who comes from the place of brich treesBoy
CenericA brave, fierce and rich rulerBoy
CheliyanRich; Resourceful; Prosperous; Wealthy; Well to doBoy
ChellvanA rich and wealthy personBoy
ChemianRicher; Wealthier; ProsperousBoy
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