68  Baby Names That Mean Rising

Selecting a baby name is one of the most fun and slightly tiring part of the oh-so-long wait for the arrival of the baby. Parents want the name of their bundle of joy to be unequaled among all. They read several books, refer to scores of websites, take suggestions from friends and family and whatnot, just for the sake of a beautiful and perfect baby name. And, have you given any thought to baby names meaning rising.

Literally, rising means sloping upwards, or going up or increasing, but a human being truly rises up when he defeats the challenges and learns to be happy. Everyone faces challenges at least once in their lives, and it's these little challenges that shape us into strong and confident human beings. When you rise above a problem or difficulty, you manage not to let it affect you, and that’s when you ultimately win.

So parents, if you’re looking for a rising and shining name, have a look at MomJunction’s list of baby names meaning rising below. We have them in plenty and are confident that you’ll find the ultimate name for your child in our tool.

Aadrikaadrik has meaning of The rising sun between the mountainsBoy
AbhyudayaRising; Sunrise; Elevation; Increase; ProsperityBoy
AdhirohnaThe mounting or ascending or rising aboveBoy
AdhyanOne who is rising ; Coming up;Boy
AmanudayPeace Rising; A derivative of name Aman;Boy
AmikamThe one with the rising nationBoy
AnastaciaResurrection; the one rising of the deadGirl
AnatoliaRising from the eastGirl
ArrushRed horses or mares of the sun of fire; Red; Rising Sun; DawnBoy
ArujRising Sun; Bright and ShiningBoy
AruniDawn; Rising Sun; Morning; One of many names of Sun God; A Feminine form of the name ArunGirl
ArunoudayeRising sunBoy
ArushRed horses or mares of the sun of fire; Red; Rising Sun; DawnBoy
AsianneAnother name for rising sunGirl
AziaFrom the East; Arabic - Rising; A variant form of AsiaGirl
AziraA rising star which is symbol of strengthGirl
BaalaarkThe Rising Sun; Red Radiant Sun of DawnBoy
BalaarkThe Rising Sun; Red Radiant Sun of DawnBoy
BalachandarYoung Moon; Rising Moon; Crescent MoonBoy
BalachanderYoung Moon; Rising Moon; Crescent MoonBoy
BalachandraYoung Moon; Rising Moon; Crescent MoonBoy
BalachandravYoung Moon; Rising Moon; Crescent MoonBoy
BaladhityaRisen Sun; Red Dawn Sun; Radiant and Bright rays of the rising sunBoy
BaladityaRisen Sun; Red Dawn Sun; Radiant and Bright rays of the rising sunBoy
BalaraviThe Morning Sun; Radiant Sun in the Dawn; Red Rising SunBoy
BalarikaThe Morning Sun; Radiant Sun in the Dawn; Red Rising SunBoy
BalarkThe Morning Sun; Radiant Sun in the Dawn; Red Rising SunBoy
BalarkaThe Morning Sun; Radiant Sun in the Dawn; Red Rising SunBoy
BalarunDawn; Early morning; Rising SunBoy
BalarunaDawn; Early morning; Rising SunBoy
BalavrataWorshipping the Rising Sun; Offering prayers to early morning sunBoy
BalchandraYoung Moon; Rising Moon; Crescent MoonBoy
BamdadEarly Morning; Red brightness of Dawn; Radiant Rising SunBoy
BhaanodayaSun Rise; Rising Radiant SunBoy
BhanodaySun Rise; Rising Radiant SunBoy
BhanudyaSun Rise; Rising Radiant SunBoy
BhaskerThe Rising Sun; Bright, Radiant and Luminous light of the SunBoy
CeyoneRising Sun; Radiant and bright rays of the early morning rising sunBoy
ChandrodayaMoonrise; One who is bright and luminous like the moon; Rising MoonBoy
CitlalicRising starGirl
DinesaThe calm and bright rising SunGirl
DinikaThe beautiful rising SunGirl
HaleighaHouse of the Rising SunBoy
HanutHandsome; Of the rising sun; Splendid and Bright like a rising SunBoy
HemaprabhaGolden Light; Golden Brightness and Radiance of rising time of sunGirl
HetanshRising SunBoy
KhenanThe rising sunBoy
KosukeKosuke means The Rising SunUnisex
LararThe Rising oh the Sun in the DawnBoy
OraneThe sun rising up every day, light or sunlit.Girl
PoorbiEastern; The Rising side of SunGirl
PrabhatDawn; Early Morning; Rising time of the SunBoy
PrabhatkiranMorning Ray; Radiance of the rising sun; Brightness and Brilliance of the Morning SunBoy
PratEarly Morning; Dawn; Rising Sun; First rays of the SunBoy
PrathushMorning Sun; Rising Sun; Dawn; First rays of the sunBoy
PratyushaBright morning Sun; Radiant and Luminant Rising SunGirl
PurvanshPurv Disha; One rising in the east; Sun; Brilliant and Radiant Sun in the EastBoy
QaimA standing, rising and well-grounded personBoy
RohanAn ascending, rising personBoy
RohinOne who is on the rising pathBoy
SambaSomething shinign and risingBoy
SubaihHe who is like the rising SunBoy
TheenashA rising starBoy
UdaiTo rise, the risingBoy
UdgamRising starBoy
UdhayaraniRising queenGirl
UjjayiniUjjayini is the name of an ancient city. It means rising.Girl
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