71 Baby Boy Names That Mean Rising

KranthiLight; Revolution; Uprising; Rebellion; UpheavalBoy
LararThe Rising oh the Sun in the DawnBoy
MinowaA voice that moves the others, mesmerising voiceBoy
NazarpreetOne who is mesmerising to the visionUnisex
PrabhatDawn; Early Morning; Rising time of the SunBoy
PrabhatkiranMorning Ray; Radiance of the rising sun; Brightness and Brilliance of the Morning SunBoy
PratEarly Morning; Dawn; Rising Sun; First rays of the SunBoy
PrathushMorning Sun; Rising Sun; Dawn; First rays of the sunBoy
PuradchiRevolution; Uprising; Upheaval; RebellionBoy
PurvanshPurv Disha; One rising in the east; Sun; Brilliant and Radiant Sun in the EastBoy
QaimA standing, rising and well-grounded personBoy
RiotA word name, meaning a riot, a turmoil, an uprisingUnisex
RohanAn ascending, rising personBoy
RohinOne who is on the rising pathBoy
SambaSomething shinign and risingBoy
SubaihHe who is like the rising SunBoy
TheenashA rising starBoy
UdaiTo rise, the risingBoy
UdgamRising starBoy
YogajArising from MeditationBoy
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