191 Baby Boy And Girl Names That Mean Sacred

So you’re expecting a little angel and are looking for a suitable name that matches him or her. Well, you’re not alone as almost every parent looks for spiritual, divine, and heavenly qualities in a name for their child. It sets the tone for love-filled and peaceful life in today’s crazy world. So give your child some good and old-fashioned family values by giving him or her a name meaning sacred.

Sacred, realm, or power to be at the core of existence, is believed to have a transformative effect on the lives and destinies of people. It can refer to a few things - something that is precious, that one cherishes, or is respectively dedicated to, such as human rights or honesty with one’s spouse. In both senses, the word sacred touches humans deeply.

So whether you want to express your religious beliefs or want to pass on the wish of lifelong bliss, a name meaning sacred would be your ideal pick. And to make things easier for you, MomJunction has jotted down a list of baby names meaning sacred below. These idyllic baby names, filled with outward charm, encompass a variety of origin and style, so you’re bound to find a beautiful name for your child.

AarshinPious; Sacred; Religious DevotionBoy
AdagPure; UnBlemished; SacredGirl
AhilyaMaiden; sacredGirl
AhurewaA sacred place.Girl
AkshataRice or offered as a sacred substance during pujaGirl
AlhricSacred RulerBoy
AmarajaThe eternal bon child who is a sacred river and the daughter of GodsGirl
AngatiMaintainer of sacred fire and is full of gloryBoy
AngnesThe pure and sacred oneGirl
AraratSacred Land or High LandBoy
ArdvisuraBrilliant waters. It's the name of a river in Iran and an angel who is identified with the sacred waters.Girl
ArieanaSacred person; one who is a holy personGirl
AumThe Sacred Syllable; Name of God in its unmanifested formBoy
BanarasiOne who Belongs to Benaras a Sacred place in IndiaBoy
BaruchBlessed; Sacred; HolyBoy
BehrozSacred; NobleBoy
BelSacred wood apple treeGirl
BenedictBlessed, sacredBoy
BhanaviyaBelonging to Sun; Sacred; Glorious; Holy; Radiant; IlluminousBoy
BhanudattaOffered by the Sun; Sacred; Holy; PiousBoy
BhartDivine; Godly; Celestial; Holy; Pious; SacredBoy
BhasuraThe Shining God; Crystal; Enlightened; Sacred; Divine; Holy and PiousBoy
BhavaboothiAshes of Shiva; Sacred ash; Name of a Sanskrit AuthorBoy
BhrajaShining; Sacred; Illuminating; Glorious; Radiant; GleamingBoy
BhrajataShining; Sacred; Illuminating; Glorious; Radiant; GleamingBoy
BilvaA Sacred Leaf Used while performing Shiva Pooja to worship Lord ShivaBoy
BilwaAuspicious Fruit - Bael, A sacred leaf used in Shiva PoojaUnisex
BramhasangeetaA part of the sacred Vedasgirl
CastaliaA sacred fountain of the MusesGirl
ChokshaPure; Clean; Holy; SacredBoy
ChoskaPure; Clean; Holy; SacredBoy
CohenOne who performs sacred rituals; a priestBoy
DahmanPious People; Religious; Spiritual Person; Principled and Sacred in his thoughtsBoy
DaivanshOf Divine Origin; Religious; Godly; Sacred BeingBoy
DaivikReligious; Godly; Divine; Holy; SacredBoy
DeeDark and sacred GoddessGirl
DeeandraA sacred and most beautiful GoddessGirl
DeiviganSpiritual; Divine; Religious; Pious; Holy; SacredBoy
DevahridhayDivine Heart; Pious and Sacred soul;Boy
DevainReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DevanaReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DevanamanDivine Joy; Sacred name of God; Pious and Religious PersonBoy
DevanesanReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DevrathReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharmeeReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharmicReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharmveerReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharshanaReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DhevanPious; Religious; Sacred; Godly; PiousBoy
DhevaneyanPious; Religious; Sacred; Godly; PiousBoy
DhvenDevotional; Spiritual; Religious; Pious; SacredBoy
DilveenDivine; Spiritual; Religious; Pious; SacredBoy
DiondraWater coming out of a sacred springGirl
DioneOne who came from the sacred springBoy
DionnaPure water coming from a sacred springGirl
DionneSacred wife of ZeusGirl
DivaasFrom Divine; Spiritual; Religious; Pious; SacredBoy
DurbaOne who is a sacred grassGirl
DwarakaA sacred city in IndiaBoy
EckerdOne who is sacred and connected with godBoy
EdeworSacred day of worship in traditional religionBoy
EdhaThe sacred one who is very vigilantGirl
EkerdA sacred individual; God lovingBoy
ElgivaA holy and sacred human beingGirl
ElluchamiTamil equivalent of Sesame Seed which is considered SacredBoy
Erchanboldsacred or bold.Boy
Erchanhardta German word meaning sacred and pious.Boy
Erchebalda German word which means something which is sacred and pious in essence and form.Boy
Erkerdsacred or pios or sacrosanct.Boy
Eulagood speaking or wealthy or gem of the sea or sacred redGirl
FarnbagGod's glory. It's also the term for the first sacred Fire of Sassanian Iran.Boy
GangotriSacred River Of India; Name of Glacier from which River Ganges originates; One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
GilleasbuigThe meaning of the name is Sacred and Blood and is of Scottish origin. Gilleasbuig is a male name.Boy
GodavariA Sacred River; Name of a river in IndiaGirl
GomateshwarSacred Place for Jains; Place which has statue of BahubaliBoy
HarnirmalHoly Like God; Divine and Pious like God; Sacred like GodBoy
Hieronimussacred nameBoy
HurmatChastity, something sacredBoy
HyroniemusSacred name; Holy name; Latin form of the given name Jerome and means "one of or with a sacred name"Boy
JayateerthHoly Victory; Divine and Sacred VictoryBoy
JayatheerthaHoly Victory; Divine and Sacred VictoryBoy
JeramOne who is sacred and have a nameBoy
JeroenOld Greek - Sacred Name; One who bears a holy nameBoy
JeromeOld Greek - Sacred Name; One who bears a holy nameBoy
JeromyOld Greek - Sacred Name; One who bears a holy nameBoy
JerromeOf the sacred nameBoy
KaiulaniKaiulani means Royal Sacred OneUnisex
KalappanName of a Hindu God; Lord of Moon; Sacred PitcherBoy
KalashKalash name means Sacred pot, The Pinnacle of TemplomBoy
KaveraKavera means The Sacred RiverGirl
KaveriName of sacred river in South IndiaGirl
KhudsiKhudsi means Holy and SacredBoy
KistnaKistna means Sacred, HolyBoy
KusaThe sacred grassGirl
KusalinKusalin means the Sacred, Green GrassBoy
KushKush means Sacred kush GrassBoy
KushajLotus; Sacred Grass; Bright; Brilliant; Radiant; LuminantBoy
LamziraSacred place or a place for prayingGirl
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