59 Baby Girl Names That Mean Sacred

AdagPure; UnBlemished; SacredGirl
AhilyaMaiden; sacredGirl
AhurewaA sacred place.Girl
AkshataRice or offered as a sacred substance during pujaGirl
AmarajaThe eternal bon child who is a sacred river and the daughter of GodsGirl
AngnesThe pure and sacred oneGirl
ArdvisuraBrilliant waters. It's the name of a river in Iran and an angel who is identified with the sacred waters.Girl
ArieanaSacred person; one who is a holy personGirl
BelSacred wood apple treeGirl
BilwaAuspicious Fruit - Bael, A sacred leaf used in Shiva PoojaUnisex
BramhasangeetaA part of the sacred Vedasgirl
CastaliaA sacred fountain of the MusesGirl
DeeDark and sacred GoddessGirl
DeeandraA sacred and most beautiful GoddessGirl
DiondraWater coming out of a sacred springGirl
DionnaPure water coming from a sacred springGirl
DionneSacred wife of ZeusGirl
DurbaOne who is a sacred grassGirl
EdhaThe sacred one who is very vigilantGirl
ElgivaA holy and sacred human beingGirl
Eulagood speaking or wealthy or gem of the sea or sacred redGirl
GangotriSacred River Of India; Name of Glacier from which River Ganges originates; One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
GodavariA Sacred River; Name of a river in IndiaGirl
KaiulaniKaiulani means Royal Sacred OneUnisex
KaveraKavera means The Sacred RiverGirl
KaveriName of sacred river in South IndiaGirl
KusaThe sacred grassGirl
LamziraSacred place or a place for prayingGirl
LeslyA religious, sacred gardenGirl
LessieA sacred and spiritual gardenGirl
LideweiPeople who are considered holy and sacredGirl
LissiannaHoly, sacred to GodGirl
MandakiniName of a sacred riverGirl
ManjoriThe sacred basilGirl
MiyaA sacred house, a beautiful templeGirl
MiyahIn French it means the pregnant virgin. In Japanese it means a sacred templeGirl
MouliA sacred thread of the Hindu religionGirl
MubarakaBlessed, sacred, and blissful.Girl
NaamnirmalThe one who is sacred via her name.Girl
OljaSacred or sanctified or consecrated or hallowed.Girl
OlyaA sacred place or sacred spirit.Girl
PavanA Cleanser; Breeze; Holy; Sacred; A variant is PavanaGirl
PavanaA Cleanser; Breeze; Holy; Sacred; A variant is PavanGirl
PavaniOne of many names of Goddess Ganga signifying her as holy, sacred and a cleanser of all sinsGirl
PreetamjotOne Who Longs For The Divine Light; Love for the sacred light and radianceGirl
PundariHoly; Sacred; Pious; Lotus which is flower of divinityGirl
PunitaA genuine and sacred personGirl
QuddusiyahOne who is sacred, piousGirl
QudsiyahThe glorious, sacred oneGirl
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