30 Baby Names That Mean Shadow

Apart from decorating the nursery, there are other exciting tasks parents undertake after the birth of their baby, and that is, picking a name. Since the baby will carry the name for the rest of his life, there’s no way naming should be taken lightly. Picking names with virtuous meanings is definitely a great option, but have you thought of going unconventional and giving your son or daughter a name meaning shadow? Sounds weird, right? Not when you realize the significance behind the shadow.

Light and shadow are opposites and it may seem like one of the two is lacking something. As an entity, shadow is as alive as light. It’s shadow that shapes the light, draws attention to light, and even integrates with light.

Now that you’ve read about the importance of shadows, let’s take a look at some baby names meaning shadow. There are plenty of them in MomJunction's database, ranging from modern and trendy to unique and even traditional. Take a look.

BetzalelIn God's ShadowBoy
BlagdanFrom the shadowy ValleyBoy
ChaayaA shade or a shadowGirl
ChaiynOne of many names of Krishna who is colour of the shadowBoy
ChhayaA shadow or an imageGirl
DevroopShadow of God; One who is like God; One who is a form of GodBoy
DravenOne who emerges from the shadows; modern nameBoy
DruvishThey are the shadow of Lord ShivaBoy
DunnereDark brown colored; shadowBoy
Eremboura character from mythology who rides shadows.Unisex
Erembourca French mythological character who rides shadows.Unisex
HamutalThe shadow of his heat; Hebrew name possibly meaning "of the morning dew'Girl
KageThe name Kage means ShadowBoy
KardamaKardama means ShadowBoy
MelainaDusky and dim, can not be seen, dark and shadowyBoy
MelanyThe person always covers by shadows, impossible to be seen, dim lightGirl
MohandasDusky and dim, can not be seen, dark and shadowyBoy
MohanjotThe person always covers by shadows, impossible to be seen, dim lightUnisex
NiratapThe one who is filled with shades and shadows.Boy
NizhalgalA shadow, similar to the personBoy
OmbrettaA shadow, or a dusky resemblanceGirl
SaiyaOne who is like a shadowGirl
SayahA shade or a shadowGirl
ScathachOne who is in the shadowGirl
ShyamaShadow, radha, yamuna riverGirl
TirichA shadow or darkness, A valley from MulkowBoy
ZillahHebrew - Shadow;Girl
ZylahVariation of Zilla which means ShadowGirl
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