97 Baby Names That Mean Sharp

Names aren’t just a tag people will call you with. It has a lot to do with perception and even influences views others can have on an individual. Even several studies have backed the effects of names on the success of the bearer and how well he will get along in his school. Considering all this, it might be a good idea to pick a name that carries a positive meaning. And what could be more suitable for a future genius than a name meaning sharp?

Being Intelligent or sharp is one of the most attractive features or characteristics of a person. It enables a person to figure out every situation, no matter how complicated it is. These people have the ability to gather and weigh information from multiple sources and consider their consequences. Sharp minded people are even inquisitive about the world. They ask questions, suggest answers and even attempt to reach beneath the surface just to understand. So it makes more sense to pick a name meaning sharp for your child.

With options ranging from modern to traditional, check out MomJunction's list of baby boy and girl names meaning sharp.

AcanthaA thorn or a sharp-pointed objectGirl
AgimarIn German agimareans something sharp which could signify a sword which is powerful and a mighty weapon.Boy
AifaSmart; Talented; Gift; Clever; Sharp; Shrewd;Boy
AjisthVery Intelligent; Brilliant; Bright; Sharp; SmartBoy
AmandipaThe one with a sharp wit and the lamp of peaceBoy
AmanthuA valiant, sharp witted, traveller and an instant decision makerBoy
AmisciaThey are sharp-witted and communicative individuals who are alluringGirl
AmuraThe one who is sharpsighted, cheerful and very intelligentUnisex
AngganWith Sharp EyeBoy
AreebaBrilliant; Sharp; Witty and Smart; A variant spelling is AreebahGirl
AreebahBrilliant; Sharp; Witty and Smart; A variant of name AreebaGirl
ArkadyutiSun ray; one with sociable and sharp personalityBoy
AsikSharp as daggerBoy
AsilomanHair as sharp as swordBoy
AstlaborA sharp-witted, optimistic beingBoy
AunflisA normal, forgiving and sharp witted individualGirl
BarrieLives at the Barrier; Fair-haired; From the Land That was Burned; Sharp; Pointed; Bear-strengthBoy
BatikSharp SwordBoy
BhallaArrow; Spear; SharpBoy
BrandanSword; a weapon with a sharp bladeBoy
BranderA fiery or sharp swordBoy
BredonSword; a sharp weapon used for killingBoy
BrendaA sharp weapon; a swordSelect Gender
BrenleyA sharp weapon; a swordgirl
BrenndaA sword, which is a sharp weapon; can also mean beaconed or fiery hillgirl
ChaitalThe one who has sharp memoryUnisex
ChaitaliOwner of sharp memoryUnisex
ChaleinsA sharp-sighted young ladBoy
CharonVery sharp and bright lightBoy
CleavantA river bank that is very steep, and falls sharplyBoy
CorbanA sharp, steep, almost perpendicular hillBoy
CurryA sharp daggerBoy
CutlerSharp knife makerBoy
DiamantoOne which is as pure, strong and sharp as a DiamondUnisex
DiamondAn untamed person; colorless and sharp stoneGirl
EcgbertA sharp edge of a swordBoy
EcgheardA clever person; who is sharp wittedBoy
EckhardStrong as sword and sharp as a sword's edgeBoy
EdgertWho has sharpness of a blade; borderBoy
EgbertSharp edge of swordBoy
EgbertineA pointed edge of sword; very sharpGirl
EggbertSword or as sharp as sword.Boy
EigerSharp like a javelin; very strongBoy
FirA sharpened tool, usually used as a weaponBoy
FitinA sharp-witted and clever personUnisex
FousafiaA forgiving and sharp minded personGirl
GefRefers to one of the sharp weapons, sword.Boy
GerlaOne with the sharp spearGirl
GertrudaThe person who is having power as a sharp spear.Girl
HadidIron, sharp, speedy, strong, quick, pointedBoy
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