189 Baby Girl Names That Mean Shining

Aaokathe one shining brightly and having a great lustreGirl
AbhisriSurrounded by glory, shining, powerfulGirl
AelgythaA bright shining giftGirl
AelinaBright shining light, a torchGirl
AellinA harmony, a bright or shiningGirl
AilineBright one, shining oneGirl
Aleanorbright, shining oneGirl
AlenkaOld Greek - Bright One; Shining One; Hebrew - of Magdala; A variation of AlenaGirl
Alohibrilliant, shiningGirl
AlvertaA person shining brightly through nobility, is famous and can balance spiritual and intellectual sidesGirl
AmaryllisA shining, precious jewelGirl
AnastellaA shining and gracious starGirl
AngavuShining oneGirl
AnkaA shining and gracious starGirl
AnuprabhaThey are follower of glory and an everlasting and shining bright lightGirl
AnyaNightless; the one who is bright and shiningGirl
ArushaShining brightGirl
AstrobellaOne who is a shining star loverGirl
AzharA shining and luminous beingUnisex
AzminA very bright and shining starGirl
AzzahraOne who is bright and shiningGirl
BariqaLightning, shining or fast.Girl
BarraqaBright; Brilliant; Shining; Sparkling; Glittering; Feminine of BarraqGirl
BeorhthildeShining Battle-maidGirl
BerrieNoble and Shining; Pale Green GemstoneGirl
BertaFamous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or GloriousGirl
BerteNoble; Shining; BrightGirl
BertiNoble; Shining; BrightGirl
BertildaShining Battle-maid; Woman WarriorGirl
BertildeShining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior; Bright Warrior MaidenGirl
BertyHigh-born; Brilliant; Shining BrightlyUnisex
BiancaLight; White; Shining; A Shakespearean baby name meaning Tragedy of Othello' Mistress of CassioGirl
BiankaWhite; Shining; Fair; House; God's Promise; God is My Oath; A Similar to the French BlancheGirl
BlacaA white and shining womanGirl
CassandraAn excelling and shining womanGirl
CassandreA woman who excells shiningGirl
CassandrielA shining woman who excellsGirl
CassarraShe is shining upon othersGirl
CassendraShe who excells while shining upon menGirl
ChallenShining MoonUnisex
ClarisseGentle, shining and has fame followed by attentionGirl
CrisannBright; Shining; ClearGirl
CsillaA shining starGirl
Dae (대)The great one; shiningUnisex
DahabOne shining like GoldGirl
DeepalLight; Brightness; Shining; Radiant; LuminantGirl
DiptaBright shining Goddess Laxmi; talentedGirl
DiptiA shining last ray of hope; brightGirl
DooriyaA radiant and shining masterGirl
EgbertaA shining sword which has a lot of potentialGirl
EgberthaBright sword; onw which is shining and lavishGirl
EibhlinShining BrilliantGirl
EileenShining bright light; Strong as HazelnutGirl
EileeneLight source which is bright and shiningGirl
EilleenBright and shining lightGirl
ElainaThe bright and shining lightGirl
ElanaHebrew: tree Greek: sun ray; Bright one; Shining One; Oak Tree; A contracted form of EleanorGirl
ElaneOne who has a shining bright lightGirl
ElaynaOne who is the shining bright lightGirl
ElberthaA high born and shining personGirl
EleThe black, shining oneGirl
EleaThe bright and shining oneGirl
EleanorOne with bright and shining personalityGirl
EleanoraLight which is shining and brightGirl
EleanoreThe bright and shining lightGirl
EleeshaA shining and bright individual form of HelenGirl
ElektraA shining and bright individualGirl
ElenkaA bright and shining lightGirl
ElenutaElenuta is a variant of Helen, meaning shining or bright one.Girl
EleonoraShining bright light coming from aboveGirl
EleonoreA shining bright ray of lightGirl
EleutheriusThe shining Sun; they are the ones who share lightGirl
ElinahShining lightGirl
ElladineA bright and shining ray of lightGirl
EllanBright and shining light of magicGirl
ElleanorShining God who shows light to all; bright torchGirl
EllenVariant of Helen; bright, shining lightGirl
ElleneA bright and shining light; deep inner sense; beautifulGirl
EllenorA bright, shining light; They are God of the lightGirl
EllinaThe entire world; the bright and shining oneGirl
Elynorthis means bright or shining over all or god is my light.Girl
Etaa feminized word meaning shining.Girl
Etasashining dappled horse or one who desires.Unisex
FanaWealth; Honour; One who provides light; Shining; A variant transcription is FainaGirl
FathmaThe shining womanGirl
FirojaThe turquoise color, shining, a gemstoneGirl
Haffafaglittering, sparkling, shining, slimGirl
HalenaLight, Brightness, Shining OneGirl
HalinaGreek - Light; Brightness; ShiningGirl
HalinorA combination name of Hal and Eleanor; Hal is Celtic for chief, and Eleanor is Latin for shining light;Girl
HeghineLight; Brightness; Shining; Radiant; LuminantGirl
HelainShining light, glowing, brightGirl
HelenShining light. The bright oneGirl
HelewisaBrilliant, bright, shiningGirl
HelynOld Greek - Bright One; Shining One; Hebrew - of Magdala; A variation of HelenGirl
HikariLight; Shining BrillianceGirl
HikaruShining brilliance; Flashing BrillianceUnisex
HiranmayiGolden Female; One as shining as Diamond; One of many names of Goddess LakshmiGirl
IleanVariation of Helen which means bright shining lightGirl
InjilaShining, brilliant, glittering and glisteningGirl
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