61 Baby Names That Mean Sight

So you’re already tired of going through various lists of names that would be ideal for your bundle of joy? Don’t you think it would be a great idea to name your child after sight?

The expression, “Eyes are windows to the soul”, is often used to describe a connection we feel when we’re looking into someone’s eyes. But just like windows, even eyes work both ways. They not only help us see into someone’s soul, but also view the world around us. This is made possible through sight, one of the five senses that regulate the body.

Our sight even helps us see the beautiful creation of the Almighty, and interpret feelings, emotions, and gestures. In fact, 90% of the information is acquired through sight or vision. The sight helps us connect with the surroundings, maintain sharpness of mind, and keep ourselves safe. Most importantly, sight gives us goals, desires, and aspirations. With sight and vision, we dream and try to make the world a better place and even succeed. Take a look at MomJunction’s exclusive list of baby boy and girl names, meaning sight below.

AbsaarThe vision or the sight or the power of seeingBoy
AldidThe vision or the sightBoy
AlokaVision; Sight; Aspect; Lustre; SplendourBoy
AparoksaThe visible one who is very bright and not beyond sightBoy
AzilizOne who is bling or dim sightedGirl
BasarSight, Vision, The EyeBoy
BasirahVision; Sight, visualizationGirl
BasrEye-sight; Wisdom; SightBoy
BeenaA musical instrument; a far sighted human beingGirl
CeceiliaA woman without a sight, a blind womanGirl
CeceliaShe who was born with no sightGirl
CecilleShe has no sightGirl
CecilliaShe is with no sightGirl
CecillusHe is the one with no sightBoy
DhrishSight; Vision; One who can envision and is imaginativeBoy
DidarOne who is gifted with the perfect vision or sightBoy
DonomaSight of the Sun; one who belongs to EarthGirl
DornarA clever and quick witted individual; sightBoy
DrasthiSight,A person who is self-reliant.Girl
DrishSight; Vision; One who can envision and is imaginativeBoy
DrishteeEye Sight; Vision; One who can envision and is imaginativeBoy
DrishySight; Vision; One who can envision and is imaginativeBoy
DristiSight; Focusgirl
DrstiguruLord of sight; A person who is responsible.Boy
HarinetraThe Eyes of Lord Vishnu; Sight of Lord VishnuBoy
JalwaA sight or a showGirl
KoreshKoresh means Far SightedBoy
KyrahThe name means Far Sighted, LightGirl
LamiHidden, Out of SightGirl
LovikaLove at First SightBoy
MadhumathiA delightful sight of the moonGirl
MaithoThe eyes that give you sightBoy
ManzarA sight or a viewBoy
NayanathulaA woman with a good sightGirl
NazarhaA sight or a vision of a personBoy
NoorulaynThe brightness of the eye sight.Boy
OhanzeeMeans, the organ of sight, eye, good discernment.Boy
OjalVision; Sight; See; Picturised; ImaginedBoy
OkyaBrave; Vision; Air; Sight; Power; MightBoy
OmahaA Person in Great Joy; Rapture; Sight of the SunBoy
OnainVision; Sight; See; Picturised; ImaginedBoy
PaawanOne who is clever and clean sighted; windBoy
PanickOne with the true and clear sighted natureBoy
ParellaA clever and clear sighted personBoy
ParrisA clear sighted and clever individualGirl
ParzivalA clear sighted, individual and creative beingGirl
PatriceA noble patrician being; clear sightedUnisex
PernellA clear sighted and is like a little rockBoy
PetroThey are impressive and clear sighted individualBoy
PetroniaA clear sighted individual; a rockGirl
RubinAn ability of sight, a sonGirl
RuyaA woman who is a vision, a sightGirl
SarakshiGood sightGirl
SidselA woman with dim sightGirl
SisillaA woman without a sightGirl
SisseShe who has no sight, a blind womanGirl
SisselaTo be without a sight, to be blindGirl
SysleyA woman who has no sightGirl
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