351 Baby Names That Mean Small

It’s never easy to decide on a name for your bundle of joy. With so many names out there, how can you zero in one? Also, several things go in mind while choosing the special name. If the name has a bad rhyme, kids in your child’s school can use it against your little one. And if the name is too easy to shorten into a nickname, then the name wouldn't get much love. And if the name isn’t easy to spell or pronounce, then your kiddo will spend most of his life correcting everyone. So your best bet will be going for a name, which has a decent meaning. And if you go by MomJunction's suggestion, baby name, meaning small would be ideal.

Now you must be wondering how can small be a good meaning? We’ll tell you. It’s only after focusing on small things you can gain success in whatever you’re trying to achieve. As Lao Tzu had said, “Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”.

Our data is full of baby names meaning to small, which you can refer. Shortlist the ones which you like the most, match it with your last name, and bestow the most suitable one for the child.

AanickAtom; smallest source of existenceBoy
AbhiratraSmall; Humble; SoftnessBoy
AcalanA small narrow and long rowing boatBoy
AdnahA small or delightful or pleasurableBoy
AdvaA small or tiny wave or a rippleGirl
AftonA name of a small Scottish riverUnisex
AggaA smaller shorter version of the name Agatha which means good, kind and honourable.Girl
AhuatziSmall oakBoy
AjwanA small gulfGirl
AksudraNot small or lowBoy
AledaSmall And WingedGirl
AleidaSmall winged oneGirl
AllfreddaA small, often mischievous creature considered to have magical powersGirl
AlpeshTiny; small; little;Boy
AlydaOld fashioned one; a small winged creature who is honourableGirl
AnnuAtom; Smallest source for existence;Boy
AnshitaA small part ofGirl
AnuAn Atom; Smallest particle which is origin of everythingGirl
AnukritiA small creation like that of a photographGirl
AnumanSmall patienceBoy
AriettaSmall aria ; one with exceptional skillsGirl
AsgharSmaller, youngerBoy
AtheronSpring Season; one who is fromm a small town near riverBoy
AtomThe smallest part of somethingBoy
AvariellaEnglish - Woman of great strength; Powerful; Small and Strong Woman; A variant of name AvarielleGirl
AvarielleEnglish - Woman of great strength; Powerful; Small and Strong Woman; A variant of name AvariellaGirl
AyyannanOne who finds happiness in smaller things in lifeBoy
BaghishLight rain that affects just a small area.Boy
BaghishaLight rain affecting a small area.Girl
BahiranName of a small island near the seaBoy
BalaA Young Female; Little Girl; Infant; Small ChildUnisex
BalakkSmall Baby; Infant; Child; Young Little oneBoy
BalaknathChild Master; Small Baby; Infant; Child; Young Little oneBoy
BalanSmall Child; Little One; Young oneGirl
BanningSmall and Fair; One who Reads the Banns; Blond Child; Small Fair One or Son of the Fair OneBoy
BassShort, small, petitBoy
BayaBerry,a small roundish juicy fruit without a stoneGirl
BeaggaHe who is smallBoy
BindiSmall Round to Wear on ForeheadGirl
BindiyaDrop, Point; A forehead decoration - often a red dot; Small dotGirl
BirnySmall River; Stream with an Island; Island with a BrookBoy
BjarkiA small bearBoy
BoghosA small and humble personBoy
Bourna small river.Boy
Bournea small seasonal riverBoy
Bowit means a small son. it is a diminutive of the name "Bowden"Boy
BriarOne who is like a shrub or a small treeUnisex
BrierA woman like small rose with prickly thornsGirl
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