154 Baby Girl Names That Mean Small

AdvaA small or tiny wave or a rippleGirl
AftonA name of a small Scottish riverUnisex
AggaA smaller shorter version of the name Agatha which means good, kind and honourable.Girl
AjwanA small gulfGirl
AledaSmall And WingedGirl
AleidaSmall winged oneGirl
AllfreddaA small, often mischievous creature considered to have magical powersGirl
AlydaOld fashioned one; a small winged creature who is honourableGirl
AnshitaA small part ofGirl
AnuAn Atom; Smallest particle which is origin of everythingGirl
AnukritiA small creation like that of a photographGirl
AriettaSmall aria ; one with exceptional skillsGirl
AvariellaEnglish - Woman of great strength; Powerful; Small and Strong Woman; A variant of name AvarielleGirl
AvarielleEnglish - Woman of great strength; Powerful; Small and Strong Woman; A variant of name AvariellaGirl
BaghishaLight rain affecting a small area.Girl
BalaA Young Female; Little Girl; Infant; Small ChildUnisex
BalanSmall Child; Little One; Young oneGirl
BayaBerry,a small roundish juicy fruit without a stoneGirl
BindiSmall Round to Wear on ForeheadGirl
BindiyaDrop, Point; A forehead decoration - often a red dot; Small dotGirl
BriarOne who is like a shrub or a small treeUnisex
BrierA woman like small rose with prickly thornsGirl
ByueA man who is like a slow, small stream of waterUnisex
CantaraOne who comes from the small bridgeGirl
CassiniA small dwelling placeGirl
ChandanikaUnusually smallGirl
ChantalleDerived from Cantal; a small stoneGirl
ChecheA small thingUnisex
ChevelleA small birdGirl
ChitranshiA small part of a story or essayGirl
ChutkiSmall, tiny little girlGirl
ColombeDove, a small stout bird that resembles pigeonGirl
ColumbineDove; the bird used as a symbol for peace; a small white bird resembling a pigeonGirl
CordetteA small, little, tiny heartGirl
CosetteSomething that is small, tiny and littleGirl
DaelynA very small valleyGirl
DalenaSmall valleyGirl
DarpanikaSmall mirrorGirl
DayanA judge and a peacemaker; who finds joy in small thingsUnisex
DiekololaoluwaGod's blessing isn't small.Girl
DinDimple; small indication that forms in the cheekGirl
DinpalA small indication made when one smilesGirl
DondaPinkish and small stonesGirl
DuchaSmall or humble.Girl
DzseniferA small sea; they are wide spreadGirl
FananA twig or a small tree branchGirl
FeenaA small and little fawnGirl
GakeriA small muscle. A variant of Gakere.Girl
GaleniaSmall, but intelligent one.Girl
GarcelleResembles a small spear or tiny spear.Girl
GenevaJuniper shrub, small tree with berry cones.Girl
GidgetGidget is an American female name that means small Girl. It is a name the name created specially the character for F.Kohner's novel, by combining words Girl and Midget.Girl
GitikaGitika is an Indian name and means Small Song.Girl
HaddyrTaken from the name of the plant having very small leavesGirl
Hunaidahsmall of hindgirl
HusayDeer or gazelle, a small and slender antelope with curved hornsGirl
InikaLittle earth, small earthGirl
JalahA small leafed wild indigoGirl
JumainaThe meaning of the name is SmallGirl
JuniperJuniper is an English name and represents a small, evergreen shrub bearing berriesGirl
KalereKalere means Small WomanGirl
KalimbaA little or gentle music, a music from a small musical organGirl
KanizahYoung Girl; Small little GirlGirl
KavishaLord of poets, a small poemGirl
KavniKavni means a short, small poemGirl
KeyaraKeyara means The Small One with Dark HairGirl
KitaniaKitania means Little, SmallGirl
KunjuKunju means She lookls like a small BirdGirl
LaiklynThe name means Coming from a Small Body of WaterGirl
LassieA Girl who is small, slender and pettiteGirl
LatikaThe small creeperGirl
LavaughanThe small or the little of somethingUnisex
LinnaA name of the small blue flowerGirl
LinnaeaA small bluish flower type, known as a twinflowerGirl
LinnetA finch type of a small bird known for its songGirl
LinnieA small, sweet and caring individual; SerpentGirl
LomaA small hillGirl
LuletteA small Girl that was born at a daybreakGirl
LunetA little, small MoonGirl
LydaA small winged oneGirl
LynaeA small blue flowerGirl
MadayaA small mountin town in SyriaGirl
MaddenPuppies, small dogsUnisex
ManuminaA small piece of fur under the chinGirl
MarjaanA small and delicate pearlGirl
MehuliMehuli derived from a sanskrit word that means a very small rainy cloud.Girl
MietteFrench - Small and SweetGirl
MiezeHebrew - Small; BitterGirl
MilbureghA small fort or fortressUnisex
MildgythA tender gift, a small oneGirl
MiniA tiny or a small version of anything, mostly a pet nameGirl
MinimolSmall Daughter; Little one; Small childGirl
MinjonetFrench - Resembling the small blue flower; Petite Blue FlowerGirl
MinuetteA pretty small one, a delicate personGirl
MiosotiA small flower or a tiny shrubGirl
MirtaAn evergreen shrub or a small treeGirl
ModestoMehuli derived from a sanskrit word that means a very small rainy cloud.Girl
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