211  Baby Names That Mean Soft

There’s no shortage of beautiful names for your baby boy or girl. Some amazing names have been around for years, while some are on the verge of becoming famous. But there’s a lot more to naming a baby than just going for something that’s popular and sounds nice and chic. The meaning of a name is also an asset. So if you and your husband are about to welcome a little member in your family, we’d suggest you pick a name meaning soft.

Softhearted people are the ones who illuminate the dark and murky world. These selfless beings do good for others, not for any appreciation or recognition, but out of empathy. Don’t ever assume that soft-hearted people are fools. They very well remember what people have done with them, yet they forgive them over and over again because they have beautiful hearts.

So show your child the importance of humility and sincerity by giving him or her a name meaning soft. Below MomJunction has featured some names meaning soft, which you consider.

AalyaThe one who is very smooth soft and sereneGirl
Ababthe Softness and Gracefulness of YouthBoy
AbhiratraSmall; Humble; SoftnessBoy
AderynA gentle and soft birdGirl
AdharaLips; signifies softnessBoy
Ahesoftly blowing breezeUnisex
AlhanPale, light, pastel, softBoy
AmabilAttractive yet impulsive by nature, they are soft hearted often turning dreams to realityGirl
AmaltheaA soothing and soft natured person also symbolises the woman who nursed ZeusGirl
AmasThe hard working who is raw as well as softUnisex
AmauricusThe one who is moderate, analytical, unselfish and soft spokenBoy
AmiableA friendly and agreeable personality who is soft hearted and good naturedBoy
AmicabilisBright and beautiful creatures who have very soft heart filled with love and insightfulnessGirl
AmitaThe truthful one who is moderate, analytical, unselfish and soft spokenGirl
AmorBright and beautiful creatures who have very soft heartGirl
AnanaThe fourth child who is blessed with soft and gentle personalityGirl
ArudraNot Cruel; Soft; Gentle; Name of a Star; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
ArwaSoftness; Lightness; Agility; Liveliness; BeautyBoy
ArwaaSoftness, lightnessGirl
AshariA voracious and soft spoken personGirl
AteebahSomething that is soft, gentle and delicate.Girl
AtubahOne who is soft, gentle and delicate.Girl
AuraThey are soft and gentle breeze; energetic and optimisticGirl
AureOne who has deep inner sense; soft breezeGirl
AurearGoddess of soft and gentle breze; goldGirl
AurelieLatin - Golden Haired; Soft Breeze; Golden; A variant of AureliaGirl
AuriaSoft wind; aura of positivityGirl
AyiqueoOne who is soft spoken and has a pleasant personality.Girl
BallariWalking Quietly; One who wilks softlyGirl
BayneSoft BridgeBoy
ChenilleSoft skinned womanGirl
ChisholmSoft like CheeseBoy
Chul (쿨)Firm; something that is neither soft nor very hardBoy
CimesetliA soft hearted, considerate and lonely personBoy
ClemOne who is gentle, soft and mercifulBoy
ClemenceMerciful; lenient; gentle; soft-heartedGirl
ClemenciaMild and gentle; merciful; good natured and soft heartedGirl
ClemencyGentle; mild; soft; warm and heartyGirl
ClementeMerciful; lenient; soft hearted; loving; sweet temperedBoy
ClementeenOne who is very gentle, kind and soft heartedGirl
ClementiaOne who is soft, gentle, good natured and lenientGirl
ClementinaFeminine derivative of 'Clement', meaning gentle, soft and pleasantGirl
ClementoMerciful; tender; forgiving; soft heartedGirl
ClemmyGentle; mild; soft; tender; merciful; pleasantUnisex
DamianThe soft oneGirl
DeebaSilk; a soft hearted individualGirl
DeebasriOne who is as soft as a silkGirl
DelindaA soft-spoken person; flowerGirl
DemarcusA soft and tender personBoy
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