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Depressed, moody, melancholic, or happy, joyous, ecstatic? You have songs for every mood. Just play a song and hum it along, and your mood is uplifted! Songs touch our hearts and evoke memories. They help us express ourselves when we cannot word our feelings.

Even the most cynical human being enjoys songs, be it rap, hip-hop, or classical renditions. It changes the mood from depressed and dark to delirious and happy by just selecting the right track and hitting the play button.

If you’re a lover of songs, then there are several creative ways to impart that interest in your child. One of the easiest ways is to give your child a name meaning ‘song’. Baby names meaning songs are as soothing, rhythmic, lyrical, and melodious as a song itself.

MomJunction has put together a list of baby names meaning song. Take a look at our options below.

AaralynAn American name meaning with song; A woman with songGirl
AbhigeetPraised in SongBoy
AgharidA decent name for a baby Boy or girl which means the melodious musical songs of the birds.Unisex
Aika (あいか)love songGirl
AkalkeeratOne who praises the timeless and omnipotent powers of God through his songs; Eternal praises of GodBoy
AlamgeetSong of the universeBoy
AlapDevelopment of the Tune Before the Song is SungBoy
AlouetteDerived from a Songbird called lark are visionary, dignified optimistic individualsGirl
AmalgeetA melodious pure song soothing everyone aroundBoy
AmangreetThe song of peaceBoy
AmargeetEternal songUnisex
AmbaadaasThey are the song of life,admirale and melodiousBoy
AnandgeetA blissful song filled with happiness and peaceBoy
AndalahNightingale's songGirl
AndhakariA song of merriment; the one who is enemy of AndhakaBoy
AnirvanaThe one who shines like a diamond and is song of the soulBoy
AnirvinaThe one who shines like a diamond, not weary and is song of the soulBoy
AntraParagraph of a song; very beautifulUnisex
AriaThe one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or MelodyGirl
ArieaA sweet and melodious song; came from airUnisex
AtamgeetA song which is blissful to the soulBoy
AvahGermanic - Strength; Desired; Latin - Bird; Persian - Voice; Song; Sound; A variant of name AvaGirl
AvaleeGermanic - Strength; Desired; Latin - Bird; Persian - Voice; Song; Sound; A variant of name AvaGirl
AvaleighA beautiful individual; desired songGirl
AvlynnGermanic - Strength; Desired; Latin - Bird; Persian - Voice; Song; Sound; A variant of name AvaGirl
BallardThe name means brave and strong. It is also a dancing song.Boy
BanjoAndrew Barton "Banjo" Paterson was a poet who wrote the lyrics to the song "Walzing Matilda" which is the unofficial national song of Australia .Boy
BluesetteA name of the instrumental jazz,blues songGirl
CantaA beautiful songGirl
CarmiaShe who is like a songGirl
CarminShe is like a beautiful songGirl
CarminaOne who is like a songGirl
CarmindaTo be like a beautiful songGirl
CarmineA man who is like a songBoy
CarmyaA tender songGirl
CarolA hymn or a songUnisex
CarolienOne who is like a song of happinessGirl
CarolinA happiness that the song bringsGirl
CarolinaA song of joy and happinessGirl
CarolineA blissful, happy songGirl
CarolinneA woman who is like a happy songGirl
CarolynA joyful song of happinessGirl
CarolyneA joyous songGirl
CarolynnA joy that the song bringsGirl
CarolynneShe is like a happy songGirl
CarryA song, a carolGirl
CelisaThe song of joyGirl
ChanntelleMelody; a songGirl
ChantaeA sweet amd memorable songGirl
ChantayA melodious songGirl
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