119 Baby Girl Names That Mean Song

AaralynAn American name meaning with song; A woman with songGirl
AgharidA decent name for a baby Boy or girl which means the melodious musical songs of the birds.Unisex
Aika (あいか)love songGirl
AlouetteDerived from a Songbird called lark are visionary, dignified optimistic individualsGirl
AmargeetEternal songUnisex
AndalahNightingale's songGirl
AntraParagraph of a song; very beautifulUnisex
AriaThe one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or MelodyGirl
ArieaA sweet and melodious song; came from airUnisex
AvahGermanic - Strength; Desired; Latin - Bird; Persian - Voice; Song; Sound; A variant of name AvaGirl
AvaleeGermanic - Strength; Desired; Latin - Bird; Persian - Voice; Song; Sound; A variant of name AvaGirl
AvaleighA beautiful individual; desired songGirl
AvlynnGermanic - Strength; Desired; Latin - Bird; Persian - Voice; Song; Sound; A variant of name AvaGirl
BluesetteA name of the instrumental jazz,blues songGirl
CantaA beautiful songGirl
CarmiaShe who is like a songGirl
CarminShe is like a beautiful songGirl
CarminaOne who is like a songGirl
CarmindaTo be like a beautiful songGirl
CarmyaA tender songGirl
CarolA hymn or a songUnisex
CarolienOne who is like a song of happinessGirl
CarolinA happiness that the song bringsGirl
CarolinaA song of joy and happinessGirl
CarolineA blissful, happy songGirl
CarolinneA woman who is like a happy songGirl
CarolynA joyful song of happinessGirl
CarolyneA joyous songGirl
CarolynnA joy that the song bringsGirl
CarolynneShe is like a happy songGirl
CarryA song, a carolGirl
CelisaThe song of joyGirl
ChanntelleMelody; a songGirl
ChantaeA sweet amd memorable songGirl
ChantayA melodious songGirl
CharmaineA beautiful songGirl
ChartriceSong of happinessGirl
DebbraOne whose song is a part of Book of JudgesGirl
DebiOne who writes victory songsGirl
DeborrahSong written in the book of judgesGirl
DebraBee; a song writerGirl
DebroahBee; a victory songGirl
DinazA religious song or music.Girl
DoyelA songbird who fills the atmosphere with beautiful songsGirl
EdhivaA happy song which is very sweetGirl
GeetSong; Melody; Divine Song; A Variant of name GitaUnisex
GeetaSong, bhagwad gitaGirl
GeetanjaliOne who sings spiritual songs as submission to the God.Girl
GeetiA songGirl
GeetikaVery tiny melodious song.Girl
GeetleenOne who is fascinated by the blissful songs.Girl
GhinaArabic name meaning melody or a songGirl
GitThe meaning of the name Git is SongGirl
GitaSong; Divine Melody; A variant spelling is GeetaGirl
GitanjaliThe meaning of Gitanjali is Presenting Songs in Devoted MannerGirl
GitashriA name used to refer to the Hindu spiritual book The Bhagavat Gita; Divine SongGirl
GitikaGitika is an Indian name and means Small Song.Girl
GitishaGitisha means Seven Sounds of a SongGirl
GuitaWorld or universe. It's also a kind of song.Girl
GutalaGutala is an Indian female name and means Lover of the Song or Melodious. Most commonly used in Hindu religion. The name is a variation of the name Gitali.Girl
ImbianaTitle of a unity song in Nigeria.Girl
KeerathThe name means Praises God through SongGirl
KeertanaKeertana means a Hymn, Song praising the LordGirl
KekavalaKekavala means The Song of DevotionGirl
KerinThe name means White SongGirl
KirtanaKirtana means Hymn, A Song in Praise of GodGirl
KuhuMeans Cuckoo Bird SongGirl
KutakaKutaka means The Flower's SongGirl
LeeloFolk songGirl
LerinaA song that I love, that is close to my heart, my songGirl
LeroneMy Song in HebrewUnisex
LinaeveSinging tree; Tree of songGirl
LinnetA finch type of a small bird known for its songGirl
LiranMy joy, my songGirl
LoralynA woman whose beautiful song leads man to destrucionGirl
LoreleiA woman whose songs makes man drown, a sirenGirl
LoreleyA song of the beautiful woman that leads man to deathGirl
LyricA beautiful songGirl
MadrigalA song for unaccompanied voicesGirl
MandiraMelody; Like a melodius songGirl
ManzumaA woman who is like a poem or a songGirl
MelodiaEnglish - Melody; SongGirl
MelodieEnglish - Melody; SongGirl
MelodyEnglish - Melody; SongGirl
NaghmahA melody or a songGirl
OwaissaA Bluebird; a beautiful song of HiawathaGirl
PallavitOne who is the song of lifeGirl
ParamgeetThe Highest Song Of Bliss; Most divine song; Spiritualy superior songGirl
ParnaviA sweet song singing birdGirl
PsalmA song. A song-like personUnisex
RanimTo recite a songGirl
RatangeetSong Of Diamond (Soul); A precious songGirl
RemanOne calming and beautiful as a SongGirl
RenanaA joyful songGirl
ReneekaA woman who is like a songGirl
RinaGreens from the Village; Song; Joy; It has a Sanskrit meaning as melted or dissolvedGirl
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