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Depressed, moody, melancholic, or happy, joyous, ecstatic? You have songs for every mood. Just play a song and hum it along, and your mood is uplifted! Songs touch our hearts and evoke memories. They help us express ourselves when we cannot word our feelings.

Even the most cynical human being enjoys songs, be it rap, hip-hop, or classical renditions. It changes the mood from depressed and dark to delirious and happy by just selecting the right track and hitting the play button.

If you’re a lover of songs, then there are several creative ways to impart that interest in your child. One of the easiest ways is to give your child a name meaning ‘song’. Baby names meaning songs are as soothing, rhythmic, lyrical, and melodious as a song itself.

MomJunction has put together a list of baby names meaning song. Take a look at our options below.

GutalaGutala is an Indian female name and means Lover of the Song or Melodious. Most commonly used in Hindu religion. The name is a variation of the name Gitali.Girl
HargeetLord's Blissful Songs; Praises of the Divine God through songs; A Divine SongBoy
HarkeeratOne who sings God's Praises; One who adores God through his songsBoy
HarmangalSongs Praising God; Bhajans adoring GodBoy
HesiodTo throw songBoy
ImbianaTitle of a unity song in Nigeria.Girl
JaritriA Singer of Hymns; A Worshipper; One who praises god through his songsBoy
JasbhagatDevotee who Sings God's Praises; A Worshipper who adores God with his songsBoy
JaskeeratSing God's Praises or Glory; One who worships God and adores him with his songsBoy
KalakantA Song Bird; Nightingale; Name of CuckooBoy
KeerathThe name means Praises God through SongGirl
KeertanKeertan means Worshiping through a SongBoy
KeertanaKeertana means a Hymn, Song praising the LordGirl
KeerthanFamous; Holy Song; Divine hymns praising the GodBoy
KeethanFamous; Holy Song; Divine hymns praising the GodBoy
KekavalaKekavala means The Song of DevotionGirl
KerinThe name means White SongGirl
KirithanThe name Kirithan means Songs of WorshipBoy
KirtanMeans Songs of WorshipBoy
KirtanaKirtana means Hymn, A Song in Praise of GodGirl
KirthanPrayer; Famous; Holy Song; Divine hymns praising the GodBoy
KiyashThe name means the Song of the Birds, The Cooing of the birdBoy
KuhuMeans Cuckoo Bird SongGirl
KutakaKutaka means The Flower's SongGirl
LarkA bird Lark, a bird spicies with extravagant songsBoy
LeavoldSongs of the Vire ValleyBoy
LeeloFolk songGirl
LerinA song that belongs to me, a song that is mineBoy
LerinaA song that I love, that is close to my heart, my songGirl
LeroneMy Song in HebrewUnisex
LerynAn ownership of the song, my songBoy
LinaeveSinging tree; Tree of songGirl
LinnetA finch type of a small bird known for its songGirl
LiranMy joy, my songGirl
LironSong of mine, song that brings me joyBoy
LoralynA woman whose beautiful song leads man to destrucionGirl
LoreleiA woman whose songs makes man drown, a sirenGirl
LoreleyA song of the beautiful woman that leads man to deathGirl
LyricA beautiful songGirl
LyronSong of mine, song that brings me joy.Boy
MadrigalA song for unaccompanied voicesGirl
MahalahOne whose songing is like a harpBoy
MahangeetTo sing the great songsBoy
MandiraMelody; Like a melodius songGirl
ManzumaA woman who is like a poem or a songGirl
MelodiaEnglish - Melody; SongGirl
MelodieEnglish - Melody; SongGirl
MelodyEnglish - Melody; SongGirl
NaamdhunThe tune or song of the name.Boy
NaghmahA melody or a songGirl
NamgeetA song of names of his lifeBoy
OwaissaA Bluebird; a beautiful song of HiawathaGirl
PallavitOne who is the song of lifeGirl
ParamgeetThe Highest Song Of Bliss; Most divine song; Spiritualy superior songGirl
ParaniA wonderful and perfect songBoy
ParnaviA sweet song singing birdGirl
PattarasanKing of music; Lord of song;Boy
PrabhgeetSongs of God; Hymns of Lord; One who praises God through his songsBoy
PrageetSong; Lyric; Brilliant Song;Boy
PsalmA song. A song-like personUnisex
RaaniHebrew name meaning a songBoy
RahnA song of joyBoy
RamgeetSong of the GodBoy
RanimTo recite a songGirl
RanitJoyful Song; Ringing SoundBoy
RatangeetSong Of Diamond (Soul); A precious songGirl
RemanOne calming and beautiful as a SongGirl
RenanaA joyful songGirl
ReneekaA woman who is like a songGirl
RinaGreens from the Village; Song; Joy; It has a Sanskrit meaning as melted or dissolvedGirl
RinahA song that is full of joy. A happy songGirl
RinnahA joyful, happy songBoy
RisaOne whose laughter is like the songGirl
RodionA song of the hero warriorBoy
RohnA sweet song of joyBoy
RonenA song that brings joyBoy
RonetteShe who brings joy with songsGirl
RoneyHebrew - My joy; Song of Joy; Germanic - Well advised Ruler; A variant of RonBoy
RonneyA glorious songs of joyBoy
RonyHebrew name meaning "My song is my joy"Boy
RooseA character from Game of Thrones, the Song of Ice and Fire. A variation of the name roos, meaning a roseBoy
RushangThe saint's songBoy
SanugA songBoy
SaronOne who has a songBoy
SerenadeOne who sings songs of loveBoy
SharlenaA song, a carolGirl
ShiriSong of my soulGirl
ShirileeMy songGirl
ShiromIn Hebrew means "my song"Girl
ShirraThe song that belongs to herGirl
ShirrinaThis is my little songGirl
SonnetShe who is like a little songGirl
TaranahA harmonic songGirl
TaranehPersian name meaning a songGirl
TehilaSong of praiseGirl
TehillaSongs of God's gloryGirl
TehillahA praise songGirl
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