243 Baby Names That Mean Soul

What does a name really mean? Almost all trendy names have meanings that have little to no relevance in life. And people are happily going for it. But there are some monikers, with meanings so uplifting that they gain popularity and favor with the parents on this basis alone. Along with that, there’s also a hope that names with positive meanings can inspire the child to embrace those qualities. One of the most beautiful meanings for a name, in our opinion, is the soul.

A body without the soul is just like a computer without software or a house without people. But if you’re under the impression that only human beings have a soul, then you’re wrong. Every creature in this world possesses a soul. And not just life, even the existence requires a soul for sustenance. Therefore, a baby name meaning soul will fill your child’s life with positivity and optimism.

Go through MomJunction's list of baby names meaning soul below to pick the best one for your child. You can even search the meaning via religion, gender, and origin in our tool. So go ahead!

AatamgoshThe inner light or soulBoy
AathmikRelated to soul or aatmaBoy
AathmikaSomeone who is related to aathma or soul; One who is very soulful and close to inner heartGirl
AatmaSoul, Light Of The Lord; A deeply felt EmotionBoy
AatmadevaGod of the Soul; A variant name from AatmaBoy
AatmajSon, Beloved to soul; A variant name of AatmaBoy
Aatmajaa Daughter of the soul, daughterGirl
AatmanA happy soul or essenceBoy
AatmanandThe blissful SoulBoy
AatmikSpirit; Soul; A variant name of AatmaBoy
AdharshInspiration; Influencer; Divinity personified to inspire Soul; SunBoy
AdilzhanA just, fair soulBoy
AdmaaThe earth or the soulBoy
AdoreTo love or respect with whole heart and soulGirl
AdvaiyaA unique person or soulBoy
AgnihamsaThe Soul; A derivative name from AgniBoy
AivatSoul, A variant of name Aiva which means Desire birdBoy
AjitatmanOne whose Soul Never be Conquered; Pious; PureBoy
AkhilatmanUniversal Soul of BrahmanBoy
AksaSoul; SpiritBoy
AlbadawiExpression, Soul urge, Inner DreamBoy
AmaleshThe Pure One; Unblemished soul; One who is guilt free and pureBoy
AmbansaThe one with the soul of a SwanBoy
AnandatamThe one with a happy, peaceful and content soulBoy
AngusaA melodious and beautiful hymn and soulBoy
AnimaThe one who has a soul and spiritGirl
AnirvanaThe one who shines like a diamond and is song of the soulBoy
AnirvinaThe one who shines like a diamond, not weary and is song of the soulBoy
AnoshiruvanOne having an immortal soul.Boy
AnshilA blessed and happy soul.Boy
AntaraWithin; Soul; Heart; RelatedGirl
AntarangIntimate; Close to Heart; Related; Soulmate; Within; Inner HeartBoy
AntarpreetOne who Loves the Light Within; Deep; Inner Love; One who loves the soul withinGirl
ArimaOne who has Kingly Features; Soul; Name of a TownGirl
AsaoEssence; Spirit; Soul; Heart; Core of lifeBoy
AsavEssence; Spirit; Soul; Heart; Core of lifeBoy
AtamaSoul of a person; expressive and versatileBoy
AtamdhianCompletely absorbed in the soulBoy
AtamendraBliss of Soul; Happy Soul; Peaceful SoulBoy
AtamgatA soul which has been liberatedBoy
AtamgeetA song which is blissful to the soulBoy
AtamjitVictory of Spirituality Knowledge ; Victory of Soul or SelfBoy
AtamjyotLight of the Soul; Flame of SpiritBoy
AtamlokOne who is dwelling completely in the soulBoy
AtamnivasA person who involves himself in the soul or dwells into itBoy
AtamramanA person who cherishes the soulBoy
AtamshaantPeace for the soul or the peaceful selfBoy
AtamsukhA person who enjoys the bliss of one's own soulBoy
AtamteerathA person who regards soul as the holy placeBoy
AtamveerBrave, Courageous, Strong from SoulBoy
AtasaThe divine soul of a personBoy
AthanasiosThe immortal divine soulBoy
AthmaramA person who is searching soulBoy
AtmaSoul; SpiritBoy
AtmajyotiLight of the Soul; Flame of SpiritBoy
AtmanThe Self; Oneself; Soul; SpiritBoy
AtmanandaBliss of Soul; Happy Soul; Peaceful SoulBoy
AtmaramSoul; Spirit; Self; Inner HeartBoy
AtmaviraA person with a strong soulBoy
AtmikRelating to the Soul; one who can relate with his inner heartBoy
AtmojaSanskrit name meaning son of the soulBoy
AttamjitVictory of Spirituality Knowledge ; Victory of Soul or SelfBoy
BaizhanA rich soulBoy
BakytzhanA happy soulBoy
BauyrzhanBrother soulBoy
BenesjBlessed soul, one who is blessed by the almighty.Boy
BesimA happy soul.Boy
BirzhanOne soulBoy
BrhadatmaOne with a great and wise soulBoy
CatvrvgiA godly, understanding, tender and soulful personBoy
CetasThe one who has a soul, heart and mindBoy
ChagganThe one who is a master of body and the soul; zodiac of AriesBoy
ChaitnyaConsciousness; Wisdom; Soul; Mind; Spirit; CognizanceBoy
ChaityaPerceivable; Pertaining to the Mind; Individual Soul; A Buddhist or Jain shrine including a stupa;Boy
ChetasWisdom; Grandeur; Soul; Heart; MindBoy
CheveyoA warrior; soul warriorBoy
ChidaatmaThe one with a big soulBoy
ChidanandaThe one with biggest soulBoy
ChintakMeditation; a relaxing state of mind, body and soulBoy
ChithayuLord of Soul; intelligentBoy
ChitteshOne who rules the Mind or SoulBoy
CiddhatuSoul in it's pure and original formBoy
DaishinTruthful; one who has a pure soulBoy
DavianOne with a lovely heart and soulBoy
DeheshwarLord of the Body; The Soul; Inner HeartBoy
DehesvaraGod of beauty and soulBoy
DevahridhayDivine Heart; Pious and Sacred soul;Boy
DharmvardhanPure Souled; Bold Man; Righteous and Prinicipled PersonBoy
DiblinThe fragrance of soul.Girl
DikhlatThe one who has a heart and soul made of goldBoy
DishOne who has a pure heart and soulBoy
DusanA content soul; satisfiedBoy
DusanekSoul, spiritBoy
DusankaSoul or spiritGirl
DuschaA virgin woman; they exist in the soulBoy
DusekSpirit or soul.Boy
DuskaA variant of Dusanka, meaning soul or sprit.Girl
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