147 Baby Boy And Girl Names That Mean Stream

When it comes to inspiration for baby names, there’s no dearth of it. From books, movies, to television shows, there is a plethora of sources to refer to while looking for your child’s name, which includes nature as well. Contrary to what most people think, nature names aren’t limited to Reed and River. You will find some wild and unique names if you look up for names meaning stream.

Streams are basically waterbodies confined within banks and beds. Covering a diverse and enormous landscape, streams play a significant role in providing food, shelter, and habitat to aquatic species. Moreover, the calming sound of the stream is simply perfect for working, meditating, and even writing. So help your child feel a more connected to nature by giving him or her a name meaning stream.

Given below is MomJunction’s list of baby names meaning stream for baby boys and girls. Most of the names directly translate to stream while some suggest this beautiful water body. So without wasting any more time, shortlist your favorites right away.

AbujafarFather of a stream or a rivuletBoy
AescfordA water stream by the ash treeBoy
AfonA river, or a stream or waterUnisex
AhuicName of the Aztec goddess of the running water in rivers, streams, and wavesGirl
AlakanandRiver; Outpouring StreamBoy
AnnanisaThey are filled with grace and originate from streamBoy
ArnanHebrew - Rushing Stream; Derivative of name ArnonBoy
ArnonRushing stream or a rushing brook; roaring oneBoy
AttwellLives by the Spring; Someone who lived by the streamBoy
AtwellLives by the Spring; Someone who lived by the streamBoy
AyseA Stream of moonGirl
AyselA Stream of moon ; FortunateGirl
BachOne who lives by the streamBoy
BainbridgeOne who lives by the bridge near streamBoy
BeckerLiving near a streamBoy
BeverleeFrom the Beaver Meadow; Beaver StreamGirl
BeverleyFrom the Beaver Meadow; Beaver StreamGirl
Beverliederived from a place name meaning "beaver stream"Girl
BeverlynShe who dwells near the beaver streamGirl
Bevverliebeaver stream or meadowGirl
BevverlyVariation ofbeaver stream or meadowGirl
BevvyVariant of Beaver-streamGirl
BhaginiShe who is fast like a mountain streamGirl
BirnySmall River; Stream with an Island; Island with a BrookBoy
BradburnA broad stream; flowing with energyBoy
BrookOne who lives near a brook or a streamUnisex
BrookelleA woman from the streamGirl
BrookieA person who is from the small brook, a small streamBoy
BrooklynA stream of water, a brookGirl
BrooklynnA woman from the water streamGirl
BrooklynneA girl from the streamGirl
BrooksieA little one from the water streamGirl
BrooksleyA little one who comes from the lands of water streamsBoy
BuhamOne from the homestead near a streamBoy
BurnOne whose home is near the streamBoy
BursoneSon of the one who lives near a streamBoy
ByueA man who is like a slow, small stream of waterUnisex
CardwellOne who comes from the cold streamBoy
CartlandHe comes from the land that is between the streamsBoy
CaswellOne who is from watercress streamBoy
ChadburnThe one who is from wildcat streamBoy
ChurniA river; a stream of waterGirl
ClaibornA stream flowing by a claybed; one who hails from the claybrookBoy
CliffordA stream found near a slope; A river adjacent to a slopeBoy
ColbornA stream or river that is at a very low temperature; a cold river or streamBoy
CressonA topographic name for someone residing near a stream, hill, lake or a treeBoy
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