371 Baby Names That Mean Supreme

Searching for a name for your to-be-born baby isn’t a cake walk. There are several options in every direction, but picking a name with a lovely meaning can be the best route. Trendy, cutting edge, and modern names may come and go, but a sturdy name with a beautiful meaning will stay around forever. One of best meanings you can consider for your baby’s name is supreme.

When we’re talking about supreme, the supreme being, the Almighty, or the divine figures come into our mind. Supreme beings are the omnipotent, omniscient, and perfect originators of the universe. They feature in different religious systems, but the values they manifest have remarkable similarities. Their power is applied to every sphere of life, not just one.

So if you want a name that honors the almighty without going over the top, a baby name meaning supreme would be apt. MomJunction has compiled a list of baby names that are trendy, traditional, and unique with the commonality of being supreme in their meaning.

Aadhish (आधीश)King, Emperor, Ruler, Person with supreme powerBoy
AadimoolaSupreme Being ; A variant of name AadimoolanBoy
AadimoolanThe name aadimoolan means Dominant, supremeBoy
AadinathGod; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; The First GodBoy
AadishwarAadishwar; Bhagvan; Supreme God; First Jain TirthankaraBoy
Aaimaaaima means the one who is supreme leader or the one who leads or conductsGirl
Aalamgeerthis means the supreme conqueror of the world, DefeatlessBoy
Aaliyathe one who is excellent, and of high position who is supremeGirl
Aaqaathe supreme owner or father, having full authorityBoy
AarthThe meaning; Red Glimpse; God; Supreme Being; CreatorBoy
Aazamsomeone Supreme, PowerfulBoy
Abdelhadithe Servant of the supreme LeaderBoy
AberassithanUnbeatable; God; the supreme beingBoy
AbinayaThe Royal Guard; God; Supreme BeingBoy
AdeshwarGod ; Supreme Being; CreatorBoy
AdhidevaSupreme God; Creator of Universe; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AdhiksitKing; Lord; Supreme and Almighty Power; EmperorBoy
AdhipKing; Ruler; Supreme and Almighty Power; EmperorBoy
AdhipaKing; Ruler; Supreme and Almighty Power; EmperorBoy
AdhirajKing; Ruler; Supreme and Almighty Power; EmperorBoy
AdhisankaranLord of everything - Shiva; Supreme GodBoy
AdhishSupreme God; Creator of Universe; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AdhishwarSupreme Power; Creator of Universe; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AdhyatmanThe superior most person, supremeBoy
AdiishKing or Master; Ruler and one with supreme powerBoy
AdindraSupreme God; Creator of Universe; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AdishSupreme Lord; Fire; Intelligent; Full of Wisdom; A variant spelling is AadishGirl
AdishaktiThe primary power, the Goddess of Supreme powerGirl
AdisvaraThe supreme LordBoy
AgiraThe Sun; Fire; Heaven; Place of Supreme Happiness; To light; To glowBoy
AjeenkyaOne who cannot be defeated, Invincible, SupremeGirl
AkhileshwarSupreme Being; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AkhileswarSupreme Being; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AlarickNoble Leader or a Wolf ruler, Fierce, Supreme ruler of allBoy
AlianHigh; Supreme; Great; One who climbs upwardsBoy
AliuaA supreme womanGirl
AltagraciaA person having supreme grace like that of Jesus's Mother MaryGirl
AmbarisaThe one who is supreme power, the ruler of atmosphere and heavenBoy
AnadGod; The Supreme Being; The Creator and ruler of this UniverseBoy
AneeshSupreme; Ultimate; Greatest AuthorityBoy
AneishaHebrew - God was gracious; God has shown favor; Grace; It is a variation of Anna; A variant of Anisha; Sanskrit - SupremeGirl
AnikaitLord of the World; Supreme being of the Universe; Greatest of all beingsBoy
AnishSupreme; Ultimate; Greatest Authority; One of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu's namesBoy
AnishaA good friend, filled with light and is supremeGirl
AnishaaA good friend who is filled with light and is supremeGirl
AnishkOne who has No Enemy; Supreme BeingBoy
ApratimUnequalled; Unparalleled; Incomparable; Matchless; SupremeBoy
ArbabThe supreme masterBoy
AristeoSupreme kind, the bestBoy
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