52 Baby Names That Mean Swift

Naming a baby is a big deal, even though people may say otherwise. Some to-be-mommies know what to name their child even before they’ve conceived, while others may struggle a bit. A name is one of the many things your child will be identified with, so it’s completely normal to struggle in this front. But if you’re looking for something unconventional, a name meaning swift can fit the bill.

The speed at which the world is moving in our generation, teaching children the importance of swiftness will do them only good. Being able to move swiftly and make a decision quickly is important as it frees one to move to the next thing. Even if you’ve made a wrong decision, at least you won’t be spending plenty of time anguishing over it when you could be concentrating on something important. Also, the swifter you do something, the swifter you can do it again. However, being swift does not mean you can be sloppy. Swiftness is necessary, but never at the cost of perfection.

If you want your child to be ahead of everyone in this fast-paced generation, give him a name meaning swift. From Aayan to Tvarika, below is MomJunction's ultimate list of baby names for boys and girls meaning ‘swift'.

Aayanthe one who is bright, swiftBoy
AbisOne who is swift and alertBoy
AchiraA prompt person, very swiftGirl
AchiraprabhaA swift light or the light that is very promptGirl
ApceSomeone who is swift or fast in whatever he does.Boy
Asuga (あすが)Swift like a windGirl
AsvaHaving speed like a horse, one who is swiftBoy
AsvataraA better horseswifterBoy
AsviniA swift person with great wealthUnisex
BoasHebrew - Swift and Strong; A vairant of name BoazBoy
BoazHebrew - Swift and Strong; A vairant of name BoasBoy
CapalaOne who is swift as a lightningBoy
DeanneThey are swift and beautifulGirl
DiannaGoddess of swiftness and beautyGirl
DyannaDivine beauty known for swiftnessGirl
EvinrudeA swift boat.Boy
FledaA fast-moving, swift and nimble-footed personBoy
FleetHabitational name for residents of Fleet, Hampshire; Swift; rapidGirl
FletaA swift and nimble-footed personGirl
FlytaSomething which is fast and rapid; a variant of Fleta; swiftGirl
GijimaA swift runnerGirl
JavanilaSwift Wind; A Hurricane; Like a stormBoy
JavinA swift oneBoy
JavisthaQuickest; Fast; SwiftBoy
KansanSwift; PowerfulBoy
KohanaKohana means SwiftBoy
LautaroSwift hawk, daringBoy
MahershalalhashbazHebrew name meaning "swift are the spoils, speedy is the plunder"Boy
MairaShe who is light and swiftGirl
ManojavamOne of many names of Lord Hanuman; As swift as Thought; Powerful and Strong like WindBoy
ManojavayaOne of many names of Lord Hanuman; As swift as Thought; Powerful and Strong like WindBoy
MehiraShe who is swift and energeticGirl
MerleneThe diurnal birds of prey having long pointed powerful wings adapted for swift flight. Falcon.Girl
NavjeevThe diurnal birds of prey having long pointed powerful wings adapted for swift flight. Falcon.Boy
OrvadaspThe one who possesses swift horses.Boy
RaghuIndian name meaning swiftBoy
RanhitaQuick; Swift; FastGirl
SayuaOne who is swift andf fast like an arrowGirl
SherwinSwift runner, one who cuts the windBoy
SherwindA swift runnerBoy
SherwynHe who is swiftBoy
SkeatA surname, meanin a man who is swiftBoy
SkeetTo be SwiftBoy
SkeeterA very fast and rapid, swift manBoy
SkeetsA son of a swift manBoy
SketeTo be swift, fast and rapidBoy
SketesThe son of a swift, fast, rapid manBoy
SwefredA swift, fast manBoy
TraritiAn agile or a swift person; Goddess DurgaGirl
TrenteA swift person, one who dwells near the swift streamBoy
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