25 Baby Girl Names That Mean Swift


In a world where quick decisions matter and life moves fast, a name can mean more than just a few letters. Baby girl names meaning swift capture the idea of progress and adaptability. Choosing a name associated with speed can subtly encourage your child to be fast and prepared. Slowness can cost us in the long run, so teaching a child to be fast from the beginning helps them excel. Names meaning swift can shape how a child thinks. They can help a child become sharp and make good choices, giving them a boost to handle life's challenges. Think of renowned individuals who have achieved greatness by combining speed and precision. Many sportswomen throughout history have carried names that mean swift. For instance, Merlene Joyce Ottey is a Jamaican and Slovenian former track-and-field sprinter and nine-time Olympic medallist titled the Jamaican Sportswoman of the Year 13 times in 17 years (1). Famous personalities like her show how sportspeople excel by being fast and precise. If you are an athlete or admire athletes, choosing names that mean swift could be a great option. These names that exemplify the quality of speed and sharpness can shape your child's journey. Names that mean swift hold more than just a connection to running fast. Think of the bird Swift, one of the fastest-flying birds (2). If you are into superhero comics, a common heroic trait portrayed in them is superspeed. It is exemplified by characters like Quicksilver from Marvel comics and the Flash and Speedy from DC comics. Regardless, remember that people who do well in life usually act fast. They see opportunities and grab them quickly. Just as working fast can lead to success, names that mean swift bring a feeling of being ready. They give your child a head start in life. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down below to find a list of such names for your little girl.

heart image Achira Baby Girl Sign Girl A prompt person; Very swift
heart image Achiraprabha Baby Girl Sign Girl A swift light or the light that is very prompt
heart image Aison Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Nimble; Swift
heart image Ashwika Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who is swift as a horse
heart image Asuga Baby Girl Sign Girl Swift like the wind
heart image Asvini Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A swift person with great wealth
heart image Deanne Baby Girl Sign Girl They are swift and beautiful
heart image Dyanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Divine beauty known for swiftness
heart image Emer Baby Girl Sign Girl Swift
heart image Fleet Baby Girl Sign Girl Habitational name for residents of Fleet, Hampshire; Swift; Rapid
heart image Fleta Baby Girl Sign Girl A swift and nimble-footed person
heart image Flyta Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Fleta; Something which is fast and rapid; Swift
heart image Gijima Baby Girl Sign Girl A swift runner
heart image Mehira Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is swift and energetic
heart image Merlene Baby Girl Sign Girl Falcon; Diurnal birds with long, powerful wings adapted for swift flight
heart image Ranhita Baby Girl Sign Girl Quick; Swift; Fast
heart image Sayu Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Swift river
heart image Sayua Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is swift and fast like an arrow
heart image Sota Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Swift; Quick
heart image Trariti Baby Girl Sign Girl An agile or a swift person; Goddess Durga
heart image Trentin Baby Girl Sign Girl The river Trent, swift river
heart image Tvarika Baby Girl Sign Girl Swift; Quick
heart image Tyreek Baby Girl Sign Girl Swift ruler; Kingly speed
heart image Vela Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Sail, swift, slender
heart image Zaf Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Quick; Swift; Rapid

Being prompt and ready holds significance in a world where time does not stop for anyone. By selecting baby girl names meaning swift, you chart a course for your daughter’s life—a realm where quick thinking and well-timed actions can yield triumph. Such names will give your daughter a nudge toward being quick and adaptable. With each utterance of her name, your child will be inspired to run along life’s course, overtaking her challengers and zipping past the finish line before them.

Infographic: Stunning Baby Girl Names Meaning Swift

Swiftness is embodied in these baby girl names, each holding the essence of quickness and agility. Reflecting traits such as swiftness of wind, arrow-like speed, and nimble-footedness, this collection of names captures the spirit of velocity. Delve into this infographic to discover names that evoke the grace and speed you desire for your precious daughter.

splendid baby girl names meaning swift (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Japanese names that mean 'swift'?

Hayano is a beautiful Japanese girl's name that has a melodious quality. It is derived from the word haya, which signifies 'fast' or 'swift.' The name Hayano captures the essence of speed and quickness. Similarly, Hayase is another Japanese girl's name that means 'fast,' 'speedy,' or 'swift currents.' It is derived from the element haya, which conveys the notion of being fast or quick. Shun, a gender-neutral Japanese name, primarily means 'speed.'

2. What are some Greek names that mean 'swift'?

Ainia is a Greek girl's name that translates to 'one who is swift.' and symbolizes speed and agility. Aiolos, a Greek name, means 'quick-moving' or 'nimble.' In Greek mythology, Aiolos was the divine keeper of the winds and the ruler of the mythical floating island of Aiolia. The name Aiolos is associated with swiftness and the power to control the winds.

3. What are some Irish names that mean 'swift'?

Dahy is a masculine Irish name that means being capable, quick, and agile. It represents qualities of competence and swiftness. Emer, a girl's name of Irish origin, is a variation of Eimear and signifies 'swift.' It is an excellent choice for individuals with both physical and mental quickness. Emer is also closely tied to Irish mythology, as she is portrayed as the daughter of a prominent Irish chieftain and the wife of the legendary hero Cuchulainn.

4. Is Swift a girl's name?

The name Swift is primarily considered a surname that is gender-neutral. However, it can also be used as a given name for boys. The name Swift carries connotations of swiftness, agility, and speed, which can be appealing qualities to associate with a boy's name.

5. How common is the name Swift?

As a given name, the name 'Swift' is relatively uncommon. It is more commonly used as a surname and has been made famous by artists like Taylor Swift. Since 'Swift' is not among the traditional or popular given names, its usage as a first name is rare.


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