130 Baby Names That Mean Tender

Naming your baby is exciting, fun, and stressful too. You want to them a name that’s meaningful, cute and unique, all at the same time. Since tender is one of the several adjectives used to describe the feeling towards a newborn, how about naming your child after the word itself? It would perfectly sum up the feeling you have for your child.

As contradicting and odd as it may sound, nothing shows your strength, especially the strength of character, more than tenderness. Tenderness breeds calmness. It is never abrupt or volatile in its response. Gentle and tender people are well aware of the needs and requirement of the people around them and they willingly bring their peaceful and natural disposition to work whenever required.

Tenderness and gentleness delve deep within each of us. One just needs to take a few steps to bring it out to the surface, and a baby name meaning tender will definitely help with it. Below MomJunction has compiled a massive collection of baby boy and girl names meaning tender for you to refer.

AasmaThe one who is regarded with love and tendernessGirl
Abdelfattahthe one being Servant of the One who treat others with tendernessBoy
Abdul baasitThis Islam name stands for servant of extender & creatorBoy
Abdul basetOriginated from Arabic language which means slave to the extenderBoy
Abdul HannanThe slave of Allah, one who is kind, compassionate and tenderheartedBoy
AbdulbaasitImmaginative personality who serves the creator and extenderBoy
AbdulbasitHuman being that helps expader or extender oneBoy
AbdulkhalikDerived from Arabic Abd al-Khāliq word that means servant of the extenderBoy
AderineA tender or a kind birdGirl
AltaafA graceful, tenderhearted, kind and compassionate beingBoy
AnadiaSomething that's delicate, moist and tender.Girl
AnsukaAn illuminating, brilliant rays of Sun who is also tender in natureBoy
AnthahkaranSympathy; Kindness; TendernessBoy
AuttiHardworking people; has imagination and tender natureBoy
AvitamosA tender hearted men; matureBoy
AwadReward; Compensation; Kind; Tenderhearted; CompassionateBoy
BelsantA bashful, nonchalant and tender individualGirl
BukhdanSomething that's sleek, smooth and tender.Girl
ButhainahA woman with tender and beautiful bodyGirl
ButhaynaA gorgeous and tender body f a womanGirl
ButhaynahA lady with tender and pretty bodyGirl
CaressA very tender touch, to caress someoneGirl
CarmyaA tender songGirl
CatvrvgiA godly, understanding, tender and soulful personBoy
ClemeTender; gentle; good natured; lenient; understandingBoy
ClementineMild; merciful; forgiving; tenderGirl
ClementoMerciful; tender; forgiving; soft heartedGirl
ClemmonsMerciful; pitiful; forgives easily; tenderBoy
ClemmyGentle; mild; soft; tender; merciful; pleasantUnisex
CutulfTender personBoy
CynestanA clean, tender and normal personBoy
DalaPetal, tender and warm - heartedBoy
DayanitaA tender human beingGirl
DemarcusA soft and tender personBoy
DorinAn individual who is determined yet tender heartedBoy
DravanFlow; Tenderness of Heart; Kindness; GracefulnessBoy
ElfletaA tender and logical person; amusingGirl
ElisseA tender and adorable personGirl
Emerlindathis name means the whole universe is soft or tender.Girl
Ermelindasoft, tender, whole and universal.Girl
Ermelindea word which means something which is soft and tender and also whole or universal.Girl
FramecaA tender, agreeable and adorable beingBoy
GarythHonest and tender care person.Boy
GeldfrithA tender of peace and safetyBoy
GhazizA tender bud of a treeBoy
GhurnuqA delicate, tender personBoy
HersiliaOld Greek - Delicate; TenderGirl
JananiA tender motherGirl
JeanieYahweh is full of tender care.Girl
JehanneGod has shown his tender mercy upon me.Girl
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