124 Baby Names That Mean Thought

Congratulations! You’ve finally found the perfect name for your baby. The chosen name sounds well with your last name and also honors your heritage! But before you register the name, you might want to check out the meaning. Even the most beautiful sound names can have weird, bizarre, and downright unpleasant meanings.

If the meaning doesn’t matter a lot to you, it’s fine. But if you’re one of those parents who have a thing for meaningful names, we’d suggest you look up for the names after deciding on the meaning. It makes the task a lot easier and quicker as you just need to finalize the meaning or theme and search for the names. Since baby naming requires giving a lot of thought and consideration, how about giving your child a name that signals the same?

Below you’ll find MomJunction’s comprehensive list of baby boy and girl names meaning thought. All the names mentioned are pleasant and beautiful. You just need to decide which one you like the most. So start perusing right away!

AaseeyahFull of yearning or thoughtfulGirl
AbhyasStudy; Deepfull Thought; Zealous EndeavourBoy
AbtinOne who is of good deeds or with good thoughtsBoy
AchetheA thoughtful, honorable and clever personGirl
AcintyaSurpassing Thought; IncogitableBoy
AfkarOne who cares or thoughtsBoy
AhkeelWise, thoughtful, Intelligent, KING (SANSKRIT)Boy
AitzinAn open, faithful, thoughtful and philosophical oneBoy
AkalsimarOne who remembers the God for ever; Eternal thoughts about GodBoy
AkilSweet Smell; Fire; The Wanderer; Intelligent; ThoughtfulBoy
AklA thoughtful, serious and determined individualBoy
AltairA flying eagle or a falcon gifted with solitary thoughtfulness and mysticityBoy
AmbhudhiThe Ocean; Vast expanse of water; one who has thoughts as deep as the oceanBoy
AndishehA thoughtful individual who is analyticalBoy
AnusheelanOne whose thoughts are nice, sweet and pleasingBoy
BaldithMeans high spirited and Thoughtful.girl
BhajgobindRemembering the God; One who is blessed with God's thoughts alwaysBoy
BhajraamRemembering the Lord; One who is blessed with God's thoughts alwaysBoy
BranudA systematic, thoughtful and has individualityBoy
CetakaThey are thoughtful, creative and easy goingBoy
ChariIntelligence; Thoughtful; Clever; Brilliant; SmartBoy
CharvikIntelligent; Brilliant; Bright; Clever; Smart; ThoughtfulBoy
CharvkIntelligent; Brilliant; Bright; Clever; Smart; ThoughtfulBoy
ChendaThought, intellectGirl
ChindhanaiIntelligence; Thought; Meditative;Boy
ChIndianThought; Meditation; A variant of name ChintanBoy
ChineloThought of GodGirl
ChintalFull of good thoughtGirl
ChintamThought; Meditation; A variant of name ChintanBoy
ChintamaniPhilosopher's Stone; A precious and thoughtful person; One who's meditative thoughts are renownedBoy
ChintanThoughtfulness; one thinking about comfort of othersGirl
ChintanaIntelligent and thoughtfulGirl
ChintyaWorthy of Thought; Well known for his meditative skillsBoy
ChitanTough; One who is very thoughtful and has lived a life meditating; Sages of HimalayasBoy
ChittMind; Thought;Boy
ChittamohanOne who Attracts the Mind; One who's thoughts are charming and appealingBoy
ChittanThought;Meditative; One of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
ChittranjanInner Joy; Happiness; Delighted; One whose thoughts are joy providingBoy
CidatmataOne whose thoughts are very pureBoy
CidullasaThe thoughts and thinkings of a wise personBoy
CintanOne's thoughts; thinkings; perceptions; conception; one's viewsBoy
CittaOne's thoughts and intellect; one's collection of thoughtsBoy
DahmanPious People; Religious; Spiritual Person; Principled and Sacred in his thoughtsBoy
DarshwanaPure of Heart; One who is clean and pure in his thoughts and actionBoy
DelwynnA thoughtful friend; braveBoy
DheemanthWise; Thoughtful; Sage Like; KnowledgeableBoy
DhitikWise; Thoughtful; Sage Like; A Buddhist patriachal SaintBoy
DhrtvanOne with a serious and thoughtful natureBoy
DuttaKindness; Gentleness; Compassion; Thoughtfulness; BenevolenceBoy
EcgmundStrong protector; one who is thoughtful and systematicBoy
EcgredAlert; one who is thoughtfulBoy
EjderDragon; one with a serious and thoughtful natureBoy
EkachithWith One Mind; One who has only good thoughtsBoy
ElenoraBright light; thoughtful personGirl
ElihuOne who has found a thoughtful GodBoy
Emerithis is a name for someone who is thought to have brave powers.Boy
Erimenthacollector of thoughts or determined protectorGirl
EromidolaMy thought has become wealth.Girl
FannvciA rational and thoughtful natured individual; efficientBoy
FikriyyahCogitative, In deep thought about many ideasGirl
GaihargambhirBottomless and thoughtful.Boy
GambhirThoughtful and severe.Boy
GaurOne who is thoughtful in all things.Boy
GemailOne who is efficient and has thoughtful natureBoy
GeovannyGod is thoughtful and caring.Boy
GoldarinePrecious Metal, The one who is precious for the family and friends, with sciencer and honest thought.Girl
GoldePrecious Metal, The one who is precious for the family and friends, with sciencer and honest thought.Girl
GoldsPrecious Metal, The one who is precious for the family and friends, with sciencer and honest thought.Girl
GritavThankful, The one who dignified every one with good thoughts and cares.Girl
GubanGuban will be thoughtful, attractive, successful, smart and helpful.Boy
GwrgiPeople with this name have perfectionistic nature and always have desire to help other people. Such people are sensitive and feel difficulty in expressing their thoughts and ideas.Boy
HancarateA thoughtful counseltorBoy
HarseetalPeace with Remembrance of God; Calmness with memory of God; One who is happy to Dwell on God's thoughtsBoy
HarsimranRemembering God; In Memory of God; God's ThoughtsBoy
HarsimransukhPeace with Remembrance of God; Calmness with memory of God; One who is happy to Dwell on God's thoughtsBoy
Hawisthought, idea, conceptBoy
HerecaThoughtful, introvertedBoy
HuginOne who is thoughtfulBoy
Humatprotector,good thoughtBoy
HydeiaThoughtful; Noble Kind; A variant form of name HeidiGirl
JaitikOne who has thoughtful nature; victory; To winBoy
JapaapRemembering God Ceaselessly; One who remembers god always; Having God's thoughts alwaysBoy
JogvichaarReflections to Attain Union with God; Thoughts of attaining salvation and being one with GodBoy
Jolisapeople with this name are very selective in friends and have ideas which are thoughtful and efficient to implement.Girl
KalpThought; Consideration; Reflection; NotionBoy
KalpitThought; One who imagines; A Visionary; Reflection; NotionBoy
KalpnathLord of Imagination; Lord of thoughtfulnessBoy
KalpvanA Forest of Wishes, desires, longings and cravings; Imaginations and thoughtsBoy
KaransukhThe name means Having Happy Thoughts, HappyGirl
KhyalThought; Imagination; Fantasy; Vision; A variant of KhayalBoy
KowshikThe name means The Thoughtful OneBoy
KowsikThought Full Person; Sentiment of Love and affection; One of many names of Sage VishwamitraBoy
KuppaAttitude; Outlook; Feelings; Thoughts;Boy
KuppuswamyLord of Anger; Lord of feelings; Lord of thoughtsBoy
LibeeshOne who has serious and thoughtful natureBoy
LimpaA person who has thoughtful natureGirl
ManandharA thoughtful personBoy
ManojavamOne of many names of Lord Hanuman; As swift as Thought; Powerful and Strong like WindBoy
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