55 Baby Girl Names That Mean Treasure


In the voyage of embracing a new addition to your family, selecting the ideal name for your baby girl resembles unearthing a hidden treasure. During this pursuit, choosing baby girl names meaning treasure, emerges as a befitting selection. The word ‘treasure’ has profound significance and value, typically denoting cherished possessions or items of great worth. This concept extends beyond material wealth, encompassing esteemed individuals, cherished memories, and highly valued qualities. Material riches usually take the forefront when the concept of treasure comes to mind. Girls bearing names symbolizing treasure are often thought to hold a rich spirit, endearing attributes like kindness, empathy, creativity, and a strong sense of purpose. These virtues establish them as gems in their own regard, motivating others to explore their inner treasures. The word ‘treasure’ carries significant symbolic weight across different faiths. Within Christianity, it signifies spiritual abundance and the riches of the divine realm. Buddhism views it as a symbol of life’s preciousness and the journey toward inner serenity. Meanwhile, in Hinduism, it stands for achieving enlightenment and spiritual contentment. Mothers cherish their children as their ultimate treasures, a bond unchanging throughout their lifetimes. The sight of their newborn’s joyous smile fades all else, evoking an instinctual connection. Selecting a name symbolizing ‘treasure’ for a girl resonates with the parents’ dreams, conveying their deep affection. This choice echoes their love and reinforces her value in their hearts. Our compilation of baby names, each signifying an invaluable essence, offers a radiant and vibrant essence to infuse into your child’s existence. Using this list as your guide, you can uncover the hidden gems behind these names and select a name that perfectly captures your innermost hopes for your daughter. Whether you’re inclined towards names representing resilience, insight, elegance, or happiness, our thoughtfully selected compilation offers choices for all preferences. Explore this collection and discover the radiant possibilities it holds!

heart image Aashna Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved; Devoted to love; Someone who treasures love; Dearmost; Close to heart; One who fulfills wishes
heart image Aghigh Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a stone; A stone that is precious, treasured, priceless, immeasurable, and rare
heart image Aghla Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is the most precious, most valued, dearest to all, treasured and kept protected
heart image Ainalsaba Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure of the eye
heart image Araseli Baby Girl Sign Girl A wonderful treasure
heart image Arcelia Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure chest
heart image Argelia Baby Girl Sign Girl The one filled with treasures; Illuminating
heart image Arianell Baby Girl Sign Girl The one filled with treasures
heart image Bao Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Jewel; Treasure; Precious
heart image Bolorerdene Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystal treasure
heart image Caspara Baby Girl Sign Girl A keeper of treasure
heart image Ceren Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Gifted, blessed, treasure
heart image Charish Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure; graceful person
heart image Cherish Baby Girl Sign Girl To treasure
heart image Chestina Baby Girl Sign Girl A treasured individual
heart image Dinara Baby Girl Sign Girl A treasured individual; a sensitive person
heart image Ermengild Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Immense treasure
heart image Ermenhilda Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Huge treasure
heart image Gasper Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Treasurer; The keeper of treasure
heart image Gefion Baby Girl Sign Girl One who bestows treasures
heart image Hazeena Baby Girl Sign Girl Autumn; Treasure; Forever
heart image Hazina Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure
heart image Jasperine Baby Girl Sign Girl A keepr of treasure
heart image Jin Ae Baby Girl Sign Girl Truth, treasure, and love
heart image Jin Kyong Baby Girl Sign Girl Truth, treasure, and brightness
heart image Johara Baby Girl Sign Girl Jewel; Treasured; Important
heart image Joona Baby Girl Sign Girl God will add blessings, treasure friendship, expressive, joyful
heart image Jozette Baby Girl Sign Girl God will add blessings; Treasure friendship and express the feelings; Joyful in nature
heart image Kansa Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure
heart image Kaspian Baby Girl Sign Girl Keeper of treasure or protector of treasure
heart image Kenza Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure
heart image Khazeena Baby Girl Sign Girl Plenty of treasures
heart image Kura Baby Girl Sign Girl The name means Treasure House
heart image Lakita Baby Girl Sign Girl The treasure that is found
heart image Leta Baby Girl Sign Girl A hidden and forgotten treasure
heart image Mahangun Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman treasured for her great virtues
heart image Nafis Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A person who is treasured and valued
heart image Nathania Baby Girl Sign Girl God's treasure
heart image Nerisha Baby Girl Sign Girl That can reveal hidden treasure
heart image Nerissa Baby Girl Sign Girl One who can reveal hidden treasures
heart image Nkechi Baby Girl Sign Girl The precious treasure from God
heart image Orva Baby Girl Sign Girl Asset as gold or valued as golden treasure
heart image Pounamu Baby Girl Sign Girl A treasured gift
heart image Segulah Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure
heart image Shrinidhi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Wealthy treasure
heart image Sima Baby Girl Sign Girl A treasure
heart image Simah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is a great treasure
heart image Soo Jin Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure, excellence, and truth
heart image Srinidhi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Wealth or treasure
heart image Takara Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved jewel; Treasure
heart image Tamatoa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Treasure seeker
heart image Tomiko Baby Girl Sign Girl Child treasured by many
heart image Tresor Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Treasure or precious
heart image Varya Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure; Something precious
heart image Yujin Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Abundance or precious treasure
Baby girl names meaning treasure reveal a child’s inherent worth and significance, a sentiment perfect for expressing your boundless love. These names hold more than mere words; they bridge to a future of beauty, awaiting your cherished bundle of joy, providing them with beloved identities. Our article aids your journey in discovering the ideal name that aligns with your heart’s wishes. May your chosen title radiate affection, happiness, and aspirations for your child, reminding her of her value and importance in your life.

Infographic: Invaluable Baby Girl Names That Mean Treasure

The term ‘treasure’ is associated with value and worth, representing an invaluable entity. Names bearing the essence of treasure mirror the deep significance parents attribute to their daughters, expressing the irreplaceable role she holds in their hearts. Check out our infographic below for a comprehensive selection of feminine names meaning treasure.

valuable names meaning treasure for your little princess (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Indian feminine names mean treasure?

The word treasure and its symbolism are significant in Indian culture. Some baby girl names that denote it include Jaladhi (treasure of water), Kalanidhi (treasure of art), Nidhi (wealth), Sreenidhi (treasure of prosperity), and Seema (precious thing).

2. What name means God's treasure?

Nkechi is a girl's name with roots in Africa that means 'precious treasure from God.' Other names with a related meaning include Aadrisha, or gifted by God; Aariaani, or gift from God; and Gia, or God's gracious gift. These names signify that a girl child is nothing less than a remarkable blessing from the Almighty.

3. What girl's name means hidden treasure and treasure chest?

Guronui is a baby girl's name that means ancient, like a hidden treasure. Kunza and Kanza are other female names that mean the same. Arcelia and Manjoosha mean treasure chest. These unique names will be a thing of price for your girl.

4. What feminine name means priceless and precious gift?

Amulya and Anmol are Indian girl names that signify 'priceless.' Aantuut is a Greenlandic name that means the same. Oashni is a unique Indian girl name that means 'God's precious gifts.' As you can observe, most of these names have Indian origins.

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