190 Baby Names That Mean Triumph

Deciding on a fitting name for your child can be quite a task. Should you pick something that looks different or go with something that sounds interesting? Names that sound cute and unique now may not sound appealing when several other people have used it. Same goes for trendy baby names.

How about looking for a name with a profound meaning? At least you wouldn’t have to worry about it going out of style. Then consider giving your child a name meaning ‘triumph’.

How important is winning for you? Does winning really matter? We keep hearing these questions now and then. But despite conflicting views and opinion on this subject, being triumphant indeed gives us happiness. Victory is the key to a productive, purposeful, passionate and prosperous life. It’s the drive behind each action and thought and primal instinct that forces us to give our best. Therefore, one of the most important aims in every person’s life is to be triumphant.

Our list below gives you the best names meaning triumph. So, peruse through the list now to pick the most suitable one for your baby boy or girl.

AbhijayVictor; triumph; successful; WinnerBoy
AbhijayaConquest; Complete Victory; triumph; successfulBoy
AbhijitOne who is Victorious; triumph; successfulBoy
AbhijithOne who is Victorious; A variant of Abhijit; triumph; successfulBoy
AbufiruzThe father of a triumphant personBoy
AhAn exclamation, expressive of surprise, pity, complaint, entreaty, contempt, threatening, delight, triumph, etc., according to the manner of utterance.Boy
AkaljeetTimeless and Eternal victory. Also means Triumph of GodGirl
AlokendraVictorious; Intelligent; one who is triumphant; conqueringBoy
AmraooThe one who triumphsUnisex
ArminderGod's triumphGirl
ArunjeetMorning triumphBoy
AswanthVictorious; Conquering; Triumphant; Great KingBoy
AtinderjeetGod's victory or th triumphGirl
AzfaarVictory and triumphBoy
BrahamjeetThe triumph or victory of God against devilBoy
BrahmajeetGod's Triumph; Victory of GodBoy
CaileanOne who is a triumphantBoy
CaullinThey who are triumphantBoy
ClausThe victory of the men; victory of the people; represents triumphBoy
ColenTriumph; win; victory; to defeat the opponentBoy
ColieA female form of Nicholas, which means Victory or triumph of the peopleGirl
ColinThe triumph or victory of the people against the enemyBoy
ColineDerived from the name Nicholas, meaning the triumph of the peopleGirl
ColleteTriumph of men against an enemy; victory of menGirl
CollinsThe victory or triumph of the menBoy
ColsonTriumph of people; the victorious peopleBoy
ColynThe triumph of the people; a young Boy who leads to the triumph of the peopleBoy
CorynTriumph of the people; victory of peopleGirl
CramerDelightful; Exultation; Triumph; In Old german it means "salesperson"Unisex
DafnaVictory; one who triumphsGirl
DavinderjitVictorious King of Gods; Triumphant Emperor of God; Supreme power of GodBoy
EkanjeetGod's Triumph; Victory of God;Boy
FaaizA victorious, triumphiant manBoy
FatehbhoopThe ruler who is experiencing triumph.Boy
FatehchandSuccess; Triumph; Victory; WinnerBoy
FathshahA King who triumphsBoy
FausatShe who achieves triumphGirl
FauziArabic - Success; Victory; Triumph; A variant of FawziBoy
FawzyA victory, a great triumphBoy
FirouzA triumphant and lucky person; Also refers to turquoiseGirl
FitoreThe act of conquering and gaining triumphGirl
FojanA derivative of Fawzhan, it means triumphant and successful; loud voiceBoy
FozhanA derivative of Fawzhan, it means triumphant and successful; loud voiceBoy
FoziaA female who is triumphant and successfulGirl
FuttehkhanThe triumph or a ruler, or a winner kingBoy
FutuhRefers to triumph or overcome.Boy
GhalbExtreme power or conquest or triumph.Boy
GhallabA victor, a triumphant individualBoy
HarinderjeetLord's Victory; Lord's Triumph; Conquest of Lord Vishnu;Boy
HarjeetGod'S Triumph, God's Victory; God's Success; God's ConquestBoy
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