160 Baby Boy Names That Mean Triumph

JitaConquered; Victor; Triumphant; Winner; SuccessfulBoy
JitavrataConquering by Vows; Triumphant by Vows; One who wins with promisesBoy
JnatriSuccessful Life; Victorious Life; Triumphant Life; A winner in lifeBoy
JubilantGreat joy; Rejoicing; Celebrating Triumph;Boy
KrityaAchievement; Triumph; Success; Feat; AccomplishmentBoy
LarsonSon of a victorious, triumphant manBoy
MalajitVictorious; Successful; Triumphant; One who winsBoy
ManaalAttainment; Achievement; A variant spelling is Manal; Success; TriumphBoy
MozaffarThe victorious one, one who is triumphant with the victoryBoy
MuzaffarVictorious or triumphant in a deed or endeavorBoy
NequielThe triumph of the people.Boy
NicanorThe triumph of the multitude.Boy
NiccoThe triumphant which belongs to the nation.Boy
NiclausThe winner, triumphantBoy
NicoDeity of success or triumph.Boy
NielsThe triumph of the nation.Boy
NihchaljeetDefinite success, steady triumph.Boy
NikThe triumphant of the general public.Boy
NikeizaJesus Christ in the triumph of the world.Unisex
NikkiThe spirit of triumph.Boy
NiklaasTriumph which belongs to the nation.Boy
NikodemusTriumph that belongs to the multitude.Boy
NikolaGlorious triumph of the nation.Boy
NikolaiVictorious triumph of the people.Boy
NikolayThe triumph of the public.Boy
NilloThe crowd of success or triumph.Boy
NoboruIncrease or rise or triumphant.Boy
OgdenThe one who is succeeding with great difficulty, victorious triumph.Boy
OghenerioborueGreat novel Triumph, prove superior of the contestBoy
OladelePersons of success, pupil of triumph.Unisex
OlaffThe crowd who are experiencing the triumph.Boy
OlajuwanThe exaltation of the triumph.Unisex
OrickThe person who is a triumph one with peaceful sleep.Boy
ParamajeetVictory of Supreme; Supremely Victorious; Ultimate triumphBoy
ParamjeetHighest success; Supreme Victory; Ultimate TriumphBoy
ParamjitHeroic; Ultimate Victory; Supreme Success; Highest triumphBoy
ParantapaConqueror; Winner; One who triumphsBoy
PargatjeetRevelation of the Victory, Success or TriumphBoy
ParsanjitDelighted Victory; Cheerful triumph;Boy
ParwaizCommendable, success, victory, and triumphant.Boy
PawanjitVictory of Air; Triumph of Air; Derived from Sanskrit word Pavan meaning Purifier; Air; WindBoy
PooranjitVictory of the Perfect; Success of the contented; Triumph of the absoluteBoy
PrafuljeetBlooming Victory; Brilliant Triumph; Splendourous Success; Magnificent VictoryBoy
PrajeetVictorious; Successful; Triumph;Boy
PrasanjithVictory of happiness; Success of joy; Triumph of delightBoy
PreetamjeetVictory of the Beloved; Triumph of the much Loved one; Treasured Success;Boy
PritamjitVictory of the Beloved; Triumph of the much Loved one; Treasured Success;Boy
PunamjeetVictory in night of Full-moon; Triumph in the brilliance of full moonBoy
PupinderjeetVictory with Lord's Love; Triumph with God's Love; Success of Lord's LoveBoy
PuranjeetPerfect Victory; Perfect Triumph; Complete Success;Boy
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