190 Baby Names That Mean Triumph

Deciding on a fitting name for your child can be quite a task. Should you pick something that looks different or go with something that sounds interesting? Names that sound cute and unique now may not sound appealing when several other people have used it. Same goes for trendy baby names.

How about looking for a name with a profound meaning? At least you wouldn’t have to worry about it going out of style. Then consider giving your child a name meaning ‘triumph’.

How important is winning for you? Does winning really matter? We keep hearing these questions now and then. But despite conflicting views and opinion on this subject, being triumphant indeed gives us happiness. Victory is the key to a productive, purposeful, passionate and prosperous life. It’s the drive behind each action and thought and primal instinct that forces us to give our best. Therefore, one of the most important aims in every person’s life is to be triumphant.

Our list below gives you the best names meaning triumph. So, peruse through the list now to pick the most suitable one for your baby boy or girl.

HarkaranjitVictory on Behalf of God; Conquest on behalf of God; Triumph on Behalf of GodBoy
HarkiranjeetVictory of God's Light; Triumph of God's Light; Conquest of Divine FlameBoy
HarmanjeetVictory of God's Heart; Triumph of God's Heart; Conquest of God's HeartBoy
HukumjeetVictory with God's Will; Success of God's will; Triumph of God's CommandBoy
JaidevaLord of Triumph; Lord of Victory;Boy
JaidhwajFlag of Victory; Symbol of Victory; Flag of TriumphBoy
JaigataThe one who triumphsBoy
JaighatVictorious; Winner; Triumphant; SuccessfulBoy
JaighosaShout of Victory; Echo of Triumph; Voice of the WinnerBoy
JaigopalVictory of Lord Krishna; Triumph of Lord Krishna; A Salutation to Lord KrishnaBoy
JaigopalaLord Krishna's triumphBoy
JaiguptProtected by Victory; Defended by Triumph; Guarded by SuccessBoy
JaijoWin; Be victorious; Triumphant; Be successfulBoy
JaikrishVictory of Lord Krishna; Triumph of Lord Krishna; A Salutation to Lord KrishnaBoy
JaiminStrifes to Triumph; Victory; One who succeedsGirl
JainAncient Indian Religion; Derivative from Sanskrit word Jaina meaning triumphantBoy
JainamOne who is Victorious; One who is Triumphant; One who is following JainismBoy
JainandJoy of Victory; Delight of Triumph; Happiness of the winnerBoy
JainendraLord of the Jainas; Lord of the triumphants;Boy
JainilVictorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of Blue; Triumph of Lord VishnuBoy
JainishLord of Jain; Lord of Triumphant; Lord of Ganesh; Lord VishnuBoy
JairasSense of Victory; Feeling of being victorious; Sense of triumph; Essence of VictoryBoy
JairasaSense of Victory; Feeling of being victorious; Sense of triumph; Essence of VictoryBoy
JairathChariot of Victory; Chariot of Triumph; Chariot of Success;Boy
JaisekharaCrest of Victory; Summit of Triumph; Pinnacle of SuccessBoy
JaishankaraVictorious Lord Shiva; Triumphant Lord Shiva; Salutation to Lord ShivaBoy
JaishishBest among the Victorious; Best of the triumphants; Triumphant LordBoy
JaisinhaVictorious Lion; One who is triumphant and mighty like LionBoy
JaisudhaNectar of Victory; Nectar of TriumphGirl
JaisudhanNectar of Victory; Nectar of TriumphBoy
JaisukhaJoy of Winning; Joy of Success; Happiness from Victory; Delight of TriumphBoy
JaivahaCarrier of Victory; One who will lead to victory; One who will carry us to triumphantBoy
JaivatBeing Victorious; Being Triumphant; Being successfulBoy
JaiviraVictorious Warrior; Triumph of a brave, courageous and mighty defenderBoy
JaiwantVictory; Triumph; Success; To winBoy
JalorGlory; To exult with triumph; Rejoice proudly;Boy
JanamejayaTriumphant from birthBoy
JanjeetVictory of the People; Triumph of People; Success of PeopleBoy
JanvijayWin over People; One who is victorious among people; Triumphant over PeopleBoy
JasbinderVictorious Hero; Triumphant Warrior;Boy
JasbirVictorious Hero; Triumphant Warrior;Boy
JashanjeetCelebration of Victory; Rejoicing Success; One who is celebrated as triumphBoy
JasminjeetVictory of Flower; Triumph of FlowerBoy
JatinderjeetPure Victory of the Lord; Divine Triumph of the LordBoy
JayadeepTriumph of lightBoy
JayadevaGod of Victory; God of TriumphBoy
JayawantTriumphant, winning a victoryBoy
JayayVictory; Triumph; Success; To winBoy
JaydityaThe triumphant golden shining sun forever.Boy
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