190 Baby Names That Mean Triumph

Deciding on a fitting name for your child can be quite a task. Should you pick something that looks different or go with something that sounds interesting? Names that sound cute and unique now may not sound appealing when several other people have used it. Same goes for trendy baby names.

How about looking for a name with a profound meaning? At least you wouldn’t have to worry about it going out of style. Then consider giving your child a name meaning ‘triumph’.

How important is winning for you? Does winning really matter? We keep hearing these questions now and then. But despite conflicting views and opinion on this subject, being triumphant indeed gives us happiness. Victory is the key to a productive, purposeful, passionate and prosperous life. It’s the drive behind each action and thought and primal instinct that forces us to give our best. Therefore, one of the most important aims in every person’s life is to be triumphant.

Our list below gives you the best names meaning triumph. So, peruse through the list now to pick the most suitable one for your baby boy or girl.

OghenerioborueGreat novel Triumph, prove superior of the contestBoy
OladelePersons of success, pupil of triumph.Unisex
OlaffThe crowd who are experiencing the triumph.Boy
OlajuwanThe exaltation of the triumph.Unisex
OlamideDivinity of triumph, being supernatural of success.Girl
OrickThe person who is a triumph one with peaceful sleep.Boy
ParamajeetVictory of Supreme; Supremely Victorious; Ultimate triumphBoy
ParamjeetHighest success; Supreme Victory; Ultimate TriumphBoy
ParamjitHeroic; Ultimate Victory; Supreme Success; Highest triumphBoy
ParantapaConqueror; Winner; One who triumphsBoy
PargatjeetRevelation of the Victory, Success or TriumphBoy
ParsanjitDelighted Victory; Cheerful triumph;Boy
ParwaizCommendable, success, victory, and triumphant.Boy
PawanjitVictory of Air; Triumph of Air; Derived from Sanskrit word Pavan meaning Purifier; Air; WindBoy
PooranjitVictory of the Perfect; Success of the contented; Triumph of the absoluteBoy
PrabhjeetOne who wins the love of God; God's triumph; A variant spelling is PrabhjitGirl
PrabhjitOne who wins the love of God; God's triumph; A variant spelling is PrabhjitGirl
PrafuljeetBlooming Victory; Brilliant Triumph; Splendourous Success; Magnificent VictoryBoy
PrajeetVictorious; Successful; Triumph;Boy
PrasanjithVictory of happiness; Success of joy; Triumph of delightBoy
PreetamjeetVictory of the Beloved; Triumph of the much Loved one; Treasured Success;Boy
PremjeetOne Who Wins Over Others By Love; Triumph of LoveGirl
PritamjitVictory of the Beloved; Triumph of the much Loved one; Treasured Success;Boy
PunamjeetVictory in night of Full-moon; Triumph in the brilliance of full moonBoy
PupinderjeetVictory with Lord's Love; Triumph with God's Love; Success of Lord's LoveBoy
PuranjeetPerfect Victory; Perfect Triumph; Complete Success;Boy
PurbhjeetVictory with the God; Triumph or Success with the GodBoy
RanjudeepLight of Victory; Brightness of Success; Radiance of TriumphGirl
RenitVictory; Triumph; SuccessBoy
RenjiroVirtuous; Triumphant; SuccessfulBoy
ReyahA nice scent. Also means a triumphian and victorious oneUnisex
RutajitConquerer Of Truth; Victory of truth; Triumph of truthBoy
RutujitConquerer Of Seasons; Triumph of seasons; Joy and HappinessBoy
SeigmundProtector of triumphBoy
TorriiA triumphant person, victoriousGirl
WaficLebanese - Arbitrator; Successful; Triumphant; Possible variant of WafiqBoy
WafiqOne who is victorious; Successful; Triumphant; A variant spelling is WaficBoy
WafiqahSuccessful; Triumphant; Victorious; A variant spelling is WafeeqahGirl
ZaadVictory, Success; Triumph; To increase; A variant form of Arabic name ZaydBoy
ZafirahTriumphant, Successful; Victorious; WinnerGirl
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