201 Baby Boy Names That Mean Truth

NaokiTruthful and open tree.Boy
NaranjanA truthful or a spotless person, man of GodBoy
NeedhimaniThe one who is truthful and trust worthy.Boy
NeemitThe one who is truthful always.Boy
NehchalpreetThe one who likes to be a truthful person to others.Boy
NerivaananThe one who is truthful and frank.Boy
NidhruvThe one who is truthful and honest.Boy
NidhruviThe one who is truthful eternally.Boy
NoorulhaqThe light of the Truth or the AlmightyBoy
OnneshaHonesty; Truthfulness;Boy
ParamarthaHighest truth; Ultimate Truth; Absolute truthBoy
ParamtatKnowing the Truth of SpiritBoy
ParisatyaAn individual who is like pure truthBoy
ParmaarthThe highest truth of the world; salvationBoy
ParmarthSalvation and the highest truthBoy
PranjulA person who is truthful and dignifiedUnisex
QasidulhaqCourier of the TruthBoy
RashtinHe who is truthfulBoy
RateshThe lord of truth.Boy
RatujSon of Truth; Honest;Boy
RatulA seeker of the truthBoy
ReshteenOf truthful nature and characterBoy
RitamBeautiful; Divine Truth; Sacred Action; Honest; Right; DutyBoy
RitapGuarding Divine Truth; Sacred Action;Boy
RiteshLord Of Truth; One who guards divine truth; Beautigul; Lord of righteousnessBoy
RitishHe who is a Lord of the TruthBoy
RitsherdThe truthful and honest personBoy
RuhulhaqA truthful and kind personBoy
RutajitConquerer Of Truth; Victory of truth; Triumph of truthBoy
RuteshThe God of truthBoy
SachdeepIndian name meaning the Light of the TruthBoy
SachdevThe Truth of the GodBoy
SachdhianA person who is captivated in truthBoy
SachhThe truth and honestyBoy
SachindraSomething truthful and honestBoy
SachleenOne who is consumed in God's truthBoy
SachsevA person who is the servant of the truthBoy
SachveerOne who is bravely fighting and upholding the truthBoy
SadaaqatThe sincerity, the truth of thingsBoy
SadaqatThe truthfulness, honesty and sincerity of thingsBoy
SadekOne who is always truthfulBoy
SadiqOne who is truthfulBoy
SanchoTruthful and sincereBoy
SaqatOne who tells the truthBoy
SasruthaPersonification of truthBoy
SateendraLord of truthBoy
Sathya rajThe truthBoy
SatjeevanOne who lives a truthful lifeBoy
SatkiranRay of truthBoy
SatpaulThe one who abides by the truthBoy
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