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Bean, Bab, or Bitsy is fine for now, but it’s high time you pick an actual name for your bundle of joy. If you and your spouse can decide on a particular meaning, baby name hunting can get a lot easier.

Truth, the state of quality of being true, isn’t just about emulating the character of the Almighty but is also critical to the flourishing society. It’s essential for authentic and real communication and makes the genuine interaction between people possible. Just imagine how the world would thrive in a society in which there’s no place for truth? Life would be plain chaotic.

So if you want your child to walk on the path of truthfulness right from birth, give him or her a name meaning truth. Below, MomJunction gives you a comprehensive list of baby boy and girl names meaning truth.

ManjeevTo live the life by the truth of the mindBoy
MankhojAn individual who is always seeking for the truthBoy
MarjoOne who has deep inner desires and truthsGirl
MasakoA truthful, honest childGirl
MayukhSun; God of Light and Truth; Bright, Radiant and Glorious Light of the SunBoy
MazharulA manifestation of truthBoy
MazharulhaqA gratitude toward Allah, one who speaks the truthBoy
MeiyappanThe truth speaking person, always stand for the truth and never let it downBoy
MisganaA truthful person, who speaks truth.Girl
MithranSun; God of Light and Truth; Bright, Radiant and Glorious Light of the SunBoy
MiyuA beautiful truth, or a beautiful gentlenessGirl
MohakaThe truth speaking person, always stand for the truth and never let it downBoy
MonicoA truthful advisorGirl
MosaddakOne who acknowledges truth, confirms the truthBoy
MusaddiqahOne who affirms the truthGirl
NaasihaProfessional in giving truthful guidance to others.Girl
NadirThe one who commits to tell the truth.Boy
NakiaUnpolluted or truthful or wholesome or realistic.Unisex
NaokiTruthful and open tree.Boy
NaranjanA truthful or a spotless person, man of GodBoy
NazihahOne who always speaks truthGirl
NeedhimaniThe one who is truthful and trust worthy.Boy
NeemitThe one who is truthful always.Boy
NehchalpreetThe one who likes to be a truthful person to others.Boy
NerivaananThe one who is truthful and frank.Boy
NiawbrawakaA truthful and kind human beingGirl
NidhruvThe one who is truthful and honest.Boy
NidhruviThe one who is truthful eternally.Boy
NithiTruth, justice, good behaviourGirl
NoorulhaqThe light of the Truth or the AlmightyBoy
OnneshaHonesty; Truthfulness;Boy
ParamarthaHighest truth; Ultimate Truth; Absolute truthBoy
ParamtatKnowing the Truth of SpiritBoy
ParisatyaAn individual who is like pure truthBoy
ParmaarthThe highest truth of the world; salvationBoy
ParmarthSalvation and the highest truthBoy
PramaKnowledge of truth; Wise; Intellectual; BrilliantGirl
PranjulA person who is truthful and dignifiedUnisex
QasidulhaqCourier of the TruthBoy
RashtinHe who is truthfulBoy
RateshThe lord of truth.Boy
RatujSon of Truth; Honest;Boy
RatulA seeker of the truthBoy
ReshteenOf truthful nature and characterBoy
ReshtinaTruthful, a stern believer of truth.Girl
RitamBeautiful; Divine Truth; Sacred Action; Honest; Right; DutyBoy
RitapGuarding Divine Truth; Sacred Action;Boy
RiteshLord Of Truth; One who guards divine truth; Beautigul; Lord of righteousnessBoy
RitikaA joy that the truth bringsGirl
RitishHe who is a Lord of the TruthBoy
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