43 Baby Names That Mean Union

It’s said that two people truly become one through their baby and we couldn’t agree more. The cooing and cuddly baby doesn’t just give you happiness and joy, but also enriches yours and your spouse’s life in more ways than you can think.

Of course, there’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to see your baby’s smile. The day’s stress vanishes the moment you hear your child’s giggle. The vulnerability of the child increases parents’ capacity to love unconditionally, thereby making them better spouses.

Most importantly, babies make you and your partner appreciate the alone time. As funny as it may sound, but even a sleeping baby becomes a cause for celebration among parents.

Some may argue that having babies strain a marriage. Well, the added responsibilities, and lack of sleep may lead to little tiffs. But every couple, whether they have children or not, experience friction. In fact a baby will only diffuse the tension as his cuteness brings parents to work together.

Since babies strengthen the union between parents, how about giving them a name that means the same? And, if you agree, then take a look at MomJunction’s list of baby boy and girl names meaning union below.

AkaljogUnion with timeless and EternalBoy
AtamjogAttaining the final version of spiritual unionBoy
BrahamjotOne who is in harmony or union with GodBoy
BrahmjotOne In Union With God; Light of BrahmaBoy
EkiyaUnity; Union; Joined; CombinedBoy
EktaPoet; Saint; Unity; Union; Joined; CombinedBoy
GianjogThe name Gianjog means Union through Devine Knowledge and is a male name of Indian origin. Mostly represented in Sikh religion.Boy
GunjogUnion with Virtue.Boy
GurjogGurjit collaborated with two words guru and jog. Guru means master or lord and jog means union. So gurjog means union with guru.Boy
GurjotGurjot collaborated with two words guru and jog. Guru means master or lord and jog means union. So gurjot means light of the lord.Boy
HarjogOne in Union with God; One who has blended and merged with GodBoy
HarjugatUnion with God; Blend and Merged with GodBoy
HarmilanUnion with God; Blend and Merged with GodBoy
HarsanjogUnion with God; Blend and Merged with GodBoy
HofaAn American union leader and AutherBoy
JasmailGlorious union with GodBoy
JasmelGlory with the union of GodBoy
JogdhiaanAttain union with God; Attain salvation; One who is one with GodBoy
JogendraEstablishing union,consolidation ,agreement with Lord Shiva.Ruler of YogisGirl
JogindarEstablishing Union With God; Attain union with God; Attain salvation; One who is one with GodBoy
JoginderpreetOne who loves to be a master of Yoga; One who likes to perform yoga for attaining union GodBoy
JogprakashUnion with the Light; One who attains the light of enlightment;Boy
JogvichaarReflections to Attain Union with God; Thoughts of attaining salvation and being one with GodBoy
JohaarGlorious union with the God,Jewel.One who is skillful,proficient and practical.Boy
JusmailJusmail means Glorious union with GodBoy
LaveyBrought together, Joined, an Union of two peopleUnisex
MeelanTo be in union with the worldBoy
MilanaSlavic - Union; Favor; Grace; PeopleGirl
MilaniaThe humanitarian unionGirl
MilapThe union or get together of two personBoy
MilunThe union of two, getting togetherBoy
MithunA union of people, a making of coupleBoy
ParamjugatUnion with God; Becoming one with God; Attaining ultimate muktiBoy
ParamyogSupreme Union; Highest and absolute YogiBoy
PrabhmelUnion with God; One who is one with God; Together with the LordBoy
PrasangTo be devoted and be in an union with someoneBoy
RamjogHe who is in union with GodBoy
RangjotOne who is colored in union with GodBoy
RasjogOne who has union with elixir of naam; Elixir of naamGirl
SangamUnion or to mergeGirl
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