897 Baby Names That Mean Victor

After delivery, one of the first and most difficult tasks of parents is finding a name for their mini version. It seems fun until the searching and hunting for the perfect name becomes overwhelming. But if you can shortlist a particular meaning, the quest can become a lot easier for you. We think victor is an incredible meaning for your child’s name. It won’t just suggest a strong and upbeat personality, but also a positive and fruitful future.

Victory is an attitude which must be fostered from a young age. When you think yourself to be a victor, you feel empowered in every situation you’re in, no matter how adverse it is. A victor refuses to be let down by circumstances. He takes full responsibility of the condition he’s in and moves forward with the hope that everything will be okay in the end. And it’s this positive outlook in life that keeps him going. A victor even sees the challenges that come towards him as an opportunity to overcome adversity.

So give your little one a head start to a victorious life by giving him a name meaning victor. And guess what? You don’t even have to look any further as MomJunction has collected the best names meaning victory in the list below.

Aadijay (आदिजय)The First Victory ; Success;Boy
AanjayUnconquerable; being victorious; Win; GainBoy
AbadhyaAlways Victorious; Unopposed;Boy
AbdulnasserServant of the one who is granting victoryBoy
AbhaijeetVictory over Fear; Brave; FearlessBoy
AbhejayThe one who brings victory.Boy
AbhibhavaOverpowering; Powerful; Victorious; Influential; Mighty; PotentBoy
AbhibhuTo Overcome; Conquer; To gain a victory; masterBoy
AbhijayVictor; triumph; successful; WinnerBoy
AbhijayaConquest; Complete Victory; triumph; successfulBoy
AbhijiThe person who is victorious; Lord KrishnaBoy
AbhijitOne who is Victorious; triumph; successfulBoy
AbhijithOne who is Victorious; A variant of Abhijit; triumph; successfulBoy
AbijeetA victorious person, conquerorBoy
AbijithThe one who conquers, or victoriousBoy
AbulfathThe father of the victoryBoy
AbunasrFather of the victoryBoy
AcharjeetThe victory of an inanimate objectBoy
AdalwinThe victory of a noble personBoy
AdarfirozFire of victory in Zoroastrian religion.Boy
AelfsigeThe victory of mystical powersGirl
AeronwenThe winner or victor of a battleBoy
AerowynThe victorious person from the battleBoy
AescwynThe winner or victor from the ash treeBoy
AethelsigeThe win or victory of noble snakeBoy
AethelwinThe victory of the noble snakeBoy
AgamadhiOne who is intelligent and knowledgable, victorious, seeks excellence, zeal to excel in everything and successful.Boy
AgamjitThe meaning of Agamjit is the victory of God or rather the trophy of God, the golden child; the most precious one chosen by God.Boy
AjaideepVictory to the lightBoy
AjeeshOne who cannot be defeated by anyone; Unconquerable; Invincible; Always VictoriousBoy
AjeetVictorious; Invincible; Unconquerable; One who cannot be defeated by anyoneBoy
AjeyaOne who Cannot Be Conquered; Always Victorious; InvincibleBoy
AjinkaOne who Cannot Be Conquered; Always Victorious; InvincibleBoy
AjinkyaOne who Cannot Be Conquered; Always Victorious; InvincibleBoy
AjitaabhVictorious; One who has Conquered the Sky;Boy
AjithVictorious; Invincible; Unconquerable; One who cannot be defeated by anyoneBoy
AjithaA Winner always; Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable; One who cannot be defeated by anyoneBoy
AjitkumarOne who is cannot be Conquered or Defeated; Invincible; Always VictoriousBoy
AjitpalOne who is Invincible or Unconquerable; Victorious; one who can never be defeatedBoy
AjityaOne who is Invincible or Unconquerable; Victorious; one who can never be defeatedBoy
AkaljeetTimeless and Eternal victory. Also means Triumph of GodGirl
AkhiljeetAll victoriousGirl
AkshitiVictorious PeaceGirl
AlamjeetVictory of the universe.Boy
AldOld or wise; a person who is always victoriousBoy
AlliraAllira means "Quarts crystal" in Aboriginal languages from around Melbourne Victoria, the Aboriginals would fashion this quarts crystal into arrow heads. Allira means "Neice" in Aboriginal languages from around Alice Springs.Girl
AlmanzoThe explanation given by Laura Ingalls Wilder for her husband, Almanzo's, name is that it was derived from an Arabian benefactor to his ancestors by the name of Al-Mansour, meaning 'the victorious'. An alternative derivation is of Old German origin, meaniBoy
Alokvictorious cryBoy
AlokendraVictorious; Intelligent; one who is triumphant; conqueringBoy
AlvildaOld Norse - Elf; Supernatural Being; Elf Battle; Victory; A variant transcription of AlfhildGirl
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